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Item #: SCP-47-47-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-47-47-J should be kept indoors within a secure animal enclosure at Site-20. Although SCP-47-47-J appears to benefit from interaction with humans, for security and productivity reasons, this should be kept to a level commensurate with reasonable security practices, as determined by the Security Director of Site-20. Minimal attention is otherwise necessary to prevent a containment breach, provided the SCP Object does not come into contact with snow.

SCP-47-47-J should be provided with a source of water, 16 ounces of a 1:1 mix of dry kibble and wet dog food per day, and walked as needed. Joints around the neck and non-flexible portions of the legs should be cleaned and lubricated once a month. When not being exercised, SCP-47-47-J appears content to pace around its enclosure or sleep.

For the protection of SCP-47-47-J, any strings, yarn, or similar should be kept out of its enclosure.

In the event of accidental containment breach during exercise periods, personnel are encouraged to crouch low to the ground and make kissing noises while holding treats.

Note that some individuals consider SCP-47-47-J "cute". Extensive testing has uncovered no evidence that this is the result of an anomalous memetic effect. Individuals who seriously believe themselves to be compromised by SCP-47-47-J's expression, behavior, or physical appearance, especially those eyes, should report to their site's Psychologist for evaluation.

Under no circumstances is SCP-47-47-J to be allowed outside when there is snow on the ground. In the event that this occurs, SCP-47-47-J will slowly walk forward in a straight line discharging its energy weapons. Containment Teams are instructed to maneuver around behind the SCP-Object, approach it stealthily from behind, and lift it by the torso until such time as its paws are no longer in contact with the ground. Although it is difficult to discourage SCP-47-47-J from at least attempting to go outside when snow is present, scolding seems a sufficient means of reprimand following such an incident.

Description: SCP-47-47-J is an autonomous plastic entity superficially resembling an AT-AT from the Star Wars franchise of films, crossed with a puppy. The word "Rusty", in a child's handwriting, is written in permanent marker on a panel near the back of its torso. Although the torso, feet, and portions of joints on the legs are rigid and appear more or less mechanical in nature, the head, tail, and the remainder of the legs are quite flexible and can appear organic in the right light. Morphological sex characteristics, if any, have not been discovered yet, but DNA suggests that the dog portions of the SCP Object are male.

When threatened or backed into a corner, or when allowed to walk outdoors when snow is on the ground, SCP-47-47-J's fangs retract to reveal a tiny pair of turrets vaguely consistent with those shown on AT-ATs in the Star Wars films. These weapons have been shown to be dangerous, but are usually non-lethal, resulting in, at worst, second degree burns consistent with thermal exposure. Turrets fire as a pair in short, rapid bursts in response to duress, or alternating in a slower, continual stream of shots while walking through the snow.

Partial dismantling of SCP-47-47-J's torso cover exposes a flexible plastic underneath, similar to the material comprising the legs. Surgical exploration of the soft plastic reveals a network of hollow tubes continually pumping blood throughout the body. Blood was DNA tested and determined to be a hitherto unidentified subspecies of Canis lupus familiaris. Close examination of the turrets reveals no barrels or mechanisms; they appear to be molded from a solid piece of plastic consistent with the torso shell.

SCP-47-47-J has not been observed to urinate or defecate, but its flatulence is noted to be particularly offensive.

Recovery Log: Oh, it was sad. It was really, reeeeealllly sad. Imagine a kid dying from cancer. Imagine this kid wishing for a puppy for christmas more than anything, but getting some dumb star wars toy instead. The kid wishes on a star or something, maybe makes a deal with the devil or whatever, and presto. The toy is now a dog. Not two weeks later, Foundation Agents kick in the door, incapacitate both the kid's parents with tasers right in front of him, kick the kid in the junk and steal his dog. They also step on the kid's science fair project on the way out of the house, as if out of spite. Three days later, the kid, having lost the will to live, crawls to Old Dan's grave and, shedding a single tear, breathes his last. He dies with his eyes still open, and his parents don't find the body for three days.

It was just like that. Only WAY sadder. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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