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Item #: SCP-4690 4/4690
Object Class: Apollyon Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Consensus reality regarding the literary work Madame Chrysanthème and its associated adaptations has been permanently altered. No further containment appears to be possible.

Description: SCP-4690 is a 'pataphysical phenomenon affecting all media works which adapt, pay homage to, or are otherwise inspired by the 1887 novel Madame Chrysanthème. Works are affected on a copy-by-copy basis through proximity. Following the events of 02/06/2017, SCP-4690's primary vector is the internet, and all machines connected to it.

In all cases, characters based on Pierre Loti1 will end the novel consumed in some fashion by one or many arachnids or arachnid-adjacent entities. This event usually occurs near or at the conclusion of the main plotline.

SCP-4690 has not been observed to affect nonfictional entities, [CORRUPTION EXPUNGED]

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