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Coenobita brevimanus, the species of Hermit Crab which SCP-4700-1 was designed and built to resemble.

Item #: SCP-4700

Object Class: Thaumiel

Sub-Class: Eigenweapon1

Special Containment Procedures: References to SCP-4700-1 have been altered in all historical and literary references so as to appear as myth. Operations personnel are to ensure that SCP-4700-1 is both invisible and intangible at all times until instructed otherwise.

The Finnfolk2 have been granted permanent asylum aboard SCP-4700-1 under the tenets of the Foundation-Finnfolk Cooperative Agreement. Containment of individual Finnfolk has been deemed unnecessary due to their historical role in containment of hostile and dangerous anomalies.

In the event of an SCP-001 Failure event, SCP-4700-1 is to be deployed to a predetermined location for Deific subjugation.

Description: SCP-4700 is the designation assigned to several large-scale submersible vehicles under the joint Foundation-Finnfolk command of Operation HIGH TIDE. Each vehicle has been designated SCP-4700-1 onward. At this time, SCP-4700-1 is complete; SCP-4700-2 through -4 are under construction.

SCP-4700-1 is a large, motile, deep-sea vehicle resembling Coenobita brevimanus,3 a large species of "hermit crab". At its broadest point, it is approximately 5 kilometers in width; its highest point is approximately 3 kilometers terminating at a singular point along its shell. The vehicle portion of SCP-4700-1's interior consists of roughly 250 individual levels/decks, occupied by a diverse array of tall, narrow hallways and facilities necessary for maintaining the vehicle's functions and providing sufficient habitation for its crew for long periods of time.

SCP-4700-1 serves as the home and capital for the thaumotologically advanced, aquatic hominid race known as the Finnfolk, (Homo aqueous)4 though the events of I-4700-01 have significantly reduced the extant population. It also serves as a large-scale military assault vehicle and weapons platform. Historical recordings and motifs are prevalent throughout the structure and decorations of the vehicle in the forms of murals.

During normal motion, all components of SCP-4700-1 remain both invisible and selectively intangible through advanced thaumotology, allowing it to remain hidden and unobstructed in oceanic areas possessing significantly shallower depths than its maximal height.5

SCP-4700-1 can be further subdivided into two sections, designated SCP-4700-1-A and SCP-4700-1-B, based on function.


SCP-4700-1-A designates the crab-like portion of the vehicle, which is responsible for locomotion along the sea floor, and for all defensive and offensive measures protecting the vehicle. The hull is made of various organo-metallic polymers6. Segments of SCP-4700-1-A have been painted and adorned with various colors, including pinks, greens, yellows, and blues forming the visage of a four-eyed human woman. Additional structural features of SCP-4700-1-A include:

  • 130 weapon emplacements along the dorsal ridge.
  • Direct beam emplacements on the eye stalks, used for multi-direction energy channeling and deep sea lighting.
  • Rapid electrostatic discharge devices along the interior of each claw.
  • A single large bore weapon attached along the bottom of the vehicle's hull.
  • Carrier bays allowing deployment of smaller submersible vessels.
  • Large grooved alcoves at staggered positions along the hull, emit blue light when properly powered, and repel all projectiles regardless of composition.

Attached to the tail of SCP-4700-1-A is a green-blue corundum structure resembling a spiked, symmetric gastropod shell. When not intangible, SCP-4700-1-B refracts all light entering its immediate vicinity, creating a localized aurora due to intricately carved murals. These auroras depict various events in the history of the Finnfolk.7


Cutaway Diagram of SCP-4700-1's interior displaying the three nested cylinders.


An O'Neil Cylinder, a theoretical space colonization structure which the interior of SCP-4700-1-B closely resembles.

SCP-4700-1-B's interior does not align with the dimensions of the exterior crystal structure. It contains a gradually sloping cylindrical space (60 kilometers in diameter and length), which is partially hollow, connected to SCP-4700-1-A by sliding lead-lined doors. An image of this space has been attached to this document in order to aid in visualizing the following description.

The interior of the cylinder consists of three hollowed out, nested, free-floating cylinders, with smoother, sloped edges. Each nested cylinder is described below:

  • A, D, and G represent the solid cylinders. Each cylinder is 3 km thick and is made up of bedrock and topsoil.
  • B represents the hollow space between cylinders 1 and 2. Contains a significant terrestrial and aquatic biosphere with a predominantly, oceanic, lake, and river-based ecosystems, with a singular mountain chain running across the middle of the cylinder's surface. Nomadic tribes of Finnfolk are present and were able to evade the consequences of Incident I-4700-01.
  • E represents the hollow space between cylinders 2 and 3. It is filled with saltwater and hosts a number of agrarian complexes. These are insufficient to support the population of H.
  • H represents a large urban environment on the surface of cylinder 3. It previously housed 8-10 million Finnfolk and was served by a transport network of current driven Canals.
  • C and F represent intersections of hollow space with cylinders 2 and 3 respectively. They are covered in corundum and provide light in day-night circles in a similar manner to SCP-4700-1-B.
  • I represents the hollow interior of cylinder 3.
  • J represents the approximate location of an SCP-3703 instance, encased in diamond, and connected to a system of tubes which provide energy to the rest of SCP-4700-1. Also serves as a light source for cylinder 3.

Large columns of glass enclose dual lane, current driven water highways that are attached to, and permeate each subsequent cylinder. This allows for free movement between the different layers.

Additional Schematic Information

SCP-4700-1 has experienced extensive and varied modification in its 5000-year history, which will be covered in full in Document D-4700-1-17. A few of the more notable modifications are presented below:

  • Improvised desalination plants at 8 points along the exterior of the vehicle, 4 along SCP-4700-1-A and 4 along SCP-4700-1-B.
  • Expansion of SCP-4700-1-B well beyond its original size to accommodate a large influx of Finnfolk populations due to territory conflicts with humans.
  • Incorporation of net deployment mechanisms for corralling and capturing schools of fish during movement, alongside automated smaller vehicles.
  • 1300 functional undocumented variants of SCP-3706. Holding bays within both sections of SCP-4700-1 are capable of inundating up to 15400 vehicles of varying size.8 Reasoning behind the absence of the majority of these vehicles is unknown.(See Reactivation Log and historical documents).

Recovered Materials A

The following section contains materials recovered from SCP-4700-1. All documents have been translated and interpreted. Original style and/or period appropriate tenses may have been removed or obscured during interpretation for ease of reading.

Excerpt Type: News Report

Date: 4777 YSSS (1777 AD)


Last night a residence in the Sinchil council area caught fire at 23:40:50. Two individuals perished, and their child, of no more than 50 years, escaped the blaze, with impact bruising under the scales. The child sustained no burns.

Magisters investigating claim the source of the fire was a firelighter which accidentally ignited imbibes in the basement. The child, one Skreyja Holgata, has been moved to a proper home.

Excerpt Type: News Article

Date: 4851 YSSS (1850 AD)


Today at 08:04:06 Queen Astrid the Kind was gifted by the Mither with a child, a day of celebration for the reception of their Heir Apparent. With celebration came joy.

Excerpt Type: News Article

Date: 4854 YSSS (1854 AD)


Great tragedy, as the compassionate Finnwoman passed due to mysterious illness. We mourn for the loss of a gentle hand to the Astral Beyond but will remember her legacy in her daughter.

Recovered Materials B

Excerpt Type: Academic Report

Date: 4830 YSSS (1830 AD)

Despite the tragic death of his parents, and lack of access to educational resources available to other students, Skreyja has excelled in all aspects of his education, rising to the top of his class. Their recent victory in the trial of thaumotology over several competing students, and calling forth the Mither's blessing, shows great promise.

[Extraneous Material Removed]

Unfortunately, it seems Skreyja's rapid success has emotionally impacted his competitors in an unexpected, and tragic manner. The second, third, and fourth students were found deceased, frothing at the mouth from toxic ingestion. Skreyja commented he was shocked and in mourning of his fellow students.

Excerpt Type: News Report

Number: 2

Date: 4875 YSSS (1875 AD)


Princess Hege, daughter of King Aske, has unveiled a novel design for a great feat of thaumotologic engineering. She has lovingly gifted it with a name that the Mither would so heartily have approved, Ásynja-Smiðr. A great vehicle to rival our beloved Guð-Bani, and fulfill her mother's legacy. It is a rejoicing sight.


In a shocking development, Princess Hege won the hearts and minds of the many who follow the old ways when she became the first member of Triemede's line since Irena the Fiery to visit the outer cylinder. Rumors persist that she snuck away from the palace without her Father's knowledge or the approval of Median Magister Skreyja. She spent five days in the Magnificent Works, visiting and learning among those who stick to the old traditions, before staying with Grand Magister Ragnhild, who only had this to say about the young princess.

"She's got the spirit of her mother, yes yes, the fire of her father, and the talent of her great great great grandmother. She will make us all proud."

Princess Hege had this to say about those who roamed the Magnificent Works:

"They are a wholesome, earthly people who honor where we came from while using what we've learned to make their nomadic lifestyle easier. They understand the value of the earth, and the sky, and nature. I think now, I understand the value of respecting that which came before us… there is something about that life. I think we've strayed too far from it, and many of us are sick and suffering for it. I would like to make it easier… for all of us to experience that life once more. Living cramped in tiny boxes is not what we were meant to be."

Recovered Materials C

Excerpt Type: News Headline

Date: 4880 AD YSSS (1880 AD)


Excerpt Type: Morbituary Article

Date: 4885 YSSS (1885 AD)


King Aske the Wise passed on to the Astral Plane yesterday. Workers present at the time of his collapse reportered significant distress, and foam emanating from the mouth, no foul play is suspected due to King Aske's recent depressive temperament and public opinion downturns.

Skreyja has been appointed Steward to rule in Princess Hege's stead until she reaches 200 years of age. The appointment came after a vote among the Magisters Council. Projections indicated the young Finnlor would not be appointed Steward, however, a number of Magisters whose votes were uncertain, cast in favor of the former orphan. All refused to comment on their votes.

Skreyja had this to say following the vote:

I am honored that the Wise Council of Magisters have chosen to nominate me for the position of Steward. Clearly, I am the most qualified candidate for the position. I promise, as Steward, that I will strive to improve the lives of all our citizens… and make progress towards expanding Finnfolk influence beyond our sacred home.

Excerpt Type: News Article

Date: 4887 YSSS (1887 AD)


Princess Hege visited the great Guð-Bani, the first royal family member since the end of the Human territory wars. In yet another move of compassion, the young Finnwoman asked of Steward Skreyja that resources be allocated to refurbish and improve the defenses. A notice of rejection was issued by the Steward's office without further comment.

Excerpt Type: News Article

Date: 4889 YSSS (1889 AD)


In a shocking move by the Steward's Office, the Magisters council was dissolved yesterday, and promptly reformed, with the exclusion of a significant proportion of the individuals who had been on the council in excess of several hundred years.

Princess Hege immediately lodged protests against this move, citing it as an abuse of the Steward's power, and circumventing the will of the meritocracy. She received no response according to her personal assistants.

Excerpt Type: News Article

Date: 4889 YSSS (1889 AD)


In a heartbreaking development, Princess Hege was spotted in the Royal Archives late last night, shortly before it caught fire in a ferocious blaze which burnt the entire compound to the ground in under an hour. Princess Hege's remains could not be located within the building's remains. We all mourn this day for the loss of Princess Hege, last of Triemedes line. Our future remains uncertain.

Recovered Materials D

Excerpt Type: Newspaper Headline

Date: 4899 YSSS (1899)


Excerpt Type: Personal Journal Commanding officer of Guð-Bani

Date: 4900 YSSS (1900 AD)

He's done what we all feared the moment we heard of Hege's death in the blazes.


The rat wolf bastard announced it a few weeks ago with no warning. Favored officers started rounding people up, good soldiers, good people who have defended our home for hundreds of years. Forced at spear point onto transports, and capital ships, and sent off into the depths. The first night, they got most of us. Most of the resistance. Stripped out parts from the vehicles. Disabled the weaponry. I watched Magisters do it, at spear point.

Every day. More are shipped out. Indiscriminately. All under the guise of fighting the Demons. The Knoggs, and the Wyrms, and the Trows. It's not a war they are fighting. It's a massacre. Mither Help us.

Excerpt Type: News Report Headline

Date: 4950 YSSS (1950 AD)


Update and Reactivation

Date: March 21st, 2022

Reactivation Log

Foreword: Following five years of repair work, power and functionality were restored to SCP-4700-1 on March 21st, 2022. On this date, Foundation and Finnfolk personnel began preparations for reactivation, and all systems were reactivated at 12:03 P.M. The following contains the log of events immediately after reactivation.

As a part of the cooperative agreement, Queen Hege was awarded the privilege of reactivating the vehicle.

Begin Log

[Princess Hege places her hand on the activation console on the bridge. Systems come online, and SCP-4700-1 emits a "benign" mechanical roar. The vehicle shifts as it begins righting itself.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Bring all systems online, and begin operations testing."

Weapons Control Officer: "We've got multiple shortages in some of the emplacements, main weapon is still offline. Electrostatic charges in the front appendages are functional."

Engineering: "Legs are fully functioning, beginning movement tests. Projectile repulsion systems aren't responding, we'll have to tinker with it."

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Status of Intangibility and Invisibility systems."

Engineering: "Online, running functions now."

[SCP-4700-01 flickers, as invisibility and intangibility systems come online. It is unable to fully maintain either state.]

Engineering: "No good, we're still having trouble syncing all the generators."

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "We have movement and some weapons, good enough for a shakedown run."

[SCP-4700-01 is directed in slow circles for the next five minutes.]

Sensors Officer: "Large sonar contact, bearing three o'clock, depth 6.5 km."

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Bring us around, and put it up on the viewscreen."

Princess Hege: {Mither almighty, the Great Wyrm of Stoor.}

[SCP-3700-02 comes into frame, having manifested as consistent with prior observations. It turns, and notices SCP-4700-1, and begins swimming towards the vehicle.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Hostile inbound, launch all support craft. Fire all weapons, and get that primary cannon online! Bring us around to three o'clock of its bearing, and prepare for evasive maneuvers."

[SCP-3706 instances begin launching from SCP-4700-1's carrier bays. Weapon emplacements along the vehicle's hull fire several barrages. Beams of light, and fauna shaped guided torpedos fly through the ocean water and impact SCP-3700-02, knocking it slightly off course. It vocalizes in distress.]

Sensors Officer: "Brace for impact!"

[SCP-3700-02 collides with the vehicle, toppling it onto its side, before the entity continues swimming, impacting the ocean floor. SCP-4700-1 rights itself, having sustained a large dent in its exterior armor. Weapon emplacements resume firing at the downed entity as it rises from the ocean floor and turns to engage at closer range.]

[Supporting SCP-3706 instances begin firing on the entity. It swings its sharpened tail, but is too slow to catch the smaller vehicles.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "What's the status on our primary weapon?"

Weapons Officer: "Still no response, we can get it to charge, but not to full power."

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "How much?"

Weapons Officer: "30%. There's another problem. The circuits aren't completely repaired. We fire more than two, maybe three shots, we risk blowing the entire vehicle to hell."

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "We'll have to hope that's enough."

[Four SCP-3706 cuttlefish-shaped capital ships approach the 32 km long entity as it prepares to assault the vehicle. They open fire with their primary weapons, striking the entity as it begins breathing characteristic fire from its mouth. The resulting blasts manage to sever three of its tentacles, causing a distressed vocalization as it emits fire directly above and back onto itself, resulting in additional physical damage. SCP-4700-1 turns and aligns its primary weapon with the entity.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Fire primary weapon!"

[A low humming fills the vehicle's bridge, and the surrounding water as smaller vehicles move out of the way. The barrel of SCP-4700-1's primary weapon begins to glow, and water surrounding it begins to boil. The vehicle emits a mechanical roar, and an enormous column of light flies forth, pushing the entire vehicle backward, as the beam impacts the ocean floor. All recording devices are obscured by five seconds of bright light. Water rushes to fill the sudden empty space caused by the blast, an immense crater left in the ocean floor.]

[SCP-3700-02 manages to avoid the first shot at the last second but receives heavy physical damage from the impacting blast. It sideswipes the SCP-3706 capital ships as they are temporarily blinded by the blast, sending them sinking into the seabed. The entity then proceeds to swim at SCP-4700-01 once more.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Dammit we missed! How long till next charge?"

Weapons Officer: "30 Seconds!"

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Don't have that long! Activate the claws."

[SCP-4700-01 raises its claws, electrostatic discharge devices activating, as serrated edges move to the interior surface. The vehicle scuttles slightly to one side, avoiding SCP-3700-02's charging advance, and uses both claws to grasp its tail. One claw cleaves the spiked tail, preventing its further use, while the other maintains a grip on the entity. SCP-4700-1 raises its claw arm, and turns, before bringing it down, slamming SCP-3700-02 into the sand as it discharges its electric potential.]

[The entity emits another distressed vocalization and manages to slip free of SCP-4700-01's claw. Despite severe physical damage to its body, SCP-3700-02 manages to wrap its body around the vehicle and proceeds to lock its jaw onto SCP-4700-1's outer armor. It begins to constrict, in an attempt to crush the vehicle in its entirety.]

[The vehicle attempts to grab the entity with its claws, but the limited motions of its front appendages prevent it from reaching back. Supporting SCP-3706 instances attempt to sever portions of its body using focused assaults, but are beaten back by both tentacles and SCP-3700-02 emitting streams of blockading fire. Weapon emplacements are unable to fire at the entity without damaging the vehicle further.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Weapons status!"

Weapons Officer: "Fully charged, but we can't get it off!"

[SCP-3700-02 constricts tighter, causing several hull breaches which are quickly sealed.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Dammit all."

[SCP-4700-01 attempts to move and shake the enraptured entity from its form for several seconds before it is pulled to the sand by SCP-3700-02.]

[A large humanoid hand emerges from the seabed and grasps SCP-3700-02 by its tail, and pulls it from SCP-4700-1. The arm begins slamming it into the seabed, stunning it, before holding it up. It curls and bites into the Humanoid arm, causing an enormous tremor across the ocean floor. SCP-4700-1 rights itself once more, and turns to align its primary weapon with the arm and entity.]

NTF-Delta 7 Commanding Officer: "Open fire!"

[SCP-4700-1 charges and fires its second shot. It impacts SCP-3700-02 barely avoiding the humanoid arm, and incinerating the entity instantly]

[A humanoid figure, covered in pink, yellow, green, and blue luminescent markings, and possessing four yellow eyes upon its otherwise human face emerges from the seabed. It stretches in an upward motion, nursing the arm which suffered indirect damage, before pausing and surveying the surrounding area. It spots SCP-4700-01. Leaning forward, it pats the vehicle's "head" before speaking briefly in Proto-Nordic. Surveying the surrounding area once more, it stands, and then dissolves into large quantities of kelp, which fall to the ocean floor.]

Sensors Officer: "Sonar Contacts! Thousands of them!"

[More than 9000 SCP-3706 instances are suddenly visible in all directions.]

End Log

Postword: 9846 SCP-3706 instances containing more than 200,000 surviving Finnfolk were, according to numerous eyewitness reports, instantly transported to SCP-4700-1's location following the Humanoid entities departure. The humanoid entity has been designated EoI-001-00 as a result of these events.

Transcription of EoI-001-00's speech:

I wake from my deep slumber to find you in ruins. Do not worry. Do not fret. I shall bring home those who were exiled. Do not worry. Do not panic. Teran wakens in the deeps. Do not worry.

For I am woken, and my love is endless.

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