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3/4702 LEVEL 3/4702
Item #: SCP-4702


Manor exterior of SCP-4702-A

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-4702-A and its associated grounds have been purchased by the Foundation and enclosed within perimeter fencing. The interior parlor room containing SCP-4702-A has been walled off with the exception of one pneumatically sealed door to facilitate Foundation access.

Description: SCP-4702 is an extradimensional anomaly composed of two primary components. SCP-4702-A is a fireplace and accompanying facade, both constructed from multiple porous layers of beryllium bronze. The outermost layer of the casing is an upper-body effigy with a bovine head and outstretched arms. Numerous intricate filigree patterns are visible on all layers of the casing and demonstrate a highly advanced level of artistic complexity including occult, alchemical, and religious iconography.

The fireplace interior is accessed via a narrow slotted opening on the abdomen which allows for the deposit of combustible materials and the tending of the fire. Once a fire has been ignited within SCP-4702-A, associated layers of the casing react in order to project a shadow play upon the walls of the parlor. Despite the unpredictable nature of the flames, the corresponding shadow play includes clearly defined humanoid entities that carry out complicated actions including the use of shadowed 'props' and scenery in order to complete its tale. For the duration of the play, objects in the room such as people or furniture do not cast shadows with respect to the fireplace.


Passage accessed via SCP-4702-A.

If the shadow play is allowed to complete (approximate run-time of 18-minutes) mechanisms within the casing of SCP-4702-A will reconfigure to allow for access to an interior passageway, designated as SCP-4702-B.

SCP-4702-B opens into an extradimensional space approximating a river valley, although it does not appear to correspond to any known geography. Upon transition into SCP-4702-B, subjects report having all personal belongings vanish including clothing with the exception of a stone mask which superficially resembles a Canaanite ritual mask and which cannot be removed. Upon exiting SCP-4702-B, subjects will appear as they did prior to entry.


Approximation of the masks worn by MTF.

The sky within SCP-4702-B is predominantly black but is separated into two major regions. The area posterior to SCP-4702-B gradually lightens into a pale yellow and the area anterior to SCP-4702-B continues to darken until it becomes devoid of all apparent light. Due to the nature of SCP-4702-B and the demanifestation of recording equipment, encounters within the anomaly have been transcribed as part of the debriefing. Despite best attempts to document the details of reconnaissance as close to the mission's conclusion as possible, most operatives subjected to SCP-4702-B had substantial difficulty accounting for the passage of time and the recall of objective sensory information from within the anomaly.

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