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Item #: SCP-4641

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures (pending review): SCP-4641 must be kept in a secure containment locker. Personnel who are experienced with probability, chance, and evidence-based deduction are to play SCP-4641 every 4 weeks, with the amount of participants adjusting to the instance provided. Players are not to cheat, nor attempt to break the rules in any way.

Description: SCP-4641 is a modified version of the Cluedo1 board game. In the game, players must find hints and use the process of elimination to discover who is responsible of the murder of an unknown victim. SCP-4641 contains a different board, characters, and item tokens every time it is opened, with names corresponding to real-life locations and people. Each new instance of SCP-4641 corresponds with a murder attempt taking place two weeks in the future.

If the game is won, an event similar to the one described in the game will happen in reality, though the murder would have been narrowly avoided, due to either luck or interference from a third-party. But if the game is lost or is halted for more than 7 minutes, the event will play out as described in-game. Achieving the win condition varies widely in difficulty, due to the varying size of the board and the number of locations, items, and characters.

Cessation of playing SCP-4641 for a length longer than 5 weeks results in a slight but noticeable rise in global violent crime rate, particularly in Cairo, Egypt. Attempts to cheat, purposefully lose, or automate SCP-4641 with limited AIs have failed, with each attempt leading to a fail-state and also increasing the violent crime rate. Playing a full game of SCP-4641 immediately halts the increase and lowers it to its normal level.

Test Log:

Number of Instance Date Description Game Length Outcome
001 07/03/1975 Game board resembled Lansing, Michigan, with buildings acting as the "rooms". There were a total of 35 characters, and 129 items. 7 hours Game Lost. Investigation revealed that two weeks later, Jeanine Oswalt was strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend, using a length of rope.
029 09/14/1976 Game board resembled a small alleyway, with only 2 "rooms", 5 characters, and 4 items. 45 minutes Game Won. Investigation revealed that a Carlos Garcia in Camargo, Mexico narrowly escaped a stabbing by cartel members.
058 01/12/1979 Game board resembled a New York City block, with 12 "rooms," 28 characters, and 19 items. 3 hours Game Lost. Two weeks later, Nelson Rockefeller2 died of poisoning via wolfsbane from his aide, Megan Marshack.
087 05/01/1981 Game board resembled the Vatican City, with the only rooms being "Pope's Quarters," "The Square," and "The Alley." 46 characters, and 53 items 15 hours Game Won. Pope John Paul II narrowly survived four gunshot wounds from Mehmet Ali Ağca.
234 03/14/1995 Game board resembled Site-19, with "rooms" corresponding to containment units. Each character was a researcher, and the items were all lethal SCPs contained within Site-19. 4 hours Game Won. Senior Researcher Jason ████ narrowly escaped SCP-████ during a containment breach. It was revealed that cooperation between players is not considered cheating.
378 10/09/2005 Game board resembled a warehouse within Three Portlands. There is only one room, hosting what is believed to be a time machine. All 9 characters were identical, and there were 9 identical murder weapons. 5 minutes Game Won. Due to the game being seemingly unwinnable, a player accused a character at random, leading to a win-state. Grandfather paradox potentially avoided.
713 06/31/202█ Gameboard was 3 x 3 meters2, and resembled depictions of the Egyptian Underworld. Set, Horus, Bes, and Sekhmet were among 253 playable characters, along with 752 items, most of which were unfamiliar to players, but were later identified as mummification tools. 23 hours Game Lost. Over the next several months, Egypt was stricken by multiple droughts, with the River Nile dropping to its lowest level in over 120 years. The agricultural sector, which makes up 14% of Egypt's GDP, went into a severe recession. Estimated total cost in damages: $45 billion. Based on the rate of EVE accumulation within the Nile River, the Archon-Class Type-V reality bender that inhabited the Nile should reform within the next 10 years.

Addendum 4641.1: Following several tentative tests on SCP-4641, it has been concluded that SCP-4641 possesses little to no precognitive nor predictive abilities. Rather, SCP-4641 possesses the capability to mildly influence the behavior of others, with no known range, based on the outcome of the game. As the victims of SCP-4641 are randomly chosen, and there is no way to predict nor prevent SCP-4641 being complicit in the murder of those who maintain the Veil, or in (even temporarily) assassinating anthropomorphized concepts of nature, current containment procedures for SCP-4641 are considered to be unsatisfactory, and must be updated with all due haste.

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