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Item #: SCP-4672

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4672 is to be held within a specialized canine containment kennel, furnished as standard. A motion sensor camera is to be fitted in order to track SCP-4672 when its movement exceeds walking speed. Beneath the kennel, explosives are to be fitted with a payload sufficient to break SCP-4672's form into rubble.

Twice a day, SCP-4672 is to be fed liver, and to have at least 1 hour of interaction with a dog trainer under Foundation employ. SCP-4672 is to be monitored during these times to ensure it remains docile and complacent. Any unexpected behavior believed to lead to an Ignition event should be countered by ceasing SCP-4672's movement by any means available. If SCP-4672 reaches speeds allowing a breach of containment, the explosives will automatically engage.

Once a week, SCP-4672 is to be groomed to remove excess dust growth. Resulting dust is non-anomalous, and can be safely destroyed. Current containment procedures have kept the dust growth at manageable levels and ultimately resulted in a reduction of Object Class to Euclid. Dust production levels have maintained the same level ever since initial containment. In the event of dust productions levels changing, Object Class is to be reviewed.

Description: SCP-4672 is a sentient meteorite in the shape of, and sharing the behavioral patterns of, a domestic dog. Analysis indicate SCP-4672 is formed from non-anomalous materials as appropriate for a low iron chondrite meteorite, but it is impossible to tell SCP-4672's age due to its regenerative properties. SCP-4672 is capable of generating these materials endlessly in the form of dust. At first, the dust will be used to repair SCP-4672, binding together to repair damaged portions. When not being used in this manner, SCP-4672's dust instead is used to form structures with similar properties to fur, given an overall shaggy appearance with a texture approximating that of dog fur. There is not known to be any limit of the dust SCP-4672 can produce. Reports preceding containment indicate that SCP-4672 is capable of regenerating after its main body is destroyed, which fragment holds SCP-4672's consciousness is unknown, nor is the manner in which new dust is generated.

SCP-4672 does not require sustenance, however if left without food, it will attempt to seek this out on its own in order to fuel its growth. In addition, when SCP-4672 gathers enough mass, it is believed to be able to undergo an Ignition Event: SCP-4672 accelerating upwards until it reaches escape velocity. Past reports attest to the destructive capabilities of this event, as due to the nature of the Containment Procedures, no Ignition Event has occurred while under the Foundation's control. Due to the widespread destruction of an Ignition Event, no testing has been permitted on SCP-4672 or its abilities since initial containment, and all effort is to be focused on prevention of these events. (Addendum: Please refer to recent updates)

History: Several reports of SCP-4672's existence date back to 249-206 BCE in China, though due to SCP-4672's nature, it is unknown if this was is its initial landing or not.

Unknown date between 249-206 BCE: SCP-4672 is reported to have landed in the █████████ region, China. SCP-4672 is attributed to a number of events and generally seen as an ill-omen, but outside of the initial landing event, no further sightings are made. Given the extent of this delay, it is believed SCP-4672 underwent significant damage upon entry into the atmosphere, and was unable to complete regeneration for a significant time.
539: SCP-4672 is reported to have assaulted several men in order to obtain their livers. This is, thus far, the only known report of SCP-4672 attacking another being for sustenance.
882: SCP-4672 is not directly sighted, but events that seem to match an Ignition Event are reported to the north-west of ███████, China. No report is made of SCP-4672's landing location following this event. As per the first recorded sighting, significant damage is believed to have been undertaken by SCP-4672
1672: SCP-4672's last reported sighting in China. Two villagers in ████████ report seeing the object on a house, at which point it accelerated away. While the sighting of SCP-4672 was only reported by two villagers, the resulting shockwave and sight of SCP-4672 exiting Earth's atmosphere is located in several contemporary reports.
1912: The ████████ Fall event. SCP-4672 is reported to descend again to Earth, landing near the town of ████████, Arizona. It is believed SCP-4672 had produced a shell from excess material in order to reduce damage during re-entry, as the next sightings do not follow the same pattern as the Chinese sightings. Despite these attempts, it is believed SCP-4672 exploded during re-entry, based on contemporary reports and the number of impacts made.
1935: SCP-4672 is believed to have recovered in the preceding decade and had been sighted frequently in the northern regions of Texas. Following a sighting preceding a significant █████████, SCP-4672 was contained and transported to its current containment facility, managing to be stopped before performing an Ignition Event. The after-effects of SCP-4672's attempt to leave the Earth's atmosphere and resulting dust cloud were able to be attributed to other on-going events at the time.

Addendum: Following a containment breach on 21 Sep 2023 20:14, caused by a failure in the locking mechanism, it has been confirmed that previous reports of SCP-4672's speed appear to be inaccurate. Further testing has in fact confirmed possesses movement capability within physical limits for its size and weight. This was never previously recorded as all research teams took previous descriptions truthfully, despite a lack of evidence that the historic or mythical events listed even related to SCP-4672 at all. Full review of procedures is scheduled in light of this information.

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