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Item #: SCP-4626

Object Class: Azathoth Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4626 is to be kept inside of a locked steel safe within a 3 meter cubic containment cell, with 0.5m thick concrete walls and a solid steel blast door. One armed guard is to be stationed outside of the cell at all times. Access to SCP-4626 is restricted to Class 3 or higher personnel with Class 4 clearance. Any personnel attempting to access SCP-4626 without proper clearance or who appear to be affected by SCP-4626’s cognitohazardous effect are to be detained until manually evaluated by Class 4 or higher personnel. Any individual confirmed to have been exposed to SCP-4626 for longer than 50 seconds outside of testing are to be administered Class-B amnestics, regardless of whether or not any symptoms of SCP-4626’s cognitohazardous effects have been observed.

Description: SCP-4626 is a small, polished, oval-shaped stone. Testing has revealed a composition similar to granite. Carved into SCP-4626 is a symbol resembling an open human mouth.

SCP-4626's anomalous effect is triggered when an individual is within 1 meter of the object for longer than 60 seconds. Any subject that is exposed in this way will develop a belief that SCP-4626 has an irrationally high capacity to hurt or cause destruction, becoming obsessed with its containment. When questioned about the specific danger that SCP-4626 poses, affected individuals will respond with vague or unintelligible answers, sometimes ignoring the question entirely. The effect of SCP-4626 has been shown to be permanent in all subjects if left untreated, but can be counteracted with the use of Class-B amnestics.

Discovery: SCP-4626 was discovered on ██/██/2009 when Researcher A. D█████ brought it to Site-58 in a panicked and terrified state, resulting in a major containment breach (see Incident Report 4626-1). Researcher A. D█████ was KIA during this incident, so it is unknown how SCP-4626 came to be in his possession.

Addendum: Among events transpired during Incident 4626-1, a four-hundred-twenty-six page report on the dangers and risks posed by SCP-4626 was submitted to the 05 council, and the item was given the unconventional object class of “Azathoth”. The report was written in an extremely vague and informal fashion, seemingly rushed and with frequent spelling errors. Following the first report, another seven of similar content and length were submitted, as well as a request to utilize all of the Foundation’s available funds to prepare a suitable containment chamber for SCP-4626. This request was denied.

In the time since Incident 4626-1 was resolved, with the successful containment of SCP-4626 and its reclassification as Safe, three additional security breaches have occurred. The first transpired on 09/17/2009, the second on 12/23/2009, and the third on 01/18/2010. Due to these incidents, coupled with the implications presented of SCP-4626's possible potential, an upgrade to Euclid class has been approved.

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