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Item#: SCP-4640

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4640-1 currently resides in its home in Makawo, Maui County. Two field agents posing as Mr. and Ms. Feeks are to care for SCP-4640-1 while attempting to persuade SCP-4640-1 to provide them with SCP-4640-2. These attempts are to be gentle, non-confrontational, and intermittent (to avoid the manifestation of SCP-4640-3). Once per week, agents are to provide reports regarding SCP-4640-1 and its willingness to provide SCP-4640-2.

Additional agents are to monitor SCP-4640-1 discreetly to prevent SCP-4640-3 manifestations. Should SCP-4640-1 acknowledge Foundation monitoring, an SMK-Class "One Versus Everyone" Scenario1 could ensue.

Tests will be conducted in designated Foundation safe-spots, where SCP-4640-1 will be taken to by the previously mentioned agents, which will be announced as family and/or school trips. All tests have been halted until further notice.

Description: SCP-4640 is the collective designation given to two entities currently linked via an anomalous item. Each of these elements has been subclassified as SCP-4640-1 through -3.

SCP-4640-1 is Andrew Feeks, an 11 year old male of native Hawaiian descent. SCP-4640-1 is non-anomalous; however, it is the owner of SCP-4640-2. Any attempt to forcibly remove SCP-4640-2 from SCP-4640-1 results in the manifestation of SCP-4640-3.

SCP-4640-2 is a yellow circular plastic pin with a stylized purple "W". SCP-4640-1 claims that prior to owning it, neither the coloration or "W" were originally present. As of right now, SCP-4640-2 is attached on the upper-left side of a hoodie constantly wore by SCP-4640-1. When SCP-4640-2's current owner is endangered (physically, psychologically, or emotionally), it causes SCP-4640-3 to manifest.

SCP-4640-3 is a humanoid entity of muscular build, standing approximately 1.8m in height. SCP-4640-3 has dark purple coloration, with a golden "W" on its chest and yellow pigmentation on its hands, feet and pelvic area. It is also of note that, despite having the appearance of a human male, SCP-4640-3 does not posses any genitals or intergluteal cleft. SCP-4640-3 goes by the name of "Wonderman" and presents various anomalous abilities characteristic to classical super-hero tropes. These have been seen to include:

  • Abnormal strength.
  • Abnormal speed.
  • Abnormal endurance.
  • Being impervious to damage.
  • Emitting light beams from the eyes at will.
  • Amnestic capabilities.
  • Healing individuals through direct skin contact.

When SCP-4640-3 manifests, it will go through any measures to protect SCP-4640-1, damaging structures and other living beings if necessary. SCP-4640-3 will also use its amnestic capabilities on SCP-4640-1 in order to eliminate any 'traumatic' experience2.

It is theorized that SCP-4640-2's and -3's appearance are based off from SCP-4640-1's ideation of the concept of what a superhero is. However, both aforementioned objects share the branding color scheme of various Dr. Wondertainment products. Research into whether SCP-4640-2 is a Dr. Wondertainment product or if SCP-4640-1 has previous knowledge of the company is ongoing.

Addendum 4640/1: Discovery

SCP-4640-3's first recorded sighting occurred in the █████ Elementary High School, where it spontaneously manifested after a series of students laughed at SCP-4640-1 when it accidentally dropped its beverage on itself. SCP-4640-3 obligated the other students to apologize, followed up by amnesticizing SCP-4640-1 of the event. Foundation response teams were dispatched, amnesticized all witnesses and then catalogued the occurrence as an Extranormal Event.

A direct link to SCP-4640-1 was not made until 6/7/18, where it was reported that a "Purple Superhero Saved Child from Deadly Car Accident"3. The accident involved a gas truck colliding on the lateral side of a car being driven by Mr. and Ms. Feeks. All individuals involved, excluding SCP-4640-1, died in the event. SCP-4640-3 then amnesticized SCP-4640-1 and took it to a videogame store that the latter frequents.

Addendum 4640/2: Interview Log

Addendum 4640/3: Testing Log

Addendum 4640/4: Incident Log

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