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Item #: SCP-4652

Object Class: Safe


A misfire due to an SCP-4652-1 eructation, piercing the roof of Site-57's North Lookout Tower.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4652 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-57. Testing with SCP-4652 is only to be carried out with explicit approval from 2 Level 4 personnel. The personnel drinking SCP-4652-1 is to be restrained, such that they are facing a safe angle and cannot bring their arms in front of their face. All personnel involved in testing SCP-4652 are to wear protective eyewear. Personnel aside from the person drinking are to be to the side of the testing bunker, behind heat-resistant protective material.

SCP-4652 has been approved for testing of potential MTF usage. Any personnel who are to be equipped with SCP-4652 must have a high alcohol tolerance and be able to eructate1 at will.

Description: SCP-4652 is a small, opaque flask, that contains a liquid substance designated SCP-4652-1. SCP-4652-1's chemical constitution is typical of a 100-proof distilled spirit such as moonshine, but it has an appearance and consistency near-identical to that of mercury. If any SCP-4652-1 is poured out of SCP-4652, it will refill itself within 30 minutes. Personnel who have drank SCP-4652-1 have described it as tasting "sweet and smooth", with some comparing the taste to peaches.

When a subject consumes SCP-4652-1, no unusual effects are immediately present, aside from levels of intoxication consistent with SCP-4652's alcohol content. However, if the subject eructates within a certain time after drinking SCP-4652-12 they will expel a beam of super-heated plasma. Though the drinker will suffer no ill effects from the eructation itself, the beam is highly destructive, with an estimated power output of 10 megawatts per square centimeter.

Discovery: SCP-4652 materialized in Site-57's East Lookout Tower at 8:27 pm on the 27/08/2019, though this initially went unnoticed by the security guard staffing the tower. When Security Officer Rose West took over the lookout shift, she discovered SCP-4652. Believing it to be left behind by the preceding officer, Officer West drank it without investigating the contents. After drinking the entire contents of SCP-4652, Officer West leaned back and eructated. The ensuing beam of plasma lasted 17 seconds, alerting all personnel on the surface and more than 100 civilians.

A search of the East Lookout Tower discovered a small card, designated Document SCP-4652-A:

The meaning of this message, as well as the intent of the delivery of SCP-4652, is unclear. An investigation into the individual known as Don Z. and their knowledge of the Foundation is ongoing.

Initial Testing Log:

All tests conducted at Outdoor Testing Area-57-A.

Subject: D-10645

Dosage: 15 ml of SCP-4652-1

Additional Conditions: A 30 cm wall of cement was placed 30 meters away, followed by a sandhill. Testing bunker on the other side of D-10645.

Effect: 7 minutes after imbibing, D-10645 attempted to stifle eructation with their hand. The ensuing burst of plasma incinerated D-10645's arm below the shoulder. The wound had cauterized, but D-10645 was put in great distress.

Subject: D-10646

Dosage: 15 ml of SCP-4652-1

Additional Conditions: Restrained in a standing position, with their head forced forward. A 30 cm wall of cement was placed 30 meters away, followed by a sandhill. Testing bunker behind the restraints.

Effect: 5 minutes after imbibing, D-10646 expelled a beam. The beam pierced through the wall and hit the sandhill behind it. This produced a roughly conical piece of glass 3 meters in height and 1 meter in diameter at the base.

Subject: Junior Researcher Zeke Mathis

Dosage: 15 ml of SCP-4652-1, 1x250 ml can of soft drink.

Additional Conditions: Five targets were placed in front of Dr. Mathis, at varying distances and angles. Targets were designated A through E from Mathis' left to his right. High-speed cameras set up to record accuracy.

Effect: Dr. Mathis expelled three beams. The first hit 2.6 cm left of the center of target C. The second hit 7.3 cm left of the center of target B. The third missed all targets, though its passing scorched targets D and E. A fourth eructation produced no further beams.

This seems to suggest that one person can produce a beam for every 5 ml imbibed. However, further testing should be conducted by a member of staff who can remain professional even in this circumstance; Dr. Mathis' comment of 'Imma firin' my laser' between expelling beams suggests that he lacks this quality. - Dr. Kara Silverstone.

Subject: None

Dosage: 15 ml of SCP-4652-1

Additional Conditions: A small dosage of SCP-4652-1 was poured into a petri dish. Bomb disposal drone GX-17-K was equipped with a lighter and remotely controlled to ignite it.

Effect: Explosion registered at 117 decibels. Cameras were temporarily blinded; when the light diminished, GX-17-K had been flipped by the explosion.

Subject: D-10647

Dosage: 30 ml of SCP-4652-1

Additional Conditions: Restrained in a standing position, with their head forced forward. A 1 m wall of cement was placed 30 meters away, followed by a sandhill.

Effect: After 10 minutes, the subject began to sing a number of tavern songs. 3 minutes after beginning to sing, the intoxicated D-10647 jokingly warned testing staff that he was going to 'add his tooter to the song'.

Resulting flatus showed properties consistent with SCP-4652-1 eructations. Testing bunker suffered significant damage, including the destruction of $35,767 in recording equipment. D-10647 did not suffer any ill effects of the flatus itself but suffered burns to his rear from molten material. Multiple researchers suffered second and third-degree burns.

Due to damages caused, testing was halted.

Addendum: On 1/9/2019, footage was recovered of an individual in Cocoa, Florida using what appeared to be an instance of SCP-4652 to rob a convenience store, while dressed in a brown Tyrannosaurus Rex costume. A cover story of the criminal using an 'improvised flamethrower' has been put into effect. Apprehending this individual and determining their source of SCP-4652 has been designated an A-Class priority.

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