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The estimated area of SCP-4664's effect (Right).

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-4664’s area of effect is to be heavily guarded by STF-Alpha-15 (”Catch & Release”) piloting armed Foundation vessels. All scientific teams previously stationed on these islands have been relocated and amnestized after experiencing SCP-4664-1. Vessels approaching SCP-4664 are to be intercepted and redirected away from SCP-4664. All attempts to access the Southern Sandwich Islands are to be denied under Cover Story 067 (Endangered Species). All testing involving SCP-4664 is to be done by Containment Site-3T1 located on Leskov Island in order to avoid excessive damage to the surroundings.

Description: SCP-4664 is a large tentacled creature physically similar to a giant squid that manifests within the waters of the Southern Sandwich Islands. SCP-4664 is significantly larger than other similar species of squid, being approximately 25 meters long. SCP-4664 has an abnormally large amount of appendages, with estimations being between 5,000 and 20,000. All of SCP-4664's appendages end in a facsimile of different oceanic creatures native to the South Sandwich Islands. These appendages are made of a cloth-like material, with their appearance being similar to that of a hand puppet. Documented appendages include an orca whale, a fur seal, a cuttlefish, and a king penguin. SCP-4664 is capable of speech and will speak in the language most familiar to the person it is conversing with.

SCP-4664 will only manifest when an individual passes through the area of water surrounding the Southern Sandwich Islands. Once an individual has passed through this zone, they will experience a certain dream (designated SCP-4664-1) within the following 4 months. This dream will consist of the subject being aboard a large wooden ship experiencing poor weather conditions. Throughout SCP-4664-1, subjects have reported a feeling of dread, while claiming to see glimpses of one or several large serpentine figures moving through the water. SCP-4664-1 will invariably end with the hull of the boat being destroyed through unknown means, with the subject awaking before they make contact with the water.

Upon waking from SCP-4664-1, SCP-4664 will manifest within a large body of water nearest to the individual. Upon manifestation, SCP-4664 will make its way towards the individual who experienced SCP-4664-1. SCP-4664 will destroy any structure that separates it and the individual during this manifestation. Once it has reached them, SCP-4664 will instruct the subject to relax, while SCP-4664 creates a small show with its appendages. SCP-4664 will use its appendages as actors, moving them around in a similar manner to a puppet show. During these events, SCP-4664's voice has been found to carry a minor auditory hazard that causes all humans that hear it report feeling relaxed.

The story that SCP-4664 constructs during these events is believed to be based on the events in SCP-4664-1. In this story, the creatures represented by the appendages neutralized the entity attacking the ship while rescuing the passengers onboard. The show will always conclude with the subject being rescued by the animals and being brought to safety. Once this has concluded, SCP-4664 will easily convince subjects that they will not experience SCP-4664-1 again, and to return to sleep. After the subject returns to sleep, SCP-4664 will begin to take on a translucent appearance, gradually becoming less opaque until it completely demanifests.

SCP-4664 was discovered on 4/12/89 when a researcher currently stationed on the island experienced SCP-4664-1. The subsequent manifestation of SCP-4664 destroyed the research facility that was currently stationed there, and Foundation officials were informed by an agent among the research team. Further testing discovered the effects and the estimated manifestation area of SCP-4664, and the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area was established as a cover story.

The following is a transcript of an SCP-4664 manifestation.

Researcher: Dr. Zwieback

Subject: D-0849

Procedure: Subject was instructed to maneuver a small motorized fishing vessel within SCP-4664's area of effect for approximately 3 hours. Armed Foundation vessels were stationed outside of SCP-4664's area to prevent any escape attempts. Subject complied without issue. The subject was later placed into a makeshift research tent containing a twin sized bed. Subject was instructed to sleep on this bed and was monitored. Observation continued for 2 weeks until SCP-4664 manifestation occurred.

Subject falls asleep.

(Nothing of note occurs for approximately 2 hours)

Subject abruptly sits up in the bed sweating profusely.

Subject: Wh-what the fuck was that?

Dr. Zwieback: Relax D-0849, it was just a dream. You’re awake now. We just need you to do some more things for us.

Subject: N-no dude, that wasn’t a dream. That was real… too… too damn real to be a dream.

Junior Researcher Thompson informs Dr. Zwieback that SCP-4664 has manifested.

Dr. Zwieback: D-0849, please calm down. The testing isn’t finished yet.

Subject: No way I’m going back to sleep if that's what you want dude. I-I don’t think I’ll be sleeping for a long ass ti-

SCP-4664 violently removes the research tent from the ground, snapping multiple support poles in the process.

SCP-4664: Hey buddy! I hear you’ve been scared by that old nasty thing in the water, huh? Real big meany that guy is.

Subject stares at SCP-4664 in apparent shock and confusion.

Subject: The fuck is happening right now?

SCP-4664: I’ve got an idea. Why don’t I help you fall back asleep, huh? I’ll make you feel better!

Subject: Y-yeah, that’d be, uh, be good.

Subject pulls his legs into a crossed position above the blankets of the bed.

SCP-4664 places two appendages in front of itself. The ends of the appendages resemble a fur seal and a walrus. The entity begins turning these appendages left and right, simulation the animals doing tricks.

SCP-4664: (In a higher pitch) Woohoo! Hahaha! Wheee!

SCP-4664 begins to add more appendages into the scene. Three more appendages are added to the original two, resembling a narwhal, a starry ray, and a flatfish. Another appendage resembling a wooden ship is moved slowly from the upper left of the other appendages to the upper right.

SCP-4664: (In a higher pitch) Yay! Hahaha! Woohoo!

SCP-4664: Oh look! More friends to play with!

SCP-4664 points all appendages to be facing towards the ship appendage.

Note: Throughout this display, the subject is observed making noises such as “Ooooh”, “aaaah”, and “wow” similarly to that of a child.

SCP-4664 then proceeds to move an appendage that appears similar to that of a circular yellow mass with several tentacle-like structures protruding from it. SCP-4664 begins to slam the appendage resembling the vessel against the yellow appendage while making impact sounds.

SCP-4664: (In a higher pitch) Oh no! Looks like that meanie pants is hurting our new friends!

Shocked reaction from subject.

SCP-4664: We need to help them! Quickly!

SCP-4664 proceeds to move the boat appendage and the yellow appendage towards the other appendages. SCP-4664 then proceeds to crash its appendages into each other while making noises similar to that of fighting.

SCP-4664: Bam! Crash! Slam! Punch!

Subject begins cheering enthusiastically.

SCP-4664 proceeds to slam the yellow appendage into the ground while also begins slowly moving the boat-shaped appendage downwards.

SCP-4664: (In a higher pitch) Oh no! We need to save our new friends!

SCP-4664 produces an appendage that appears to be a simple outline of a humanoid figure. It puts this new appendage on the top of other appendages to appear as if the humanoid is riding the other creatures.

SCP-4664: Yay! The meanie is gone! Now we can have more fun!

SCP-4664 proceeds to continue rotating its appendages, now also rotating the humanoid appendage.

SCP-4664: See? Isn’t that better?

Subject nods enthusiastically.

SCP-4664: Now, I think it’s past your bedtime. You need to get lots of rest for your biiiiiig day tomorrow.

Subject nods once more.

SCP-4664: It’s time for bed now. Goodnight buddy.

Subject returns to the bed. SCP-4664 begins to demanifest.

SCP-4664: Sweet dreams.

SCP-4664 completely demanifests.


A portion of the shipwreck located near SCP-4664.

Addendum: On 10/2/08, part of a previously undiscovered shipwreck was located off the coast of Leskov Island. A portion of the ship was recovered by Foundation specialists and inspected for any relation to SCP-4664. The ship appears to have no distinct markings or any indications of its origin. It appears to have been breached through the hull multiple times as well as the entirety of the keel having been torn off. Chemical analysis of the wreckage has found traces of a corrosive black substance on breached areas of the ship. Further research into any relationship between the vessel and SCP-4664 is currently ongoing.

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