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4/4709 LEVEL 4/4709
Item #: SCP-4709

Special Containment Procedures: The land containing SCP-4709 has been seized by the Foundation and a 200-meter perimeter has been established around it. In light of the public profile of SCP-4709's planning and construction, a cover story about the resort's financial troubles and ultimate failure was disseminated.

Fringe media and web postings regarding the existence of SCP-4709 or its history are to be either discouraged, ignored, or destroyed as per the guidelines set forth by the 'Iron-Curtain-IV' information protocols. Consult the Department of Miscommunication's External Communications Handbook for additional guidance.

All personnel assigned to SCP-4709 are to be equipped with a passive listening device which has been configured to detect Frank Sinatra's 1967 rendition of 'The Girl from Ipanema'. Any positive identification of the song is to trigger an evacuation of SCP-4709 to a minimum safe distance of 30-meters. Normal activities may resume at the discretion of the ranking safety officer or after 60-minutes.

Description: SCP-4709 is a temporal and spatial instability within 'The Grand Tahoe Resort & Hotel', near Tahoma, California. Although the effects of the anomaly are wholly contained within the building, the presence of the hotel itself is anomalous and is to be considered an inert component of the object. See Discovery.Log.4709 for additional details.

Exposure to SCP-4709 results in the rapid fluctuation of baseline reality including the inconsistent passage of time, an inconsistent internal topography, alterations to fundamental constants, and involuntary ontokinesis1. As no pattern or consistency in such events has been established, these incidents are collectively designated as SCP-4709-1.

A humanoid entity designated as SCP-4709-2 has been observed within the boundaries of the anomaly and demonstrates broad ontokinetic control over SCP-4709. As the nature and disposition of this entity are currently unknown, further contact is inadvisable and is to be reported immediately.


In the Fall of 2005, POI-4709 Jacob Pendleton announced the acquisition of several acres of real estate on the California shore of Lake Tahoe. An already-established real estate developer, Pendleton was able to secure a number of investors in order to break ground on construction in early March of 2006.

During excavation, crews reported to the job site on the morning of 2006-03-23 and observed the presence of a seven-story hotel fully completed to the specifications set forth by the developer, despite having broken ground only three days prior. A number of calls were made to POI-4709 as well as various third parties before Foundation assets in the area were made aware of the event.

Monitoring Task Force Rho-3 ("The Hills Have Eyes") was able to control and stem the flow of information and affect containment.

NOTICE: Due to safety concerns, Exploratory Missions 4709.5 through 4709.8 were attempted with drone reconnaissance and automated monitoring equipment. These missions resulted in the complete loss of deployed resources and a return-on-information ratio well below acceptable levels. RAISA has deemed these records immaterial to the documentation of this anomaly and has archived them in a 'raw' format. See Archive-Tape-GR887546 for relevant information.

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