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An instance of SCP-4627-A connecting to a non-anomalous street (instance in center of image)

Item #: SCP-4627

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: If a manifestation of SCP-4627 is discovered, a Scranton Reality Anchor must be deployed to the immediate area surrounding this manifestation, ensuring that the area-of-effect covers all known manifestations of SCP-4627-A. Any residents of the area that have been absorbed will have an appropriate cover story fabricated to explain their disappearance. All civilians in the immediate area must be treated with amnestics, as absorption does not always occur when a person enters the anomaly.

Description: SCP-4627 is a spatial anomaly that manifests near inattentive travellers. It creates non-existing pathways, roads and locations (hereby referred to as SCP-4627-A) that resemble the area it appears in. The initial manifestation is usually discovered by those not familiar with the area, or who are not paying attention to the route they are taking. These people will invariably follow the route of a manifestation of SCP-4627-A, as opposed to continuing along their intended path.

Instances of SCP-4627-A superficially resemble the area surrounding the anomaly, and will connect to other pathways along the way, including pre-existing paths and other SCP-4627-A instances. In addition, these instances will create other objects and entities that logically would be located alongside the path, such as parks, buildings, flora and fauna. These connections will constantly change, with entrances moving around both inside and outside SCP-4627.

Further studies of this anomaly have revealed that instances of SCP-4627-A are non-Euclidean in nature, and cannot be observed from above. Additionally, attempting to enter instances from anywhere other than the entrance has proved unsuccessful, due to the non-Euclidean nature of these pathways. However, it has been found that radio signals can still be received from inside the anomaly. Attempts to track how these signals transmit show that each signal emanates from the point-of-entry, regardless of how far the radio device has been taken inside.

As the anomaly continues to manifest, more interconnecting SCP-4627-A instances will appear, until the point where people will become "absorbed" by the anomaly, unable to find their way out. This is due to the fact that the layout of SCP-4627 changes, with exits constantly changing location. When the anomaly reaches this point, all people inside are to be considered lost, as attempting a rescue mission will only cause more loss of personnel.

At an undetermined point in time, the anomaly will start creating humanoid creatures, referred to as SCP-4627-1. These humanoids resemble people located in the area affected by SCP-4627, but with very slight differences in appearance. Otherwise, there are no discernible differences between these creatures and regular human beings.

Explorations: Catalogued below are the explorations undertaken inside manifestations of SCP-4627.

Incident-4627-33: A civilian escaped from SCP-4627 after being "absorbed". They were interviewed by Dr ██████. As soon as the anomaly was brought under control, they were given amnestics and released. Interview transcript below.

Introductions and other unimportant conversation has been removed for brevity

Dr ██████: Can you please describe the layout inside the anomaly?

Civilian: It kept changing. One minute I was driving down a dead end road, suddenly there were two more roads leading off of it. When I came back to where I originally entered, it had been connected to a new road leading past a park I had never seen before.

Dr ██████: Did you see anyone else during your time spent in the anomaly?

Civilian: Yes, there were people. But it was weird, they looked like people I knew, but there was something off about them? Like their faces were slightly different, or they were wearing glasses, or had wider shoulders. Whatever they were, they were definitely not the same people I knew.

Dr ██████: Did you address any of them?

Civilian: Yeah, I tried talking to a couple of them. Some seemed just as confused as I was, while some had no idea what I was talking about.

Dr ██████: What do you mean by "Just as confused as you were"?

Civilian: They said they experienced something similar. Turned down the wrong road, and now they were in this ever-changing maze, just like me. But they were definitely people I had never seen before, and they had never seen me either.

Dr ██████: Did any of them tell you their names? Or where they came from?

A list of names and locations were given. When researched, several of these names and locations did not appear to exist, and various names were found to belong to people living very far away from the existing locations mentioned. The interview was concluded here.

Incident-4627-71: During a minor manifestation of SCP-4627 in the ███████ Hospital ventilation system, D-9571 crawled out of one of the vents, and attacked several patients. They were quickly reacquired by the Foundation and subsequently terminated. Their body showed emaciation due to starvation and their violent state appeared to be non-anomalous.

Due to the presence of Foundation insignia on their clothing, amnestics were administered to all civilians that were involved. A cover story was given presenting D-9571 as an escaped convict.

Incident-4627-105: SCP-4627 manifested at Site-██, leading to the absorption of several important personnel and artifacts. Safety procedures have been revised, and a Scranton Reality Anchor of appropriate size must now be present at all Foundation sites holding sensitive objects or important personnel.

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