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Item #: SCP-4671

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4671 is kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-42.

Personnel assigned to SCP-4671 are to wear clown make-up when directly interacting with the subject. Security personnel are to be armed with tranquilizers or shock batons in the event SCP-4671 needs to be subdued. If SCP-4671 is experiencing extreme distress, it is to listen to calm music.

SCP-4671 is currently scheduled on Mondays to attend psychotherapy with Dr. Pierre and undergo exposure therapy. Possible prescriptions for SCP-4671 are pending approval.

Description: SCP-4671 is a sapient humanoid entity with the appearance of a generic clown that stands 1.6 meters tall. It wears a baggy silk suit with red pompoms over an orange stripe, a collar ruff, large red shoes that compensate for its elongated feet, and large white gloves. It has a bulbous-shaped head, and natural red hair. Its skin is completely white, and it has blue lips, along with a round rubber red nose. On its chest is a yellow flower, which is real and has shown to be rooted into SCP-4671's chest cavity. It has sharp teeth and a forked tongue.

SCP-4671 identifies itself as "Clarky the Clown" or "Clarky C. Clark Jr." though it generally prefers to identify as the former. It is capable of performing various anomalous actions which are listed below:

  • Inflating itself by blowing on its thumb.
  • Jumping up to 3 meters high.
  • Producing animate 'balloon animals' which cease animation when deflated.1
  • Detach and reattach limbs.
  • Pulling strings of colored cloth from its ears or mouth.
  • Manifesting coins on a person without direct contact to pull out as a trick.
  • Fitting into small spaces by folding itself.
  • Squirting water from the flower on its chest.
  • Manifesting a corn dog or cotton candy out of a puff of colored smoke.

Despite having sharp teeth, SCP-4671 is not carnivorous and consumes mainly candy. SCP-4671 has stated to be able to consume meat, but refuses out of morality and "feeling sick."

SCP-4671 is docile and often eager to perform despite the fact it has an intense fear of human beings. Encountering a human causes SCP-4671 to experience a panic attack and hyperventilate, leading to an attempt to hide. Music has shown to calm SCP-4671 from an encounter, and wearing clown make up allows communication with it due to SCP-4671 believing an individual to be a clown such as itself.

SCP-4671 was discovered on 05/17/2016 hiding inside a dumpster observing a birthday party by two sanitary workers. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-7 ("Village Idiots") recovered SCP-4671 and transported it to Site-42.

Addendum 01: The following transcripts are of interviews with SCP-4671.

Addendum 02: On 07/16/16, an aggressive entity resembling SCP-4671 was successfully captured by Foundation agents. The entity was being pursued by Global Occult Coalition strike teams, and it was missing its left arm. Below is a transcript of an interview with the entity, which has been temporarily designated as E-4671.

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