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3/4705 LEVEL 3/4705
Item #: SCP-4705

Special Containment Procedures: Unnecessary. For posterity, the previous procedures have been archived.

Description: SCP-4705 was an extra-dimensional spatial anomaly affecting a roughly 8km2 area near the Hibu Shrine, located in the Shimane region of Japan. The approach to this location was characterized by an increase in cloud density and the appearance of a yellow-green haze, although neither of these conditions were visible via satellite surveillance or remote monitoring. At the designated boundaries of SCP-4705, both of these meteorological phenomena increased in intensity such that visibility was reduced to 30 meters or less.

The limitation of visibility also extended to electronic surveillance. Thermal imagery, satellite surveillance, thaumo-spectrographic imaging, and low-light enhancing technologies proved wholly ineffective at expanding operational range within the anomaly. In addition to limiting line of sight, SCP-4705 also attenuated electronic signals such that the effective range of standard issue communication equipment was limited to approximately 50 meters or less.

The interior of SCP-4705 included an unknown number of derelict buildings in various states of disrepair and neglect but also represented numerous eras of architectural style. The majority of the buildings documented were representative of 'modern' Japanese architecture however several buildings were consistent with styles and craftsmanship dating as far back as the early Edo period1. The total square footage of all buildings documented exceeded the perceivable exterior dimensions of SCP-4705 by at least one order of magnitude; the true interior dimensions of SCP-4705 remain unknown.

Supplemental materials recovered in the course of investigating this anomaly identified aggressive, psychokinetic, metamorphic beings that inhabited the interior of SCP-4705. No proof of the existence of these entities was collected during the Foundation's investigation.

Discovery Log 4705.1:
Dateline: 1945-08-16 General Ogawa of the Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA) joined Foundation operations after the formal dissolution of his organization. The General provided intelligence on a number of matters of concern to the IJAMEA as well as several other remnant factions still loyal to Japanese Imperialist ideals and their personnel. As part of his cooperation, an active operational report that would lead to the discovery of SCP-4705 was provided. A translated copy of this report has been enclosed.

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