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Item #: SCP-4697

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Research and living facilities have been built around SCP-4697, along with a full security perimeter. No access is to be given to non-Foundation entities. Video monitoring has been set up throughout SCP-4697 in order to monitor its activity.

Once per week, the exterior parking lot is to be cleared of any refuse which has manifested.

Description: SCP-4697 is a teaching facility located in Northern Ontario, Canada containing facilities for 525 students and faculty members with classrooms, a library, offices, and an ice hockey rink.1 It was constructed in 1905, as a boarding school for assimilating First Nations children. The building burned down in 1915, and was reconstructed in the same year as a private hospital and operated until 1946.

The interior of SCP-4697 is perceptibly similar to how it appeared when it was functioning. The specific floor plan appears to irregularly alternate between the building's first and second construction.2 Furniture and objects within SCP-4697 are non-functional, with complex objects such as machines or desks being completely solid with no moving parts. Sound produced within SCP-4697 is muffled significantly, and subjects have reported frequent metallic scents, smoke, and the general presence of dust and other particulates. There is no functional lighting within SCP-4697, and attempts to rig lighting have failed.

Humanoid apparitions wearing garments typically found in the region during the early and mid-20th century frequently manifest within the building, although in-person sightings are always brief. These appear to show physical symptoms of disease, such as visible pustules and blemished or darkened skin. Notable recurring entities include:

  • Humanoids resembling the viewer's parents, who move further away as the viewer approaches and eventually disappear.
  • Reflections in SCP-4697 mirrors showing the reflected humanoids as young children significantly thin and pale, with a remarked physical decline. Subjects have noted their reflections becoming animate to cough, vomit, and shiver. Occasionally, faint outlines of men and women believed to be parents have been noted.
  • The appearance of an apparently infinite room containing apparently endless rows of cots with sick humanoid figures.
  • The sounds of young children crying in bathrooms, empty closets and stairwells.
  • A large humanoid with the proportions of a child, which skated around the ice rink perimeter six times while wielding a stick sharpened to resemble a scythe.

SCP-4697 was purchased by the Foundation in 1946 after a government investigation disclosed some of its properties. Additionally, an editorial written in a local newspaper further spread information about the phenomenon. All reports were suppressed by the Foundation and their authors were issued Class-C amnestics.

Addendum 4697-AAA: Containment has been fully enacted as of July 5th, 1976. The facilities have been deemed fully functional and research into documenting SCP-4697’s anomaly has begun. Research Director Quayle has been assigned to lead the project.

  • Containment Notice 4697-AA: Additional phenomena has been documented in the area which formerly served as a parking lot for staff and visitors. Excrement, bile, empty glass bottles and human bloodstains have been found across the lot.
  • Containment Notice 4697-AB: A budgetary request for new facilities to maintain and clean up refuse being produced by SCP-4697 has been submitted and is under review from the Logistics Department.

Addendum 4697-AAB: A mass grave containing the remains of 20 adults and 16 adolescent subjects, dating from 1918 and 1919. This corresponds to official records detailing deaths at the facility, with the cause of death for all subjects having been listed as 'disease' and indicating that the bodies had been cremated.

Assets have been set aside for the remains to be disinterred, identified, and reburied.

Contemporary news reports on the facility indicated that despite numerous instances of child disappearance, it continued to be popular with local parents until it was shut down.

  • Update 4697-AA: All remains have been buried in marked graves while genealogical research is done to identify any living family members and allow for a more precise identification of the remains.

A new apparition was noted in the entrance hall, strongly resembling the living father of a subject who perished while attending SCP-4697. Surveillance of PoI-4697 is ongoing.

Addendum 4697-AAC: Incident 4697-A - A possible burglary was noted by security personnel. A broken window has been identified as the most likely means of entry, and although no serious security breaches occurred, documentation relating to recent research had been disturbed. Further investigation into the incident is ongoing, as well a full audit of all research materials in SCP-4697.

  • Containment Notice 4697-AA: An uptick in occurrence of anomalous activity within SCP-4697 has been noted, possibly in connection with the break-in. Further surveillance measures have been recommended by security.

Addendum 4697-AAD: Incident 4697-B - On the morning of 09/19/1956, several intruders were discovered within SCP-4697. Identified as residents of Toronto, these individuals were parents and relatives of adolescents who had perished within SCP-4697. PoI-4697 was among them. The materials confiscated from them indicated that they had been attempting to perform an exorcism as described by [REDACTED].

When interviewed, the subjects were distraught and agitated and did not provide useful information. Their homes were searched, with several documents being confiscated. All of the subjects were issued with Class-C amnestics and placed under surveillance.

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