Item #: SCP-4699

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Revised Special Containment Procedures, 17/01/2019: SCP-4699 is to be contained in a Standard Object Locker at Site 189. No personnel are to view or test SCP-4699 under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-4699 is a door to another world.

Although extensive scans of SCP-4699 has determined this singular anomalous property, no further details can be ascertained. It is unknown what type of dimension exists on the other side of it; no personnel or objects sent through it have returned, and any transmission signals have immediately been cut off upon entry. When looking through SCP-4699, viewers are unable to describe or conceptualise what they perceive; recordings only show a plain black surface.

The origins and recovery of SCP-4699 are unknown. It was discovered in the Site 189 archives on
16/12/2018, with no indication of the manner or date of its acquisition.

Research is ongoing into its properties and provenance. The current research team is composed of Senior Researcher Rafael Rodrigo, Researcher Sarah Jones, Junior Researcher Olivia Holloway and Junior Researcher Husayn Tabrizi. They are under the jurisdiction of Site Director Carol Summers.

Addendum 1: On 12/01/2019, all regular check-in responses ceased from Site 189. No indication of any containment breaches or site alerts could be detected. A Mobile Task Force was dispatched to investigate on 16/01/2019, and found all site personnel missing. As Site 189 only contained Safe anomalies, no containment breach had occurred.

Only a small number of documents were remaining on the Site 189 hard drives; it appears the greater bulk of them had been personally wiped by Dr. Holloway, but the slapdash nature of this attempt resulted in several files remaining on the database. They can be found below, arranged in chronological order.

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