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2/4653 LEVEL 2/4653
Item #: SCP-4653

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4653 are kept in standard biological containment in Site-66. SCP-4653-1 is stored in standard liquid containment units and should be regularly checked for leakage.

Following recent developments, any building used for the containment or study of SCP-4653 must comply with the NFPA-780 SILPS1. Any instance of the species Aquila chrysaetos2 seen in its vicinity is to be monitored due to increased risk of aggression.


An instance of SCP-4653 producing SCP-4653-1.

Description: SCP-4653 is an undocumented species of the Aphidoidea superfamily. Its only anomalous property is the secretion of a saccharine narcotic liquid designated SCP-4653-1 from its anus.
When a subject first ingests SCP-4653-1, they will begin to develop a small pouch on the lefthand side of their peritoneum, directly connected to the large intestine. Once the pouch is fully developed (a process that takes several days), all components of the digestive system not directly leading to and from it will begin to atrophy.

Due to this degeneration, most foods can no longer be digested properly; however, the newly formed pouch allows the subject to subsist on small amounts3 of SCP-4653-1 with no apparent detrimental effects. Notably, as a subject continues to rely on SCP-4653-1 as their only source of nutrition, their opinion of its taste will become more positive over time.

Discovery: SCP-4653 was brought to the Foundation's attention in March of 2011 following reports from Litochoro, Greece of a nearby grove of trees sprouting “ambrosia” from their bark. Foundation agents quarantined the grove under the cover story of a new outbreak of Myzus persicae and removed SCP-4653 from its trees.

Addendum as of 2012-01-11:
Dr. Dorothy Bruton has been relieved of her duties as Head Researcher pending confirmation of alleged misconduct. The following email has been logged due to its relevant content as required by RAISA Statute ID9807-E.

Addendum as of 2012-01-14:
During the initial investigational sweep of Dr. Bruton's office, five handwritten letters were found in her desk drawer. Each letter's envelope is devoid of postage, instead featuring a small holographic image of a rainbow in the upper right corner. A date has been written on each letter's envelope in Dr. Bruton's handwriting and is assumed to be the date of reception.

Nothing is currently known about the original sender of the letters. However, given their clear association with SCP-4653, MTF Psi-29029 ("Alpine Echo") has been dispatched to the Pieria region of Greece along with 100 liters of SCP-4653-1 for the purpose of locating and recovering the author.

Addendum as of 2012-06-15:
The following letter was delivered this morning to the office of Dr. Stichol, current supervisor of the SCP-4653 research team. Unlike the previous correspondence, its envelope contained postage and a 2012-06-04 postmark giving the letter's origin as Crete. According to postal service logs, delivery was delayed due to the moderate illegibility of the address. A response team has been dispatched to its origin with another 100 liters of SCP-4653-1.

Addendum as of 2012-07-01:
The following email has been logged due to its relevant content as required by RAISA Statute ID9807-E.

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