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Item#: 4651
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Scan of SCP-4651’s signage, following removal from the main structure.

Special Containment Procedures: Given SCP-4651’s location in an area of high population density, containment measures should focus on suppressing public knowledge and minimising damage originating from within. For this purpose, a damage-resistant and noise dampening visage of construction work is maintained around SCP-4651, while neighbouring buildings have been purchased by Foundation front organisations.

Hidden recording devices are to monitor the structure on a 24-hour basis. In the event of an SCP-4651-2 event escalating beyond the containment measures currently in place, MTF-Sierra-7 (“Thunderous Roses”) is to be dispatched from the nearby Site-28 and all hostiles within the structure neutralised. All witnesses are to be amnesticized, and disinformation protocols enacted in local media platforms.

Description: SCP-4651 is a three-storey office complex located in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York, currently occupied by an insurance firm known as “Schmitt’s Life Insurance Ltd”. The firm sells valid, non-anomalous life insurance plans that function in ways that would be expected from an insurance provider.

SCP-4651’s anomalous effects concern the firm’s workforce, who spontaneously appear within the structure from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Workers will not leave SCP-4651 voluntarily and will vanish if forcible extraction is attempted, re-emerging the next day. Furthermore, workers have been proven unable to recall details of a life beyond their employment, instead placing extreme value on their standing within the company.

SCP-4651’s workforce appears to possess a rudimentary class system, with staff entering a “ruling class” upon promotion to the role of “Senior Insurance Associate” or higher. Members of this class receive higher quality food within SCP-4651’s employee cafeteria, possess offices with more comfortable furnishings and are exempt from all known disciplinary and behavioural policies. In contrast, those in menial positions are near universally mistreated by the higher classes, receiving less food and fewer breaks.

Every 10-16 weeks, an SCP-4651-1 (“promotion”) event will occur. Workers will become aware of an opportunity for advancement within the company, before entering a period of hyperactivity with the goal of securing the opportunity in question. Work will become unproductive, with employees demonstrating a marked decrease in professionalism and morality. These behavioural changes will gradually increase in severity, with psychopathic and destructive behaviour typically becoming common within 4-6 days. SCP-4651 will then descend into complete violence until the promotion is “awarded”, followed by the reversal of all casualties and damage incurred via unknown means. During these events, propaganda and smear campaigns are common, along with factions forming to support the promotion of particular candidates.


Interior shot of the structure, distorted by the sudden detonation of plastic explosives by an employee.

Violent conflicts within SCP-4651 are typically fuelled by weapon donations from senior staff, who have been documented emerging from offices with large stockpiles of munitions. When awarding promotions, senior staff typically consider damage and loss of life caused in most cases.

Discovery: SCP-4651 entered Foundation custody on 12/06/17. Owing to an in-progress SCP-4651-1 event, several street-level windows were shattered by stray bullets, injuring a number of external bystanders. Dispatched police officers incurred significant casualties upon attempting to enter, triggering a standoff that was quickly discovered by NYPD-embedded Foundation assets. Agents then utilised aerosolised amnestics to clear all roads providing access, which coupled with a pretence of burst water mains, allowed for establishment of a perimeter.

14 hours following perimeter establishment, several explosions were detected within the structure, prompting the issue of an MTF-Sierra-7 scramble order, with the objectives of neutralising combatants and gathering intel on SCP-4651. A transcript of this mission is found below.

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