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Item #: SCP-4669

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Recorded instances of SCP-4669-1 are to be removed and scrubbed. All witnesses of SCP-4669 or SCP-4669-1 instances are to be administered Class-B amnestics and undergo continuous monitoring. All instances of SCP-4669-2 are to be terminated.

SCP-4669 is an Epsilon-Level priority. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-58 (“Sound of the Police”) is currently tasked with applied response. MTF U-58 is to only employ individuals who score under a -65 on the Cohen-Weinberg compassion scale1 and maintain strict anti-collectivist morals and values. No other individuals are allowed contact with SCP-4669-2 instances.

Containment procedures will be modified once SCP-4669 is once again brought into containment. Currently, containment efforts focus on minimization of the effects of MARCOS-events and the termination of SCP-4669-2 instances.2

Pending Edit:

Description: SCP-4669 is an aleakinetic3 entity capable of creating instances of SCP-4669-2 through SCP-4669-1. SCP-4669 has the appearance of an average indigenous Mexican woman. The tattoo “Ms. Zapatista, by Gamers Against Weed” appears on the outside of its right thigh. SCP-4669 is 1.6m tall and weighs 74kg.

SCP-4669 uses aleakinesis to orchestrate MARCOS-events, while also evading capture. These events occur without discernible pattern throughout the world and include scheduled workers' strikes, riots, protests, and targeted assassinations. The stated goals of these events are to install communism as a worldwide economic system. Currently, there are no methods to predict MARCOS-events. While SCP-4669 employs a large network of SCP-4669-2 instances to enact MARCOS-events, the make-up of their organization has made it impossible for Foundation intelligence to locate SCP-4669 through MARCOS-events.

SCP-4669's secondary ability is the creation of SCP-4669-1. For purposes of documentation, recordings of SCP-4669's voice can also be considered SCP-4669-1. SCP-4669-1 are statements made by SCP-4669 during a MARCOS-event. SCP-4669-1 instances are heard regardless of background sound and understood by any human capable of comprehending speech (regardless of what languages they are familiar with). SCP-4669-1 is the catalyst for transformation into an instance of SCP-4669-2. In SCP-4669-2 instances, memories of SCP-4669-1 cannot be expunged by any means (including amnestic therapy).

SCP-4669-2 instances are baseline humans who have been affected by SCP-4669-1 or who have come into physical contact with SCP-4669. SCP-4669-2 instances show extreme adherence to the goals and ideals of SCP-4669, namely the belief in the full destruction of capitalism. All SCP-4669-2 instances have attempted to rejoin SCP-4669 when free from Foundation scrutiny.

Incident 4669-141:

The following is transcript of a phone call to a Pizza Hut in Portland, Oregon which occurred on 04-10-2038. Foundation AI GRGN-03, during a routine sweep, detected information relating to possible SCP-2293 contamination. The individual was deemed to be PoI-6870.

Pizza Hut Employee: Hi there, uh, would you like to try—

PoI-6870: Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.

PHE: I-I'm sorry, sir?

PoI-6870: Gosh, I'm sorry. I was talking to a friend. Usually those commercial things are longer. Uh, anyway, I think I'd like the, uhhhh, I have a coupon here, I think. I can't find it. Just hold for a second.

PHE: No problem.

PoI-6870: <Spoken away from the receiver, but audible.> Mr. Ominous. Mr. Meme. Mr. Literal Serial Killer. Mr. Bernie Sanders.

PHE: Pardon me, sir?

PoI-6870: If I could remember Amanda's last name, I bet that'd ping something.

PHE: Are you talking to me?

At this point, the call was picked up by GRGN-03. Due to the actions of past AI in dealing with PoI-6870, control of the conversation is sent to Dr. Garcia.

PoI-6870: Call didn't drop, but it's silent. God, it's just like last time. I feel like a fucking spy. Are you gonna try to kill me with some mean sound again4, or are you gonna let me talk to you like a fucking human being over here? I got something for you. Info-ways.

Dr. Garcia: Hello, Mr. Kriyot. We'd really like to apologize for last time. Certain AIs, well, may resent having to scan the internet for, well, Stephen King jokes, but since then, we've gotten things a little better under control. Personality-wise.

PoI-6870: Pretty frank for a janitor, aren't you?

Dr. Garcia: I believe you had information for us?

PoI-6870: Ms. Zapatista's doing it.

Dr. Garcia: Doing what?

PoI-6870: Direct action is important. Don't get me wrong. <The sound of a lighter is heard. PoI-6870 pauses.> I want to go where she's going. But I don't know if I can abide getting there like that. This is, this is the only thing I'll do. I, I want her to succeed. But, sometimes I don't know. If it should be like this.

Ten seconds of silence.

PoI-6870: The voice during those protests. The voice during those riots. The voice that spoke that Afrikaaner piece of shit5 into the stratosphere. It's all been her. It's been one.

Dr. Garcia: You made it?

PoI-6870: Not me, but a few of us. But she's her own woman. And she's going to do whatever she can to make the world just and right. This is all the help I think I can give you, morally. I, uh, I don't know what to do here, morally.

Five second pause.

PoI-6870: She's just a woman. She's not stronger than anyone else you see on the street. But her voice? Her words are so beautiful. She's not a goddess. Ending capitalism is worthwhile, but not like this. Not mean.

Thirty second pause. A lighter is heard.

PoI-6870: She's going to be in Nicaragua tomorrow. Don't ask how I know. There's going to be another big one. But that's what she does. She knows the best parts to make this happen. Get the ball rolling for a worldwide revolution. They all might seem disconnected. But the voice, you know what I'm talking about?

Dr. Garcia: We are familiar with the phenomenon, correct. While the source of the voice was assumed to belong to a humanoid entity of some kind—

PoI-6870: She's a lady.

Dr. Garcia: —we had no real reason to guess it was doing this to, well, jumpstart anything specifically.

PoI-6870: She's building an army. I, I never thought we'd do something like this. It's right. What's she's doing. It's right. But she's ruthless. They made her too willing to do whatever needed. It's not atrocity, but, but I can't let anyone else die.

Dr. Garcia: Why are you telling us this?

PoI-6870: I can't have another life on my hands.

Dr. Garcia: Is there anything more you can tell us?

PoI-6870: It was inevitable that there'd be a split, you know. That's what leftists do. We have a clear, beautiful vision. And so, when we hit that first disagreement, we split.

Dr. Garcia: Anything at all to help us. Anything at all?

PoI-6870: She's a comrade. I've said enough.

PoI-6870 disconnects the line. Foundation agents arriving on scene were unable to locate PoI-6870. The payphone the call had been traced to had been out of service for over three months.

Recovered Document 4669-1:

When seized by MTF U-58, the following document was found on its person.

Holy Heck! You found your very own Ms. Zapatista! Join the Revolution, comrade, and let's make the world a better place. We realize the irony of having our anti-capitalist message wedded to this joke about meaningless collectible toys. Who is Dr. Wondertainment?

Find them all and become Mr. Gamer!

01. Mr. Literal Serial Killer
02. Mr. Normie
03. Mr. Bernie Sanders
04. Mr. Get Anything For Free In Any Shop
20. Mr. Sex Number
21. Mr. Heavenly Virtues
22. Mr. Deadly Sins
23. Mr. Original Character
24. Mr. D.A.R.E.
25. Mrs. Gentrification
26. Ms. Mad About Video Games
27. Mr. Meme
28. Mr. Ominous (discontinued)
29. Mr. Destiny 6
30. Mr. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
31. Ms. Zapatista ✔
32. Mr. Hax
33. Mr. Just Has The Tattoo
34. Mr. Top Text and Mr. Bottom Text
35. Mr. Finale

Interview with SCP-4669:

The only interview with SCP-4669 was conducted 16 hours after its acquisition in Nicaragua by MTF U-58 forces. The interview was conducted by Dr. Carlos Garcia, who was the lead researcher of SCP-4669 at the time. SCP-4669 was placed in a standard humanoid containment cell with the addition of a Scranton reality-anchor placed at each corner of the room. At the time, this was thought to reduce the possibility of transformation into SCP-4669-2.

Dr. Garcia was allowed entrance to the containment site. At the time, the Cohen-Weinberg compassion scale limit had been set at 10. It is further theorized that Dr. Garcia was able to deliberately achieve a lower score on the test. In a 12-1 decision by O5 Command, the Cohen-Weinberg compassion scale limited for interaction with SCP-4669-1 or SCP-4669-2 instances was lowered to -65.

What follows is his interview with SCP-4669.

Dr. Garcia: Hello, SCP-4669. It's funny. I already feel like I know you.

SCP-4669: A lot of men tell me that, you know. It's funny. They either think I'm their mother. Or they want to fuck me. Which are you?

Dr. Garcia: I think you've forgotten the third kind.

SCP-4669: Oh?

Dr. Garcia: The kind that's seen all your work and wants you locked up.

SCP-4669: Good one. You almost look like you believe it.

Dr. Garcia: Why were you wearing a lab coat when they found you?

SCP-4669: I knew where I was going. I thought I should dress the part. It is what you janitors wear. But then they put me in this red jumpsuit. I think I look great in it. Like fatigues on a lava planet, right?

Dr. Garcia: You knew you were going to be betrayed?

SCP-4669: Yes.

Dr. Garcia: And you made no effort to leave?

SCP-4669: You don't walk away from Gethsemane.

Dr. Garcia: Would you like to know who snitched on you?

SCP-4669: Jude Kriyot.

Dr. Garcia: How does it feel that the head of the organization that created you—

SCP-4669: I lived long before them, pendejo.

Dr. Garcia: —has thrown you to the janitors?

SCP-4669: There's always a reason for me to be somewhere. The world can be a random, chaotic place. But for me, there's always a reason. They gave that to me.

Dr. Garcia: That certainly does sound nice. But, you said you lived before your creators? What do you mean by that?

SCP-4669: Three, at least. An old woman. A mother. A child. All revolutionaries.

Dr. Garcia: I don't understand.

SCP-4669: I'm the crone, the matron, and the virgin. Three in one.

Dr. Garcia: So you had lives before, is what you're saying? They took, uh, three souls, or something, to make you?

SCP-4669: Got it in one, Carlos. It makes me well-suited to my job. I can be ruthless. I can mother. And I can be an emblem for them. I can be something to strive for. But, you all knew this, didn't you?

Dr. Garcia: More or less. But what about the voice? How can you pretend to be a kind of, I don't know, holy woman when you're making people bend to your will?

SCP-4669: I didn't make anyone do anything. Every strike, every broken window at a Starbucks, every single dead multi-billionaire, they all added up to something in the end. It's incalculable, but I can see it.

Dr. Garcia: You know what you're doing. They can't forget it. And it makes them your slaves. How can you do that and think you're doing anything for liberation? What kind of revolutionary does mind control?

SCP-4669: Is that what you think I am?

Dr. Garcia: It's what I know you are.

SCP-4669: Oh, camarada, you are going to be the death of me. Just because they can't forget it, doesn't mean it's taking away their liberty. All I offer is a kind of insight. A kind of outsight, maybe, eh? I like to think of it like that. I don't take anything away from them. I never would.

Dr. Garcia: I think these people open their hearts to you, and I think you use them to further your own goals, whatever they are.

SCP-4669: You think so? Let me tell you something then. <SCP-4669 leans forward in its chair.> You know what you're doing is wrong. You know that this isn't something that should be happening. I see how we can get ourselves free. I see a world we can make. I can show it to you, if you give me a chance.7

Dr. Garcia: Shit. <Spoken to the camera.> Did anyone outside hear that? Let me out. We have to see if we can get some more on her. Until then, we're going to have to muzzle her.

SCP-4669: There's something wrong in the world today. I know you see it. I know you see the way the rich take and take and the way so many hurt. I want to fix it. We can fix it, if you give it a chance. If you remember, if you—

Dr. Garcia was taken from the containment chamber, and SCP-4669 was bound and gagged. In an emergency meeting of O5 Command, a unanimous decision was made to allocate four more Scranton reality-anchors to the containment chamber and six handheld Scranton reality-anchors were distributed among the guards.

Dr. Garcia's exposure to SCP-4669-1 was not deemed an issue due to prior Cohen-Weinberg compassion scale cut-off.

Incident 4669-143: A raid on Site-346 by members of GoI-5869 and SCP-4669-2 instances occurred on 04-19-2038. What follows is a timeline of the events compiled from staff interview.

04:19 — Dr. Garcia opens the doorway to SCP-4669's cell. He walks down the hall and into a closet. There are reports of an electrical hum in the air that lasted for upwards of twenty seconds. When touched, the doorknob is reported to have been excessively hot. The closet shows no sign of Dr. Garcia.

04:21 — An electrical malfunction affects the entirety of Site-346, similar to that of an EMP wave. All back-up generators fail to power on. Personnel with pacemakers and other devices are unaffected. SCP objects requiring constant connection to various powered sources to sustain life were also unaffected.

04:22 — Before site security is able to fully mobilize and respond to the situation, 14 SCP-4669-2 instances manifest in the security barracks and are able to subdue site security. 8 leave to subdue all patrolling guards.

04:23 — An entity8 with the head of a black Cane Corso9 enters the front doors of Site-346. It is shirtless and has no visible armor or wards. Several members on guard duty attempt to neutralize the entity. The bullets disintegrate on impact and do not penetrate. Using a sheathed sword, it is able to incapacitate the guards.

04:24 — A humanoid figure appears in the hallway of Human Containment Wing-2 and pins Document 4669-2 to a bulletin board before disappearing. Its identity is unable to be verified due to a series of electrical currents which obscure its face.

04:27 — The entity with the head of a black Cane Corso makes its way to the cell of SCP-4669. SCP-4669 steps out from the door and takes the entity's hand. She is reported to have said, “Mr. Destiny.” His response is reported to have been, “Our lady.”

04:28 SCP-4669-2 instances are able to gather amnestic supplies and Scranton reality-anchors. 13 humanoid SCPs are freed. Three personnel are seen to join SCP-4669-2 instances during this period.

04:29 An instance of SCP-4669-1 is heard, which is as follows: I'm fine. Let's go.

04:30 — SCP-4669 and the entity leave Site-346. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

04:31 — All SCP-4669-2 instances, deserting personnel, and freed humanoid SCPs are seen to disappear.

04:33 — All generators power on.

Recovered Document 4669-2: What follows is the note that the unidentified figure, now assumed to be PoI-6870, left during the raid on Site-346.

I lied.

Esther gave her the voice. JJ gave her the sight. And I gave her the razzle dazzle.

I feel so old now. The young have a fire inside of them that I used to have. But I used to be fire, too. I remember the flame that bloomed inside of me. When you tap into that, you start to see that moral codes are kind of bullshit.

But she's older than I am. She remembers every life she's had. Lives she gave up. And I realize there's no excuse anymore.

Sometimes, you have to fight. Sometimes, you don't get the luxury of non-violence. I will never take another life myself. But I will aid her, and I will aid them, in any way I can, for as long as I can. There's always a place, however small, in the revolution for a pacifist. Especially a motherfucker of my esteemed abilities.

She taught me that. She died with that fire in her. Three times over. I'm so lucky to have met her.

When I die, I will kneel in front of St. Peter. I'm not about to apologize for my actions. I won't tell him that I'm sorry for allowing blood to be spilled. I will ask him to understand. Maybe God will listen to me. I hope He listens to me.

No one should ever go hungry. No one should die in the cold when homes lay empty. No one should ever have to suffer needlessly again.

And if one hundred rich men have to die for this to happen? I won't mourn.

Ms. Zapatista has sparked the fire inside of me. Maybe it's time to let it out. We'll see.

I will pray for you. I know you won't pray for me.


After a 12-1 decision by O5 Command, PoI-6870 is to be terminated on sight.

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