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Item #: SCP-4692

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-4692, Jackson W. Parnell.

Containment Procedures: Subject is temporarily housed in a standard medical suite in Site-1169's Annex and connected to a ventilator. An IV is to be kept continually pushing a solution consisting of 91% SCP-4692-2 with a remaining mix of saline and 5% glucose.

In the event that Site-1169's backup generator should fail or otherwise become inoperable, subject is to be immediately transported to any neighboring Foundation site with sufficient energy output to maintain the subject's medical equipment.

Crews handling SCP-4692 should be, although are not required to be, part of a selected pool of individuals tested for the presence of SCP-4692-3. If an insufficient number of individuals fitting this requirement are available, volunteers are to be selected on basis of country of origin, with preference given to those with no blood relatives who have lived in the United States of America within the past 75 years. If an insufficient number of volunteers are available, Class-D Personnel may be assigned.

The ventilator and IV system are not to be disconnected in a non-emergency without approval from Site Director Singh and at least three O5s. Personnel assigned to SCP-4692 are to be offered Foundation-subsidized counseling services if needed. All personnel are strongly advised to self-report to their supervisors any trauma sustained as a result of handling SCP-4692, and are to be given priority consideration should they request transfer and/or leave. Use of amnestics on personnel requesting transfer is to be refused at this time.

In the event of a containment breach, crews assigned to Site-1169 must prioritize the re-establishment of power to the site and the continued delivery of SCP-4692-2 to the subject via the IV solution. All site personnel and affected individuals must immediately proceed to the basement level 3 and engage the airlock to prevent the release of SCP-4692-3. Following re-containment, surviving personnel and individuals are to be decontaminated and hospitalized on site. The deceased are to be incinerated as soon as surviving individuals are removed from basement level 3.

SCP-4692 remains semi-conscious and has been known to appeal to on-site personnel pleading to be euthanized. Personnel who have been solicited in this way must report each occurrence to the site supervisor.

Addendum-1: Due to increased risk of extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change, SCP-4692 is scheduled to be relocated to a more climatically stable site. Possible sites for relocation include Site-19, Site-34, Site-442, Site-1081, and Site-6119.

Description: SCP-4692 is a African-American male, Jackson W. Parnell, originally of Fayetteville, New York, recovered in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Mr. Parnell's birthdate is recorded as ██/██/1912, making him 107 years old as of ██/██/2019; however, his physical appearance suggests he is no older than 45 or 50. Mr. Parnell requires the use of a medical ventilator and an IV solution of 91% SCP-4692-2 with a remaining mix of 4% saline and 5% glucose in order to stay alive.

SCP-4692-2 is blood plasma from an unidentified individual of Southern or Eastern European descent. It is believed this individual is the suspect responsible for Mr. Parnell's current state, as they were last seen exiting the apartment complex where Mr. Parnell was discovered. A composite sketch of the suspect is attached. Until the suspect is located and interrogated, attempts to replicate the anomalous qualities of SCP-4692-2 are to begin by 12/01/19.


Composite sketch of suspect.

Should either ventilator or IV solution fail, Mr. Parnell will begin to convulse and enter a state of shock at which point a containment breach will be declared. Within a period of 2 to 4 minutes, any individual who has been in the presence of Mr. Parnell1 will begin to suffer symptoms similar to but not consistent with acute radiation sickness. After 8 to 15 minutes, the individual will undergo severe cellular degeneration and hydrolysis, leading to severe dehydration and death. Decedents will begin to rapidly decompose, with muscle tissue rapidly liquifying and bone marrow desiccating.

After 40 to 55 minutes, direct blood relatives of the affected people will begin to suffer the same effects regardless of physical location. Additional individuals have also suffered ill effects, including recipients of blood transfusions and individuals with similar genetic structures who are otherwise not blood related. Affected decedents release SCP-4692-3, an aerosolized variant of SCP-4692-2 which is highly contagious and flourishes under conditions of high humidity.

The resuscitation of Mr. Parnell and the re-establishment of his IV solution following re-containment will cease the effects of SCP-4692 and halt spread of SCP-4692-3. Individuals who have contracted SCP-4692-3 remain permanently susceptible to SCP-4692 in the future, as well as their direct blood relatives. Physical damage and/or death sustained during a containment breach is unaffected by re-containment.

Addendum-2: The relocation of SCP-4692 to Site-███ has been halted due to complications with Site-███ administration. Staff on-site alleged that Site Director Laveaux resigned in protest of the proposed relocation. Site Director Laveaux has refuted these allegations, indicating Site-███ was situated in a region prone to flooding and thus would be unsuitable for housing SCP-4692.

Addendum-3: A complaint was filed by Site Director Singh against Site-18104 for allegedly dismantling equipment that could be used to maintain SCP-4692. Site Director Singh alleges this was in response to an official request to transfer SCP-4692, while Site Director Holt of Site-18104 claims the equipment in question was due for dismantling for over six months prior to the transfer request.

Discovery: SCP-4692 was discovered in the [REDACTED] apartment complex on ██/██/2019. Surviving witness testimony indicates Mr. Parnell was calling out for help and managed to attract the attention of a resident ([REDACTED]) who subsequently broke in to the apartment. It is believed Mr. Parnell, due to his condition, persuaded the resident to terminate his life support system in order to euthanize him. The resident subsequently began to deteriorate and lost consciousness.

Police reports taken in [REDACTED], Florida, Wisconsin, and [REDACTED] parts of North Carolina indicate family members of the resident began to suffer similar symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, bleeding, and seizures, accompanied by rapid necrosis and death. Confiscated police reports and 911 phone records indicate these occurrences were largely simultaneous, and several officers began to report identical symptoms soon afterwards.


[REDACTED], one of the decedents recovered in FL.

██ officers and ███ additional individuals were hospitalized during this outbreak. A public health emergency declaration was made in all the affected regions and the FBI became involved. Some ███ individuals perished during this event.

SCP-4692 was resuscitated by a neighbor of [REDACTED] who discovered Mr. Parnell and re-attached their IV solution and powered their ventilator. According to the neighbor, Mr. Parnell appeared pale and cold to the touch, but continued to display signs of life and fully recovered once the IV and ventilator were re-established. The neighbor died 4 days later due to injuries sustained during the outbreak. A sample of his statement is attached.

Addendum-4: Proposals are being drawn up and discussions between the associated site directors is scheduled to take place at Site-19 on 4/20/2020 6/9/2020 4/20/2021 4/20/2022 6/9/2022
Further discussion on the relocation of SCP-4692 have been postponed indefinitely.

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