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Polaroid featuring SCP-4696 found inside a toy box in POI-4696-1's bedroom.

Item#: SCP-4696

Object Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-4696 must be locked in a Secure Storage Vault when not being tested. Testing must be approved by Head Researcher Eddlestone and take place under the supervision of at least one member of Security Staff.

Description: SCP-4696 is a stuffed animal resembling a large, oddly shaped gorilla, currently 73cm in height and weighing 3kg. Internal inspection reveals it to be composed of a variety of stuffing materials, typical to stuffed plush toys. Signs of aging, tearing, and distended bulging caused by overstuffing are visible on SCP-4696's exterior. No identifying tags or labels of manufacture have been found on SCP-4696.

Anomalous behavior manifests when placed within a 1-meter radius of other stuffed animals. When this requirement is met, both SCP-4696 and the stuffed animals in its vicinity, now designated SCP-4696-1, will begin showing signs of sentience and awareness.

SCP-4696 will invariably attempt to destroy SCP-4696-1 instances and, if successful, will then proceed to remove the stuffing from its victims before adding it to its own mass. Neither SCP-4696 or SCP-4696-1 are capable of vocalization, however, SCP-4696-1 instances can be seen to be extremely fearful of SCP-4696.

SCP-4696 was discovered after a video uploaded to the YouTube account "Jamies Animal Tournament"1 was flagged by online searches.

Incident-4696-A: SCP-4696 was contained after a Facebook livestream showed it attacking a stuffed bear at a carnival. A containment team was ordered to head to the location, arriving to find SCP-4696 inert, next to a neutralized SCP-4696-1 instance. The livestream was scrubbed and cover stories were disseminated of it being a viral marketing stunt for a new toy line. Witnesses were interviewed and amnestized to further cloud the veracity of the incident.


Conditions SCP-4696 is placed in testing chamber within 3 meters of a stuffed zebra.
Result SCP-4696 remains inert for 3 minutes before rapidly moving its head to face the stuffed zebra. No aggressive behavior takes place.

Conditions SCP-4696 is placed in testing chamber within 1 meter of a stuffed zebra.
Result SCP-4696 stands up and approaches the zebra, now an SCP-4696-1 instance. SCP-4696 picks the zebra up by its rear legs, faint fabric noises are heard as it spreads the limbs and begins slowly tearing it in half. SCP-4696-1 instance makes distressed flailing movements until seemingly expiring after a majority of its stuffing falls out. SCP-4696 begins cramming loose stuffing into its arms for 2 minutes before collapsing on the chamber floor.

Conditions SCP-4696 is placed in testing chamber within 1 meter of a 'Max Steel' action figure.
Result SCP-4696 stands up and approaches the action figure, which does not move. After a moment, SCP-4696 appears to "sniff" the figure before making "roaring" movements. SCP-4696 pushes the action figure over, sits down and collapses.

Conditions SCP-4696 is placed in testing chamber within 1 meter of a 'Cabbage Patch Kid' doll.
Result SCP-4696 stands up and approaches the doll, now an SCP-4696-1 instance, stirring on the floor. SCP-4696 is seen dragging its left leg, which has been recently lengthened due to stuffing. The doll, facing away from SCP-4696, does not notice it standing nearby. The SCP-4696-1 instance appears to be inspecting its hands and arms before finally noticing SCP-4696's presence. The doll backs up in fear as SCP-4696 slowly closes the distance between them. SCP-4696-1 bumps into the rear wall of the containment chamber, before being picked up by the neck area. SCP-4696 plunges its hand into the doll's abdomen area and pulls out a large ball of stuffing before packing it into the SCP-4696-1's mouth area2. SCP-4696-1 makes distressed movements and flails as it attempts to stop SCP-4696, striking it in the face. SCP-4696 stops and seems to stare at the doll for 10 seconds before punching a hole in the plastic molded face of SCP-4696-1. The doll drops to the ground as it appears to be choking up balls of stuffing, clutching onto its abdomen. SCP-4696 kicks it onto its back before pulling out and cramming stuffing into a hole near its own mouth area. Both SCP-4696 and SCP-4696-1 cease anomalous behavior after 7 minutes.
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