Item #: SCP-4659

Object Class: Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the cessation of their production on behalf of the Foundation, SCP-4659 has been deemed effectively decommissioned; as such, containment efforts have been directed to the suppression of information relating to SCP-4659. A Foundation-operated bot (I/O-GATEWAY) has been put in place to extensively monitor online discussion boards and flag possible descriptions of SCP-4659-1 instances or SCP-4659-2. An MTF unit is to evaluate these claims and determine by a case-by-case basis whether the issuing of amnestics is necessary.

Description: SCP-4659 refers to a series of videos which periodically manifested on the hardwares of various computers over an approximate period of 05/15/2005 and 06/27/2005. These videos, individually designated SCP-4659-1-1 through -12, manifested on an estimated 15 computers per video, and all appear to be operated and produced by one individual, hereafter designated SCP-4659-2.

SCP-4659-2 is a vaguely humanoid entity which appears to reside in an extradimensional location currently unknown to the Foundation. Though it appears not to possess any means for visual observation, SCP-4659-2 demonstrates an ability to see, and instead of individual digits, SCP-4659-2 possesses seven small tendrils. Notably, SCP-4659-2 completely lacks facial features, save for a large, black spheroid structure in the middle of its face, which it vibrates to mimic the sound of human speech1.

The structure of most SCP-4659-1 instances2 follow the typical format of an online film review. At the beginning of each of these videos, SCP-4659-2 will shortly introduce the film3 that it will be reviewing, usually in an exaggerated manner. For the middle portion of the video, footage of the film in question will be interspersed with various comments made by SCP-4659-2 about the film, typically for comedic effect. This middle portion continues for an average of 5-6 minutes, after which SCP-4659-2 will summarize its opinion of the film before ending the video with a plea to continue watching its content along with a link to its email for future video suggestions4, the only known means of communication with SCP-4659-2.

Addendum 4659.1: Excerpt from SCP-4659-1-2

Addendum 4659.2: Initial Decommissioning Proposal, 05/31/2005

Addendum 4659.3: Excerpt from SCP-4659-1-8

Addendum 4659.4: Decommissioning Proposal Revision, 06/10/2005

Addendum 4659.5: Excerpt from SCP-4659-1-12

Addendum 4659.6: Decommission Report, 06/28/2005

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