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Item #: SCP-4670

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-certified cannibal is to accompany Mobile Task Force Lambda-14 ("Manhunters") on investigations of all restaurants serving barbecue pork in the southern United States. Until SCP-4670 is recontained, all Foundation personnel within the southern United States are encouraged to avoid consuming barbecue pork products or engaging in conjugal relations with Greek women.

Unprotected physical contact of any kind should not be made with SCP-4670; the most expedient method of sedation and capture is via electroshock weapon. Once SCP-4670 is captured, it should be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell and guarded only by asexual personnel.


Photo of SCP-4670 taken during initial capture.

Description: SCP-4670 is a Greek female named Cici Heliou. SCP-4670 possesses three known anomalous properties:

  • The ability to transform human beings into instances of SCP-4670-1 via direct contact with an unprotected body part. Instances of SCP-4670-1 are physically and behaviorally identical to non-anomalous pigs, but genetically and gustatorily identical to human beings.
  • Extreme resistance to all known forms of chemical, memetic, and cognitohazardous brain-chemistry-altering agents.
  • Dramatically slowed aging.

SCP-4670 has been active within the southern and southwestern United States since at least the 1900s; it is unclear for how long it has been operating within the United States. SCP-4670 primarily used its abilities for semi-paraphilic serial-killing by transforming its victims into pigs and then butchering and cooking them. SCP-4670’s birthplace and age are unknown. No birth certificate for SCP-4670 has been located, and all of its identification papers were found to be forgeries.

Addendum: Discovery Log

SCP-4670 was first discovered by Dr. ████████ ██████ during his first visit to Cici's Pit Bar-B-Q, an open-air pit barbecue restaurant in Toccoa, Georgia. Despite having witnessed the flesh being cut from a pig slow-cooked over an open fire, ██████ reported that the pulled pork he ordered was identical in taste and texture to human flesh. These details were verified by two other certified cannibals. Analysis of three separate pork dishes from Cici's returned DNA matches to a single police officer who had gone missing in Georgia in the previous month. At the time of discovery, SCP-4670 was both the owner and head chef of Cici’s. A background check of the restaurant showed that it was not USDA-certified; this was used as a pretense to shut down the restaurant, confiscate all the meat, and take SCP-4670 into custody at Site-05.


One of the open-air pits at Cici's. The meat on display was matched to Gregg Samson, an Atlanta Police Department officer last seen in 20██.

Each live pig and pork carcass recovered from Cici's were found to be genetic matches to police officers who had gone missing in Georgia over the previous decade during stakeouts, prostitution busts, and traffic stops. A search of SCP-4670’s apartment, located above the restaurant, uncovered the following materials of note:

  • Several dozen sets of uniforms, equipment, wallets, badges, and other belongings of missing police officers dating back to the 1980s.
  • Certificates of passed health inspections for now-closed restaurants dating back to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act.
  • An oversized loom.
  • Several dozen boxes of condoms.
  • Multiple types of plants and fungi that could be used to produce narcotics, such as opium poppies, psilocybin mushrooms, and cannabis sativa.
  • A membership card for the Industrial Workers of the World.

SCP-4670 was initially noncompliant with Foundation interviewers, and subsequently proved highly resistant to all attempts at interrogation. Its primary anomalous property remained undiscovered until six months after its recovery, when it escaped containment via a guard's credentials. Video surveillance showed SCP-4670 luring the guard into its cell, then transforming her into a pig by patting her on the head while they were undressing. SCP-4670 transformed all subsequent personnel it encountered into pigs by the same method and herded them through an emergency exit.

Approximately eight weeks after SCP-4670’s escape, Dr. ██████ went missing. One week after his disappearance, an unmarked package with no return address was sent to the home of Site-05's director. The package contained one pound of pulled pork that was found to be a genetic match to ██████.

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