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Item #: SCP-4650

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4650 is to be contained in a standard object containment chamber. The door to the chamber can be unlocked by personnel Class 4 or higher. The key in SCP-4650's back is to remain constantly turned to the 5th setting. In the event that SCP-4650's key is turned or falls out, one D-Class personnel must be sent into the chamber by supervisors to reset the key. No electronic equipment aside from lights and recording devices are to be allowed within a 20-meter radius of SCP-4650. Tests involving SCP-4650 must be approved by personnel Class 4 or higher.

Description: SCP-4650 appears to be a generic garden gnome, measuring 0.3 m tall. Testing shows that it is composed mostly of clay, with trace amounts of lead. SCP-4650 shows minor signs of age, such as chipped and faded paint on numerous areas of its surface. It possesses a small speaker, a microphone, and a keyhole on its back. The speaker is of poor quality: the gain makes it difficult to comprehend what SCP-4650 is trying to say, especially at higher volumes. Occasionally, the speaker will emit static noise for no reason; this is presumed to be an electronic fault and not an intentional feature. SCP-4650 also seems to be capable of sight, but does not possess any cameras.

SCP-4650 is sentient and frequently attempts to converse with personnel, which it does using its speaker. It speaks with a heavy Scottish accent and will often insult and shout expletives at personnel, or to express its desire to escape containment. It is easily agitated, and usually refuses to speak about meaningful topics unless given incentive.

SCP-4650 possesses the ability to fully control all electronics within a 20-meter radius of itself. This phenomenon bypasses any security systems that are in place on targeted electronics. It often uses this ability to annoy or irritate personnel, usually by flickering lights or broadcasting loud noises over nearby speakers. It has yet to use this ability for anything other than practical jokes, but claims it is capable of compromising secure Foundation servers. This has yet to be proven in testing.

SCP-4650's primary method of control is in the form of a keyhole on its back. The keyhole has five settings that it can be turned to, each affecting SCP-4650 differently. If the key is removed from the hole, it will remain on the current setting for 48 hours before switching back to the 1st setting. Leaving the key in the hole will suspend SCP-4650 in its current state indefinitely.

Setting Effect
1 SCP-4650 operates normally.
2 SCP-4650 is deafened.
3 SCP-4650 is muted.
4 SCP-4650's electronic ability is disabled.
5 SCP-4650 is muted and its electronic ability is disabled. Upon turning the key to this setting, the key cannot be turned for 24 hours.

Addendum 4650-A: Discovery
SCP-4650 was discovered next to a gas station pump by Dr. Harold as he was driving to Site-75 on 08/13/16. Upon inspecting the object, he discovered the key in the back of the object inserted into the keyhole, and removed it. Because the key was turned to the 5th setting, Dr. Harold was unaware of its anomalous properties and decided to use it as a decoration for his office. After arriving, Dr. Harold stored the key in his desk and continued with his daily routine. 48 hours later, SCP-4650 reset to its 1st setting while Dr. Harold was working in his office. The following is a video log of the resulting incident.

Addendum 4650-B: Interview
Some time after its initial containment, an interview was conducted with SCP-4650 with the purpose of gaining some insight to its past. To encourage SCP-4650 to speak calmly with the interviewer, it was offered daily time to converse freely with personnel. The following is an audio log of the interview.

Addendum 4650-C: Journal

Following SCP-4650's interview, an MTF team was dispatched to the aforementioned apartment building. The building was completely abandoned, as the company owning it had entered bankruptcy. In one of the apartments, a journal was discovered labeled "The Antiquer's Notes: No.14". The book is believed to have belonged to the individual SCP-4650 described. The following is a transcription of it.

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