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Item #: SCP-4649 Level 3/4649
Object Class: Safe Classified
Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Yuri Sobakin, Dr. Alena Koshka


SCP-4649 at the commencement of an event in Grozny, Russia.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4649 is to be disassembled and transported to Site-77 for further testing. It is to be isolated within an underground bunker, located at least 500 meters from the main site, with access granted only to female security personnel with Level 3 clearance or higher.

Members of the public who have attended events featuring SCP-4649 are to be amnesticised and relocated out of Grozny, Russia.

UPDATE: PoI-4649 and her associates are to be considered Level 4 containment priorities. Under no circumstances are they to come into contact with SCP-4649. PoI-4649 (currently the only member in custody) is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell and supervised only by female Foundation staff.

Description: SCP-4649 is an octagonal-ring, 9 meters across in diameter, normally utilised in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. The outer fencing is made of reinforced steel and its base comprises of plywood, foam, and canvas. The floor of the structure is suspended 1.2 meters off the ground.

Any blood that comes into contact with the base of SCP-4649 dissipates within 24 hours, whether human in origin or otherwise. Inspection of the area directly beneath the structure shows no trace residue or stains.

Following Absolute Championship Berkut 191, SCP-4649 has been found to induce increased aggression, adrenaline spikes and a dampening of neuro-inhibitors in biologically male subjects (See Addendum 4649-01 for more information).

Discovery: The Foundation was alerted to the anomalous nature of "Absolute Championship Berkut" events in general after a total of 16 deaths were reported within a six-month period, with members of the audience comprising a quarter of the casualties. In addition, law enforcement records show spikes in arrests for violent assault, more than triple that for disorderly behaviour and an overwhelming number of complaints lodged for noise pollution whenever an ACB event was hosted in the area.

The disappearance of blood from SCP-4649 was first attributed to a dedicated janitorial team, who was tasked with the removal of human fluids at the conclusion of each event. CCTV footage from the arena, however, showed no such janitorial interference.

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