Item #: SCP-4712

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4712 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-07. SCP-4712 is to be provided with the education of a male human of equivalent age. If SCP-4712 is noncompliant with Site-07 staff, it will have privileges removed for no less than one week.

All Foundation staff are to be aware that prolonged exposure to SCP-4712 can lead to feelings of incipient trust in the humanoid, therefore containment specialists must cycle out after every 14-day period.

Description: SCP-4712 is an adolescent male humanoid named Marius Albescu. The manifestation of SCP-4712’s anomalous properties is dependent on human subjects interacting and/or communicating with it while in SCP-4712’s line of sight. Activation of SCP-4712’s anomalous traits results in the spontaneous release of oxytocin and dopamine in the subject’s brain. Consequently, affected subjects tend to report feeling happier, more energetic, inspired and full of self-confidence; this effect starts to fade when the subject is removed from SCP-4712’s line of sight. The period of anomalous effect is directly correlated to the length of time an individual converses with SCP-4712.

Discovery: On 1946-09-21, Foundation assets in the United States Embassy in Bucharest were tasked with investigating the appointment of a 5-year old boy to a rural community’s Communist Party Committee. Upon confirming this appointment to be the result of anomalous effect, Foundation assets extracted SCP-4712 from the community and implanted members of the community with the false memory of SCP-4712’s death shortly after birth.

Addendum 4712-1: At 0615 on 1957-09-05, Site-07 experienced an anomalous event of unknown origin (designated as Event-Alpha). All on-site staff were lost.

SCP-4712 was reclassified as neutralized following the complete obliteration of Site-07.

Further information concerning Event-Alpha is classified by Order of the O5 Council. Any researcher wishing to review materials concerning Event-Alpha must request authorization from the O5 Council, with proposal concerning the relevance of said materials to ongoing research.

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