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Mr. and Mrs. Latozzi, March 31, 1976.

Item #: SCP-4681

Object Class: Euclid

Secure Containment Procedures: Each iteration of SCP-4681-1 is to be confined in a Class A hospitable living unit with a television set and suitable reading material. The containment unit is to be monitored by both Type-α and Type-β personnel. Suppression of records pertaining to incident 4681-▽ is to be maintained, with audits performed by operatives embedded in Connecticut police departments. Location-4681-A was purchased in 1981 by Logistics & Acquisitions.

Type-α personnel are not allowed to enter any area designated Type-β and vice versa.

Description: SCP-4681 is the collective designation of people, places, and anomalous effects surrounding a Temporal Divergence event which occurred at a house in Farmington, CT (designated Location-4681-A) in 1976.

SCP-4681-1-α is a living human being named Charlotte Roseanne Latozzi (née Ellison), born June 10, 1958 in Manhattan, New York. She is the widow of Joseph Latozzi, who died April 2, 1976. SCP-4681-1-β is a living human being named Joseph Alfredo Latozzi, born January 21, 1956 in Manhattan, New York. He is the widower of Charlotte Latozzi, who died April 2, 1976.

During Incident 4681-▽, a Class-IO Temporal Divergence event occurred at Location-4681-A. While most class-IO events are retroactively repaired at the end of the event (usually in a matter of seconds) this event became self-sustaining and has remained active ever since. (See Incident-4681-▽.) This resulted in the creation of two localized timelines: SCP-4681-α and SCP-4681-β.

Both timelines exist simultaneously. When any person first interacts with SCP-4681, their consciousness "locks" into a single timeline irreversibly, designating them Type-α and Type-β. Type-α people are unable to see, interact, or otherwise perceive the actions of SCP-4681-β and vice versa.

When Type-α people attempt to interact with SCP-4681-β (or vice versa), minor destabilization events can occur. Often these manifest as rapid deterioration of physical surroundings, perceived changes/distortion in physical space, and episodes of [REDACTED] in the personnel attempting the interaction.

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