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Item #: SCP-4667 Level 03/4667
Object Class: Keter Confidential


SCP-4667 related tooth growth in early stages of development.



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4667 is currently uncontained, and is believed to be located in an unknown area near the North or Baltic Sea. The tracking of abnormal tooth growth in coastal and ocean fauna is to be used to locate its precise whereabouts.

Once SCP-4667 is found and contained, it is to be stationed in a standard humanoid containment chamber located approximately 100m away from any population of organisms possessing teeth. Necessary living procedures, such as feeding, are to be performed by a D-Class which is to have their teeth pulled prior.

Description: SCP-4667 is a mute, 26-year-old humanoid female of Soviet descent. SCP-4667 has been diagnosed with total anodontia1. Organisms possessing deciduous and/or succedaneous teeth in near proximity2 to SCP-4667 will be subjected to a dental-transfigurative effect.

Said organisms' teeth will begin to slowly elongate vertically, with new teeth spontaneously growing directly from the skeletal system, starting from the jawbones. These newly developed teeth will similarly elongate, eventually puncturing through the skin and internal organs. The rate of this effect is sporadic, with current theories suggesting that SCP-4667 is capable of partially controlling the rate of tooth growth.

This effect persists after the subjects are deceased. Organisms affected by SCP-4667 will primarily expire via tooth growths elongating through vital organs, commonly from the teeth in the lower jaw elongating through the roof of the mouth and into the brain. Once affected cadavers leave the presence of SCP-4667, elongated tooth growths will begin to collectively bend and grow into large, intricate models and sculptures of varying subject. The following are known instances of said sculptures:

  • A feminine winged humanoid, cradling a child. Grown out of a human male.
  • Multiple humanoids, all appear malnourished, and are in positions of anguish. Grown out of a colony of European bats.
  • A larger feminine winged humanoid, its arms are extended out over multiple other humanoids. Grown out of a human male.
  • Multiple humanoids, all appear to be joyous, and are holding objects resembling foodstuffs. Grown out of a human male.
  • Multiple humanoids, all of which in aggressive positions, a winged humanoid is flying away from the aggressive humanoids. Grown out of a human male.
  • A feminine humanoid, noticeably larger and less well-constructed as other instances, is seen crying. Grown out of a human male.


Russ Stanford, circa 1977.

Although SCP-4667 is known to exist, it has never been in Foundation custody. SCP-4667 originates from Byrkisk, USSR, where it was originally studied by Iosif Jekaterina, a local dentist. SCP-4667's anomalous effects were then reported to an British colleague Russ Stanford.

Stanford is known to be a leader of GoI-0435, "The Dentist's Collective of Britain", a group originally created as a workers union for dentists, but gradually changed their efforts towards the study of anomalous and non-anomalous practices of dentistry and genetic dental disorders.

Upon hearing of SCP-4667 and its anomalous effects, Stanford requested for SCP-4667 to be relocated to his office in the United Kingdom. In conjunction with Stanford, Jekaterina procured the British cargo ship SS Mavis via bribery of the ship's crewmen. On 10/19/85, Mavis began sailing to the United Kingdom with SCP-4667 locked in the cargo hold.

During this, all crewmen succumbed to SCP-4667's effects, with Jekaterina and SCP-4667 disappearing.

The following are notable video surveillance logs aboard Mavis:



SS Mavis, sailing away from the USSR.


  • Boleslav Kondrat - Captain
  • Carlton Tilda - Chief Mate
  • Kenelm Hyram - Chief Engineer
  • Wilhelm Cale - Second Mate
  • Sebastian Wendell - Deckhand
  • Iosif Jekaterina - Dentist, Impromptu Ship Doctor

CARGO HOLD - 23:02

(SCP-4667 is in a small room to the side of the cargo hold, Wendell is outside of this room's door. Cale walks by Wendell.)

Cale: What's she doing in there?

Wendell: (Looks through the door's window.) Pacing.

Cale: Still? She said anything?

Wendell: That dentist guy said she's mute. Got's no teeth either.

Cale: Hm, why are we hauling 'er again?

Wendell: Dunno. Have to watch her though. Been standing for a while, chair would be nice.

Cale: I'll see what I can find.

(Cale leaves. Wendell leans against the wall, then begins coughing.)

Wendell: You OK in there lady? Need anything?


Wendell: Well a nod or something would've been- (Coughs.), would've been nice.


Wendell: Hey uh, I'll go get some leftovers from supper for yeah soon. Quite famished myself actually.

(Wendell begins coughing once again, this time, coughing up an abnormally long human tooth into his hand. Wendell looks at the tooth, and then through the window towards SCP-4667.)

Wendell: Oh, thank you.

(Wendell casually puts the tooth back in his mouth, and begins loudly crunching into the tooth, then swallowing it.)

Wendell: (Coughs.) No no, no more, I'm good for now.

(Wendell coughs up another abnormally long tooth.)

Wendell: Well, if you insist.

BRIDGE - 22:59

(Kondrat is steering the ship whilst humming. Upon consulting a map, Kondrat's hand appears to cramp.)

Kondrat: (Grumbles.) -carpal tunnel. Bloody hell, this can't wait a bit?

(As Kondrat picks up his pencil, a soft crack is heard, followed by Kondrat jolting back suddenly.)

Kondrat: Fuck! Ow ow, what-

(Kondrat's left index fingernail is seen to be cracked and is bulged outwards.)

Kondrat: What the hell?

(Tilda enters the bridge.)

Tilda: Something wrong Boleslav?

Kondrat: My finger, ah, uh, man the ship, I'm gonna talk to that doctor.

Tilda: Oh, wha- (Coughs.) what happened?

Kondrat: I don't know, I'm just, just gonna go… (Trails off whilst leaving the bridge.)



Iosif Jekaterina, circa 1970.

(Jekaterina is writing in journal on his bed, when Kondrat enters.)

Kondrat: Iosif, was it?

Jekaterina: Da. Something wrong with the ah, girl?

Kondrat: No no, Wendell's looking after 'er. My fucking nail though, it's- (Shows his nail.) I don't know.

Jekaterina: Hm, I see.

(Jekaterina pulls a pair of pliers out of his satchel.)

Jekaterina: Hold still, might hurt.

(Kondrat puts his hand down onto a nightstand, where Jekaterina begins removing fingernail fragments. Underneath the fingernail a long human tooth can be seen.)

Kondrat: What- what the fuck‽ What is-

Jekaterina: Hold still.

(Jekaterina begins plying the tooth out of Kondrat's finger, Kondrat screams obscenities. The tooth cracks out of the finger, which begins bleeding heavily.)

Jekaterina: (Places the tooth onto the nightstand.) I get bandages.

Kondrat: What the… (Gags.) What, what could cause that‽

Jekaterina: (Begins wrapping Kondrat's finger.) Girl is losing control.

Kondrat: The girl? Is, is this why you're here? Why she's here? Some dentist ex-

Jekaterina: I have cared for the girl for a while. She has a ah, gift. She can control, but she is ah, losing control.

(Jekaterina takes a line of measuring tape out of his satchel and puts it against the tooth.)

Kondrat: The bloody hell are you talking about?

(Hyram enters the room.)

Hyram: Hey uh- wait, what happened to y-

Kondrat: This isn't the time Kenelm, yo-

Hyram: Man it's important, the ship, she's going too fast. Engine can't handle all this.

Kondrat: Huh? Carlton's probably slacking. Kick 'em out of his cig brake if you have ta'.

Hyram: You got it. Hope your finger gets better.

(Hyram exits.)

Kondrat: Now what're you saying before?

Jekaterina: I know not much, British comrade Russ knows mores than I. When ashore he will explain better.

Kondrat: Well what do yeah know?

Jekaterina: She grows teeth. That is all. Not even name.

Kondrat: Teeth?

Jekaterina: Look at teeth I pulled. How long is now?

Kondrat: 32 millimeters?

Jekaterina: Incisor should be about 22 millimeters.

Kondrat: (Sarcastically.) Oh, so that's what's wrong with this?

Jekaterina: Tooth is now 33 millimeters. Been biting tongue a lot as of late?

Kondrat: Uh, we- we should check on Wendell.

Jekaterina: You go. I must stay and study.

Kondrat: Alright, stay safe.

Jekaterina: I will.

(Kondrat leaves.)

BRIDGE - 23:21

(What is believed to be Tilda is present at the wheel. Tilda has copious amounts of elongated tooth growths surrounding their entire body, which are intertwining with the controls for the ship. Tilda is not moving.)

(Hyram is seen in the hallway to the bridge. Upon seeing Tilda, he begins to back away. Hyram then faints, several minutes after this, assorted crackling can be heard. a puddle of blood then begins to form under Hyram.)

CARGO HOLD - 23:30

(Wendell is seen chewing, however no crunching can be heard.)

Wendell: (Noticeably slurred.) Got anymore?

(Cale enters.)

Wendell: Oh hey Will! Got any teeth to spare?

Cale: What the hell? What happened to-

Wendell: Actually, wait.

(Wendell reaches into his eye socket with two of his fingers, and removes a elongated tooth carefully.)

Wendell: I still got some lying around. (Chuckles.)

(Kondrat enters. Wendell puts the tooth into his mouth and continues chewing.)

Kondrat: Wendell, what was that?

Cale: He's eating his bloody teeth Boleslav!

Wendell: (Chuckles.) Tastes better than your cooking.

Kondrat: What? Wendell, the girl-

Wendell: Oh don't worry, I'm a watching 'er still.

Kondrat: No, Wendell, she's messing with you, you, you ain't supposed to have teething coming outta your eyes like this! You realize that, right?

Wendell: Hm, since when?

(Tooth fragments in Wendell's stomach suddenly elongate, puncturing through his abdomen and shirt. Wendell collapses.)

Cale: Fuck, Wendell! What a-

Kondrat: Ge- get the keys. We're throwing the bitch overboard.

(Cale takes keys off of Wendell. As Cale brings the keys to the door, a tooth elongates out of the tip of his index finger, impaling his thumb and causing him to drop the keys.)

Cale: Shit!

(SCP-4667 reaches under the door and grabs the keys.)

Kondrat: You- (Laughs.) you can't unlock the door from that way you bloody walnut!


(SCP-4667 throws the key across the room. SCP-4667 then begins staring at the door, as it does, screaming can be heard from the other side for several minutes. teeth elongation can be seen through the windows. Screaming stops after approximately 30 seconds.)

(SCP-4667 looks away from the door, teeth outside stop growing. SCP-4667 moves to a corner of the room and looks at the ceiling, which is noticeably convex. Ceiling begins cracking and bulging farther down. Teeth are seen breaking through the roof, until the roof collapses, with the body of Hyram falling down with it. Hyram's back is severely affected by tooth growths. As the roof collapses, the camera is destroyed.)

BRIDGE - 23:40

(Low fuel signifiers are blinking, and a hole is now present in the hallway. SCP-4667 emerges from this hole on a pillar of elongated teeth, which slowly rises upwards. SCP-4667 walks off of this pillar, and onto the bridge, where it exits onto the deck through a side door.)

DECK - 23:41

(Jekaterina is seen setting up a lifeboat, SCP-4667 enters the deck.)

Jekaterina: (In Russian.) You know I care about you and your craft, unlike these others. I will await your reclamation, I hope my service was satisfactory.

(SCP-4667 continues to stare at Jekaterina for a couple seconds, then goes back into the bridge. Jekaterina hastily leaves on a lifeboat minutes after.)

On 10/21/85, Mavis washed ashore on the east coast of the United Kingdom. After which, Stanford and the majority of GoI-0435 went to the site of the shipwreck. It is unknown how the group knew of the location of Mavis at the time. Multiple objects were recovered at the scene, including the bodies of all of Mavis's crewmen, a photo, and a broken film camera, still recording.

The following is a log of the recovered recording, along with the recovered photograph:

(Recorder is walking through a field. Stanford is seen to the side, along with various others.)


Recovered photograph. The phrase: "Dentists meeting, 1981, we grow stronger everyday.", is written on the back. Stanford can be seen at the end of the table.

Recorder: How yeah know she's here Russ?

Stanford: Spoke to me last night. She wants us to see. Keep the film steady, others'll want to see this.

(Mavis is seen in the background, Stanford begins running towards the wreck.)

Stanford: Are you in there?

(Assorted muttering from others.)

Stanford: This, this is the ship, alright? SS Mavis, see? That's the one Iosif bribed. Did, did you leave already?

(SCP-4667 is now seen on the ship's deck.)

Stanford: There! Yes, Ivadente, we have studied your craft, your divine work. We have heard your cries in the teeth of our patients. Not all of us forsake your gift, not all.

(SCP-4667 smirks.)

Stanford: I have done as you said, have y-

(A large pair of avian wings made solely out of elongated and normal sized teeth unfurl from SCP-4667's back. It is unclear what holds these wings together.)

Stanford: Oh, yes of course, for your wings, so that was why.

(GoI-0435 collectively bows.)

Stanford: Go make your gift clear, Ivadente. Make it clear to the over-lookers.

(SCP-4667 lifts itself into the air, and flies towards the mainland. As SCP-4667 goes out of frame, GoI-0435 begins to slowly walk towards the direction SCP-4667 flew. Recorder drops the camera and does not appear to notice. GoI-0435 is heard silently walking into the distance.)

After this event, the whereabouts for any member of GOI-0435 became unknown. SCP-4667 remains at large.

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