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Item#: 4675
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The remaining supply of the Delta-Nosek amnestic is to be placed in 160-liter barrels and kept in Site-31's storage facility. Currently, 2,582 barrels are in containment.

See "Protocol 4675/Influx" for further information.

AO-4675-HPNJCGC, circa 1907.

Description: SCP-4675 is an acid-based chemical compound found in the Delta-Nosek Class-C amnestic treatment, utilized by the Foundation from 11/05/1998 to 16/09/2019. In a liquid form, SCP-4675 has a pale-pink hue and a viscosity of 5.9cP at 37°C.

Correct application of the Delta-Nosek amnestic involved injection into the vastus lateralis or rectus femoris muscle1 while the patient was recalling the undesired memory. The amnestic, with SCP-4675 in tow, would travel through the patient's bloodstream before reaching their brain2. Upon arrival, SCP-4675 would be absorbed by nerve cells in the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum. Following secretion, SCP-4675's intended properties would activate, suppressing nearby synapses.

Upon completion of this process, the patient's mind would be wiped of a specific memory.

Extensive analysis and investigation of amnestic distribution records, MTF unit deployments3, and archives of several large-scale suppression efforts suggest that SCP-4675's anomalous property manifests approximately twenty years following initial administration. Upon reaching this time limit, all particles of SCP-4675 remaining in the patient's brain will instantaneously demanifest. This is followed by increased activity in suppressed synapses, resulting in the partial recovery of expunged memories. This process has been described as "an immediate, intense feeling of déjà vu" by affected subjects.

Addendum 4675/1: Discovery Log

The Alger family. (L-R) Larry Alger Jr., Larry Alger Sr., Tyson Alger, Rover.

The first major use of the Delta-Nosek amnestic occurred in Blackwater, Arizona4 following the neutralization of AO-4675-HPNJCGC by the hands of the Alger family.

AO-4675-HPNJCGC was an Oreamnos americanus (Rocky Mountain Goat) which sported black fur and enlarged features, measuring in at 4.26 meters in length and 4.87 meters in height. Its only visible anomalous properties were an accelerated immune system, which allowed for rapid healing of wounds, and negligible senescence5.

On 10/29/1998, Larry Alger Sr. and his two sons, Tyson and Larry Alger Jr., ventured towards AO-4675-HPNJCGC's hunting grounds. The apparent mission of this trip was to locate and eliminate the entity (See Addendum 4675/2). The Alger family returned to Blackwater the next day with the cadaver of AO-4675-HPNJCGC.

Over the following days, Foundation web crawlers identified a spike in activity centered around possible anomalous events in Blackwater. MTF Epsilon-6 (“Village Idiots”) was dispatched to the town and, after confiscating AO-4675-HPNJCGC, amnestitized the Alger family and other related individuals.

Addendum 4675/2: Recovery Log

Following the implementation of Protocol 4675/Influx, personnel were sent to reamnestitize the residents of Blackwater. Upon entering the Alger family home, only Larry Jr. was discovered. The house was searched and a notebook, which belonged to Larry Jr., was recovered. The transcript of this notebook is shown below.

Helped Mrs. Helga organize some library books today. I found this old one about fables. Cyclopes, mummies, demons, that sort of thing. I asked her if we had any legendary creatures here. She said that we had the usual small-town legends, but she remembered her father telling her this fairy tale about a demon goat.

Apparently the story goes that a farmer bought the goat from a shady dealer who was actually the devil and the goat kills all of his farm animals and eventually eats his children. The farmer eventually kills it by shooting it in the back of the head while it was grazing. Dark stuff.

Holy shit, the goat’s real.

Tyson and I were hunting quails and we saw it in a field. It was big and scary as hell. Looked right at our hiding spot, but I don’t think it saw us. Tyson was being a dumbass and tried to shoot at it. He missed and it ran away. I swear he would shoot himself in the face if he could even aim it right.

I asked my dad later about the goat and he got pissed. Said it brought bad energy to the house. I asked him if he saw it before. He told me that he saw it once, while he was driving in the middle of the night back in 1957. It’s 1998 so that would make the goat 51 41 years old. Fuck, I can’t do math. Do goats live that long?

I chained Rover up, she was yapping really loud. I fed her some treats, and she quieted down.

Dad and I found Rover's body in the backyard. We're gonna kill that fucking goat.

For a demon goat that eats children, that was surprisingly easy.

Dad, Tyson, and I basically walked around for three hours until we saw it. Tyson wanted to shoot it but he was probably going to be a dumbass and miss like last time. I managed to get really close to it and put down two shots. It fell and Dad put his shotgun in its mouth and killed it. Tyson got mad, but he didn't do jack shit.

We took it back to town. Dad showed it around, saying that we killed the devil. Some people got mad and called the police, but nothing really happened. Jesus, I never knew how important fables were to this town.

"Local Family Kills Infamous "Demon Goat" Terrorizing Small Town"

Hell yeah, now that's a headline.

Note: The next entry is dated 13/05/2019, twenty-one years after the previous entry.

Wow, I didn't know I still had this. How old was I when I wrote this?

I had some kind of flashback while I was on the road the other day, remembered this was in my closet. I started reading through some of it and… did this all happen? This might be that creative writing assignment I had to do for Mrs. Schwartz' class. I loved that.

Well, I already wrote in it, so I might as well give an update.

My father died a few years ago. Heart attack in his sleep. I read some of the love poems I wrote for Hailey. We got together for a bit, but it didn't work out. We still keep in touch. Tyson's off in the big city co-owning an upstart fertilizer company, so he's doing well. As for me, I've just been here surviving.

I looked up that article from the newspapers about us killing the goat. I couldn't find it online, but I looked in the library records (Mrs. Helga's still around, somehow) and I saw a copy.

Apparently, the newspaper got retracted because of a grammatical error on the front page. I couldn't see one, but I've never been good at writing. It called us heroes in the first sentence. Heroes… damn, that must've been a real ego boost.

Can't focus on the past too much, though. People have told me it's unhealthy.

No, the paper wasn't retracted.

I showed the paper to Mrs. Helga and Hailey and they remember, too. Someone took it down. Someone from the government. They came here and did… something, they did something and then they took it down. A disease! Yeah, they said that there was some newly-discovered disease related to sheep from the southwest. They inoculated us, but I don't

No, that's not what happened. There wasn't any disease, that doesn't make sense. There was some reason, but I don't know what. One of them had a symbol on their uniform. Let me…

Attached image.

I showed that drawing to them. They remembered it. I don't know what it means but I remember so, so it has to be important.

I think I'm getting too deep into this. I've started to imagine reporters that would crowd around me, asking me question after question. I would talk to myself, answering the questions. I don't think I'm crazy, I'm just… I just want to go back. Go back to when dad and I brought the goat back to the town and everyone started celebrating. They called me a hero. Me. A little old mechanic in a little old town with no chance for success was the hero.

It's a dream. A pathetic, youthful dream that I'm still hoping will happen. I need to stop chasing it.

I talked to Hailey and Mrs. Helga today. Told them to stop worrying about the newspaper. It was a mistake anyway, some newspaper cataloger made an error. Hailey got mad and said I was giving up and letting the government win. She said that she was going to find out what happened with or without me. She's probably sitting in her house, waiting for her buddies on her conspiracy forums to reply. Mrs. Helga went back to the library. She said that she might retire soon.

Note: The next entry is dated 27/06/2019, twenty-five days after the previous entry.

Saw a movie today. It's about this police officer and his wife who go to Europe for their honeymoon. The cop meets a billionaire who invites them onto his cruise ship for a party. The host's son commits suicide on the cruise and everyone thinks that the cop and his wife are the killers. The cop says that he's a detective and then questions all of the guests. By the end of the movie, it turns out that the cousin of the host killed his son for money. Pretty funny.

Note: The next entry is dated 26/08/2019.

Sick today. I have a cold.

Note: The next entry is dated 18/09/2019.

Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you,
I will give people in exchange for you,
nations in exchange for your life.
- Isaiah 43:4

He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”
Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
- Revelation 22:20

The father of a righteous child has great joy;
a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.
- Proverbs 23:24


Note: No date is visible on the next entry.

I never killed the devil, did I?

Following recovery of the notebook, Larry Alger Jr., Allison Helga, and Hailey Woodcock were reamnestitized. Efforts into locating and reamnestitizing Tyson Alger are ongoing.

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