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2/4638 LEVEL 2/4638
Item #: SCP-4638

Special Containment Procedures: SCPF elements in local health inspection authorities have shuttered all Singaporean outlets of Basilico's Italian Diner. Foundation WebCrawlers are to trawl local online forums for residual evidence of SCP-4638 and remove such content accordingly.

Those affected by SCP-4638 were quarantined, monitored until no longer dyspeptic, and given amnestics alongside all known witnesses. The proprietors of Basilico's were likewise amnesticised after interrogation as to the origin of SCP-4638-L instances proved inconclusive.

All extant SCP-4638-L instances, uneaten or partially consumed, are tentatively preserved in Site-165 Cold Storage.


Instance of SCP-4638-L, untouched.

Description: SCP-4638 refers to a mass food poisoning case engendered by 97 portions of anomalous lasagna, served to patrons of Basilico's Italian Diner across its six outlets in Singapore during dinner service on March 12, 2020. All affected lasagnas (hereafter SCP-4638-L) were conveyed to patrons through automated delivery systems.

SCP-4638-L instances contained several unpalatable alterations to their ingredients. Pasta sheets were blemished by swollen green pustules that petered out into green blotches of indistinct organic matter, each several centimetres in diameter. When ruptured with cutlery1 (such as through poking with the tines of a fork), the pustules fizzled audibly, often oozing an odorous, bile-like fluid described by one patron as resembling "diluted guacamole".

Layers of béchamel sauce were noted to be unpleasantly viscous, and were flecked with an unknown silvery-white suspension resembling dental plaque. In roughly 60% of recovered instances, entire chunks of minced meat sauce were found to have been substituted with visually indistinguishable detritus of unclear origin.

Chemical analysis of recovered instances is ongoing.

UPDATE 14/03/2020: Research into the proprietors' purchasing history led Foundation detectives to a decrepit barn in Singapore's Lim Chu Kang countryside, where MTF Eta-9 ("Carbohydrate Cognoscenti") discovered a large apparatus engraved with various gastro-thaumic sigils.

The apparatus is suspended from the ceiling of a spacious underground chamber. Twenty rotating metallic spokes branch out in a dodecahedral arrangement from the apparatus' central core; each spoke terminates in a capsule harbouring a comatose human. The capsules incorporate machinery designed to slough off rectangular sections of epidermal tissue from said humans. These collect in funnels below the apparatus, to be transmuted into edible ingredients.

Closer inspection revealed that a particular module in the apparatus' core was malfunctioning, owing to its internal mechanisms being clogged by the viscera of a brown rat (Rattus norvegicus).2 Translation of the engraved sigil showed the module to be responsible for facilitating skin regeneration. Additionally, it was found that all twenty bodies, while not missing large patches of skin, exhibited symptoms suggesting a recent onset of psoriasis.

Re-profiling of SCP-4638 is currently underway.

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