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Image of SCP-4711 taken shortly after recovery.

Item #: SCP-4711

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4711 is owned and operated by Foundation personnel as a typical 7-Eleven chain. SCP-4711 is to be staffed with no less than two Foundation personnel, who are to observe all standards set by the 7-Eleven corporation.

In order to reduce civilian exposure, SCP-4711 should be as unwelcoming as possible. SCP-4711's exterior is to appear disheveled and poorly maintained. Any non-foundation personnel who makes mention of the anomaly, or appears to be distressed while within SCP-4711 is to be amnesticized and removed from SCP-4711.

Description: SCP-4711 is a 7-Eleven franchise convenience store located in ██████, Malaysia. From the outside, SCP-4711 bears no irregularities, and its anomalous properties manifest only when a subject is inside.

Whenever a subject enters SCP-4711, products that the subject most prefers will spontaneously disappear. A majority of subjects, when viewing the anomaly directly, fail to notice the disappearance due to a mild memetic effect. When viewed from the outside, or via SCP-4711’s security cameras, the disappearance of items is visible. Notably, the memetic effect carries through these methods of viewing. Tracking devices placed on or within items are left behind when items disappear. This disappearance effect is not only limited to foodstuffs, and is applicable to any item sold within SCP-4711.

Items of the same type, flavoring, or brand as the preferred item will remain, but the specific item the subject most enjoys will not be present (See Addendum 4711-1).

Additionally, when a subject attempts to use SCP-4711’s restroom, the entrance will be locked, or the facilities themselves will be out of order. When a subject attempts to use the slushy machine or soda fountain, the machines will immediately fail to operate or release only flavoring syrups. In the event that a subject carries multiple forms of payment, the registers will only accept the form they least commonly use.

Addendum 4711-1: Testing Log

Experiment #0001

Subject: D-15431
Procedure: D-15431 is given 20MYR1 and told to inform the researches of what he intends to purchase before he enters SCP-4711. Subject is then instructed to enter SCP-4711 and purchase said item.
Result: D-15431 tells researchers that he intends to purchase a bag of M&Ms. D-15431 exits the store eight minutes later with no items and complains to researchers that “they only had peanut M&Ms.”
Note: D-15431 is allergic to peanuts.

Experiment #0002

Subject: D-15604
Procedure: D-15604 is asked what their “least favorite snack food and drink” is. Subject is then instructed to purchase each item, namely a bag of Lay's salt-and-vinegar chips, and a 16oz bottle of Cherry Coca Cola. Subject is informed to purchase closest analogs if he cannot find the exact items. D-15604 is given 30MYR to purchase said items.
Results: D-15604 exits three minutes later with a bag of 7-Select brand Salt & Vinegar chips, and a 12oz can of Vanilla Coca Cola. Items are later tested and are deemed non-anomalous.

Experiment #0008

Subject: D-13967
Procedure: D-13967 is confined to a containment cell for 24 hours without food or water. Upon release, D-13967 is given 80MYR and is instructed to enter SCP-4711.
Result: D-13967 exits the store six minutes later with one half-gallon of skim milk two days past its sell-by date, and complains to researchers that he “hates skim milk.” Additionally, D-13967 tells researchers that both the slushy machine was broken and that the soda fountain only dispensed flavoring syrup.

Experiment #0012

Preface: Initial sweep of SCP-4711 was met with a short hiccup when a member of the recovery team found the door to the restroom to be locked. Upon failing to breach, another member of the recovery team attempted to open the door and was met with no resistance. The following test was to investigate the potential anomalous nature of the room.
Subjects: D-15431, D-13967
Procedure: D-15431 is instructed to inform researchers when they require the restroom and is then sent into SCP-4711 with instructions to utilize the store’s facilities. D-13967 is instructed to empty their bladder before the test.
Result: D-15431 cannot enter the restroom, as the door is locked. D-15431 reports hearing faint ‘grunting’ from behind the restroom door. The sound could not be heard on security footage, and members of MTF Alpha-10 did not back up D-15431’s claim. D-13967 is then instructed to attempt entry. The door is still locked. D-15431 is then instructed to leave SCP-4711 and D-13967 is ordered to re-attempt entry. Upon D-15431's exit, the restroom door opens for D-13967 with no hindrance, revealing an ordinary bathroom.

Experiment #0022

Subject: D-08915, chosen for their natural resistance to memetic agents.
Procedure: D-08915 is given 80MYR, and is instructed to enter the store to purchase his favorite item.
Result: D-08915 exits the store after six seconds in a state of distress. When interviewed, D-08915 reports that the items "evaporated right in front of [his] eyes!"

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