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Item #: SCP-4635

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4635 is to be contained in Locker-348 in Site-32. Access to Locker-348 and use of SCP-4635 for experimental purposes is only permitted to MTF Alpha-7 ('Literature Professors') operatives who have been administered with a Class-LE amnestic1 or who do not possess any grasp of the English language.

Personnel exposed to SCP-4635 without the above prerequisites are to be administered Class-A and/or Class-LE amnestics and placed under observation for any manifestations of SCP-4635's effects.

Description: SCP-4635 is a VHS tape with the label 'Language Mastery, Tape 1: English' taped on one side. No manufacturer logo or name can be found on the tape. SCP-4635 can be played and rewound normally on any VHS tape players without any internal problems with the tape player.

SCP-4635's contents include a six minute, thirty-five second video hereby designated as SCP-4635-1. SCP-4635-1 resembles an instructional video on how to speak basic English (A comprehensive summary of SCP-4635-1's details are covered in Addendum 4635-2).

SCP-4635-1's anomalous effects will only manifest should an individual who has a grasp of the English language watch it, regardless of their mastery of the language. Should such an individual watch or listen to SCP-4635-1 for a duration of greater than one minute, they will experience a temporary paralytic shock and are subsequently incapacitated for a maximum duration of 24 hours.

Following the individual's recovery from their initial shock, they will begin to experience the following symptoms within three months:

  • Difficulty in understanding words or sentences being spoken in English
  • Difficulty in reading documents or messages written in English
  • Difficulty in writing words or sentences in English
  • Difficulty in speaking English words or sentences

After a duration of three months, the individual’s grasp of the English language will degenerate to a point where they will find themselves completely unable to understand or express their thoughts in English. All attempts to help these individuals re-learn English or to help them forget SCP-4635-1 using amnestics at that point of manifestation have been unsuccessful.

Addendum 4635-1: Discovery

SCP-4635 was discovered in the home of Mr. A██████ (PoI-4367) in Liverpool, England on September 25th, 19██. Following the recovery of SCP-4635, Mr. A███████ was interrogated by Foundation agents about SCP-4635.

Mr. A███████ is currently residing in Russia, and is under Russian Foundation surveillance.

Addendum 4635-2: Documented Summary of SCP-4635-1


Addendum 4635-3: 21/02/09 Incident File

Addendum 4635-4: 21/02/09 Investigation File

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