Exterior of Facility-4674

Item #: SCP-4674

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4674 should be kept isolated from all other Foundation assets and is currently held at the dedicated Facility-4674. The facility is to be heavily secured against intrusion and theft, and a security team is to be stationed on guard at all times. Any intruders should be assumed to have a complete knowledge of the facility and of all defensive precautions.

SCP-4674’s containment cell consists of two adjoining rooms, one outfitted as a bedroom1 and the other as a large dining room2. Both rooms are decorated in a manner superficially resembling that of English nobility, circa the Regency era.

At least once weekly, a member of D-class personnel should be introduced to the containment cell to undergo the Valentine Procedure.

Description: SCP-4674 is an anatomically correct scale model of a human heart 50cm in height. It is entirely composed of cut red diamonds of sizes varying from approximately 0.25 to 300 carats. They are held in position by unknown means and are highly resistant to separation and damage. Given the large size, rarity and high quality of the gemstones used, SCP-4674 would be extremely valuable even disregarding its anomalous effects.

SCP-4674 is sapient and has an awareness of its surroundings, including audio and visual perception, both to a typical human level. It is entirely immobile but can emit audible speech through unknown means. Its vocalisations have no anomalous effects and any threats or demands can be safely ignored.

SCP-4674 claims it was once a human duchess in Regency England who was willingly transformed into its current state. No evidence has been found to corroborate this story and SCP-4674 is an unreliable information source. SCP-4674 will often threaten to take actions outside of its capability and make demands, typically for expensive luxury items and more frequent application of the Valentine Procedure with higher quality subjects, or occasionally, with repeated subjects.

SCP-4674 has the additional, likely involuntary, capacity to manifest a projection within the dreams of certain individuals. The projection appears to people between the ages of 18-35 who are attracted to women. All known subjects have a history of theft, often of art pieces or other objects whose value derives from their aesthetics.The projection takes the form of a woman who the dreamer finds physically attractive, and then attempts to persuade the dreamer to steal SCP-4674. The projection displays an anomalously complete and detailed knowledge of any and all security measures put in place.

The projection has no power to compel and will initially tempt dreamers with the high value of the item and by describing in detail how good it would feel to possess. If this method fails alternatives will be tried including begging, threats of magical vengeance and promises of magical powers to be granted. SCP-4674 has shown no capacity to fulfil these threats or promises.

These projections occur in response to SCP-4674’s emotional state, specifically when it feels that it is receiving insufficient attention or that its beauty is not being appreciated. Of note, SCP-4674’s other emotional needs, including general happiness, are irrelevant and as such, continued application of the Valentine Procedure is sufficient to prevent projection events. Subjects are rotated to prevent emotional attachment, which frequently leads to requests for greater time in their presence and increased displays of affection, denial of which can result in projection events.

SCP-4674 was obtained along with several other anomalous art objects from the collection of █████ ███████ after it was raided by the Foundation. Attempts to trace its origin have thus far been futile, however evidence has been found suggesting that █████ ███████ was merely the latest in a long series of owners, each having stolen it from the previous.

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