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Item#: 4625
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4625 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell, outfitted with four Scranton Reality Anchors and an infrared security camera. SCP-4625 is to undergo counselling with Commander Idani Daniels on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-4625 is a male humanoid of French descent. Although the subject appears to be 25 years of age physically and biologically, the subject has said that it was born in 1915, making the subject at least 105 years old. Subject is a low level Type Green, and is capable of the distortion of visible light rays and noise cancellation over a limited radius1.

Discovery: Subject was first discovered by a lost group of hitchikers in █████, Spain, 20 km from the Pyrenees mountain range. The group had come across a seemingly abandoned log cabin. Upon entry, they discovered SCP-4625, who was startled by the group and rendered itself invisible2.

The group was alarmed and fled the cabin. They eventually encountered forest wardens who were searching for them. The hikers subsequently recounted the incident to the forest wardens. Foundation assets were alerted to the incident, and MTF Omega-12 (Achilles' Heels) was deployed to contain SCP-4625. Upon arrival at the cabin, they located SCP-4625 within the cabin. SCP-4625 did not resist being apprehended and was brought to Site-37.

Interview 4625-01

Interviewed: SCP-4625

Interviewer: Dr. Lucas Castille

Foreword: Following SCP-4625's arrival at Site-37, it was interviewed to determine its abilities and previous history.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Lucas: My name is Doctor Lucas Castille. Please introduce yourself for the record.

SCP-4625: (sighs) My name is Jean-Paul Saumes. I was born in 1915, a year after the Great War had started.

Dr. Lucas: Very well. If it's fine by you, I'm going to call you Jean.

SCP-4625: Very well, mon docteur.

Dr. Lucas: Great. Could you explain your powers, and how do you use them? From what we heard, when those hikers found you, you somehow turned yourself invisible.

SCP-4625: It's… a poor man's invisibility. I alter the light around me, so that I can't be seen by others. Like this:

SCP-4625 proceeds to turn his right hand invisible. Visible light cameras in the room are unable to detect SCP-4625's right hand; however, his hand does appear on infrared scanners. SCP-4625 dispels the illusion on his hand after several seconds.

Dr. Lucas: Interesting. Not many anomalies can do that. Any other abilities that you have?

SCP-4625: Do you have a phone with you ?

Dr. Lucas: Uhhh… Yeah, I do. Why?

SCP-4625: Ask them if they can hear me scream!

Dr. Lucas: (Winces slightly) Dear lord… A bit of warning next time, if you mind?

SCP-4625: Ask them.

Dr. Lucas complies.

Dr. Lucas: They heard nothing. So I'm guessing it's a sort of a muffling effect?

SCP-4625: You could say that, docteur.

Dr. Lucas proceeds to pull out TXT-4625-013 and places it on the table. SCP-4625 tenses up upon seeing the item.

SCP-4625: Where did you find that? Did you read it?

Dr. Lucas: We found it at your residence, and well… we've partly transcribed what was in her-

SCP-4625: (stands up shouting) What! No, you shouldn't have read it! It's my book, you shouldn't have touched it! Fils de pute, I'll kill you!

Guards immediately entered the room and successfully restrained and sedated SCP-4625.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following the interview, SCP-4625 was brought back to its containment unit. It has refused to communicate with any members of staff since then.


The following excerpts were taken from TXT-4625-01. Certain parts of the text are illegible due to damage to TXT-4625-01.


I saw many people marching in the streets today. The man with the loud voice said that they wouldn't do anything to us, that they were peaceful. Mommy said not to trust them. That evening, we said our prayers, then Mommy packed our Star of David into a box.

Daddy came back from the cafe across the street, looking scared. He made a smile and played with me, but later on, I heard him telling Mommy that we need to leave before 'they' take us away. Mommy said she doesn't know where to go, but Daddy said he knew some people who could help us.

Then Daddy saw me peeking from the doorway, and told Mommy that he would talk to 'the people' tomorrow. Mommy looked tired and sad. As Daddy tucked me in, I asked him if we were leaving. He said we would only be gone for a while, so I don't have to worry.

That night, I saw Mommy burning a box from the window.


I feel very lonely. I don't see my friends anymore. Their houses are empty, and Daddy and Mommy don't let me go out anymore. They say it's not safe outside. There are a lot of stones and broken things that can hurt me.

I did see my friend Samy yesterday. There were a group of men that went into his house. One of them had a scary silver eagle on his cap. They made Samy and his family leave their house. I heard a lot of loud bangs once they left, so I cuddled up with my teddy bear to feel safe.

Daddy came home looking very strange. He asked me to start packing my things because we were leaving soon. I asked him what happened to Samy and his family, but Daddy didn't say anything. I hope they are alright.


Today, Daddy brought a friend to the house. He called himself Jean, and he was very polite. He even called me 'the prettiest little lady' he'd ever met! Daddy laughed, and said that he had to discuss something important with Jean, and went to his study.

I tried to listen through the door, but I couldn't hear anything. I didn't even hear when they walked to the door and opened it, so I fell down and bruised my knee. Jean knelt down, took a tiny cloth from his pocket and tied it around my knee, telling me it would be gone in no time.

I like Jean. He's a very nice person.


We left home in the middle of the night. Daddy made me leave behind a lot of things, but he says he will buy all of them again for me once we're safe. At least he let me bring my teddy bear. It's not so scary at night with my teddy bear.

Daddy brought me and Mommy to a nearby shop. Daddy had a few words with the shopkeeper, before he brought us to the back of the shop and got us onto a truck. We traveled for a very long time on the truck, so Mommy read to me my favourite fairy tale until I fell asleep.

Mommy woke me up when we reached the forest. It was still very dark and quiet. Daddy led us into the woods, where we also met Jean and a lot of other people like us. I played quietly with some of the children and showed off my cute teddy bear, while Mommy and Daddy talked to Jean.


I'm so tired.

We hiked for so long through the forests. till we reached the mountains. We stayed in one of the caves for most of the day. A lot of the adults are sleeping, but I was not sleepy, so I decided to write in my diary, but my pencil lead broke. I started crying, until Jean came over and asked me what was wrong. I showed him my pencil, and he frowned. "That won't do!" he said, and checked all his pockets until he found another pencil. He told me it was a magic pencil, and as long as I believed it wouldn't [TEXT ILLEGIBLE]

I asked him why we were running away, and he said it was because of bad people, who wanted to do bad things to people. I asked him why the bad people were like that. He told me that in life, some people want to do bad things to feel good. I got scared, and started crying again. But Jean held my hand, and told me that there were also good people, and as long as I believed in them, good would always win.

After that, [TEXT ILLEGIBLE]

The damage found on TXT-4625 is consistent with blood splatter and fire damage.


On ██/██/████, a team was sent to a location in the Pyrenees mountain range that was obtained from TXT-4625-01. The following items of particular notice were found at the location:

Item Notes
Human skeletons (25) Both adult and child skeletons were found in the location, along with their belongings. The skeletons were estimated to have died approximately 80 years ago, and multiple skeletons feature damage damage consistent with bullet wounds.
Scorch and blast marks Multiple instances located around the exploration site. Analysis indicates that it was caused by a thaumaturgic source. .
Broken M1917 Enfield Rifle Weapon commonly used by US and French Army during World War 2.
StG 45 Assault Rifle Weapon used by the German Army during World War 2.
Deceased Obskurakorps troopers (3) Troopers were dressed in Obskurakorps Mk II Jägerrüstung4.
Unknown device Device was found on the one of the deceased Obskurakorps trooper. Although heavily damaged, testing revealed that the device was capable of nullifying the abilities of reality benders at a range of approximately 300 meters.
A stuffed teddy bear -


Interviewed: SCP-4625

Interviewer: Commander Idani Daniels, MTF Iota-15 (Oizys' Hope)

Foreword: Following a psychological assessment, Site Command decided to assign Commander Daniels to interview SCP-4625, due to similar backgrounds.

<Begin Log>

Commander Daniels: So, introductions, I guess? My name's Commander Idani Daniels. Mind if call you Jean?

SCP-4625: I don't care what you want to call me.

Commander Daniels: Alright then Jean. Here's something you do care about. You were a fugitive runner for the Resistance in France. You led Jews and other people through the Pyrenees to neutral Spain, where they would be safe from the Nazis. But that night, something happened, didn't it? You fucked up, didn't you?

SCP-4625: Why do you even care? It happened 90 years ago.(SCP-4625's voice becomes softer.) It's over.

Commander Daniels: It didn't happen 90 years ago. It happened yesterday.

SCP-4625: Wh-What are you talking about? They died 90 years ago! (SCP-4625 cups his hands to his face).

Commander Daniels: It happened yesterday, for you. I'm shooting in the dark, but I'm going to guess that you still think about it. Every time you close your eyes, you can still see what happened, can't you?

SCP-4625: You….(SCP-4625 sighs). I'd used that trail about 15 times already. Most of it was forests until you got to the mountains, and even then there were plenty of caves around for us to hide in while the day passed. Before this, I'd usually only take 15, at most 20 people.

Commander Daniels: I'm guessing with the fall of Paris, everything changed?

SCP-4625: You don't know the half of it. They were dragging Jews out of their houses and sending them off to the camps, if they didn't shoot them like dogs in the street first. Everyone wanted to get out, and the Germans knew that too. So some of the krauts patrolled the mountains near the main trail5.

Commander Daniels: That's where your powers come in. A man who can be invisible and soundless. Handy for making a group of people disappear.

SCP-4625: (smirks) Yeah. I'd cover the group in my "cloak" and we'd head off, moving through the mountains to Spain. Sometimes, we could cross the borders and be there in a single night. Other times, there would be too many Germans, or we'd not have enough time. We'd end up camping out in one of the caves to wait till the next nightfall.

Commander Daniels: Which was the case that night?

SCP-4625: Both. The group arrived late, and there were a few more krauts than I was comfortable with. I didn't want to take chances, so we hid. The next night, we departed and we were almost there when…

Commander Daniels: The Germans ambushed you? At that clearing near the steep rock face.

SCP-4625: I… I sensed it first, when I realised I could hear someone talking from the back of the group. Normally, it would have been silent, but I could hear them loud and clear. My invisibility field became much harder to maintain suddenly. By the time I realised we were exposed, it was too late. Those things that ambushed us… those beasts were not Germans. They rose out of the forests around us, wearing this… this pitch black armor, with large red glowing flames where their eyes should be. It was like looking at an evil spirit, who was staring right back at you.

Commander Daniels: They were Nazis too, just that they played around with magic instead.

SCP-4625: Whatever they were, they wasted no time. Some of them used guns, while others shot fireballs out of their palms. My field might make people invisible, but it didn't…it couldn't… (SCP-4625 begins to cry)

Commander Daniels: Take your time.

SCP-4625 cries for several more minutes, before calming down.

SCP-4625: I still can see it. How the bullets and fire ripped though their bodies. The look of shock and pain on their faces. I couldn't hold the field for any longer, so I broke it and shouted for the other survivors to follow me out of the mess. Some of the Resistance people with me tried to shoot back at the enemy, but our bullets seemed to bounce off some invisible barrier. One or two went through, and I could hear those monsters shout for help as the bastards fell. But it didn't take long for them to kill my friends as well.

Commander Daniels: What happened to you and the survivors?

SCP-4625: It was just me and a little girl. We found an opening and made a break for it. I tried to use my abilities, but I could feel something blocking them. As we took cover behind a rock, I saw one of those things carrying a large box on his back. So I took a gamble, and shot him. The first few rounds bounced off, but the last got him. It fell back, and the machine just fizzled out. I felt my powers return, and cast another illusion over us. I.. I told her things were going to be alright. She was scared, and she was crying and hugging her teddy bear. I told her she would be fine so that she wouldn't be so scared. I didn't want her to be scared. I… I wanted… I could have.. I should- should have…"

Commander Daniels grabs SCP-4625 by the shoulders and shakes him gently.

Commander Daniels: Hey. Hey! It's over okay. You're not there anymore. You're in this room. You're safe. I'm here. So take a breath, and take a step back.

SCP-4625 takes several deep breaths before regaining their composure.

SCP-4625: Thank you. It's just…

Commander Daniels: I know what it feels like. I know it feels like a mountain, but I need to know what happened that night.

SCP-4625: I missed one. He came up from our right side, and blasted a fireball at where we were. I saw it, tried to pull her away but I… I wasn't quick enough. Sent us both flying back to into a grove of trees. For some reason, my illusion still held. The next morning I woke up, and I realised what had happened. I found her. I tried to do my best, but… I can't. I can't go on anymore, stop, please.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interview was ended following deterioration in SCP-4625's mental condition.


Interviewed: SCP-4625

Interviewer: Commander Idani Daniels, MTF Iota-15 (Oizys' Hope)

Commander Daniels: I hope you're felling better since last week, Jean.

SCP-4625: No. More nightmares, commander. Many more. I see her every night now. She keeps on blaming me. "Why didn't you save me?" she asks. I cannot answer her.

Commander Daniels: We'll come to that in due time. What happened after you woke up that morning?

SCP-4625: Fine. Germans were coming, so I fled. Ran to Spain, and hid there for the rest of the war. Afterwards, I built the cabin in the woods and stayed there, till you bastards picked me up. Happy?

Commander Daniels: (sighs) Look, I'm sorry alright. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just needed to know what happened, so that we could better understand what happened to you.

SCP-4625: You don't care. None of you do. None of you know how I feel. How it hurts. You can't even imagine what I have to go through!

Commander Daniels: Well, here's news Jean: I do understand what you're going though. Because I've been there myself.

SCP-4625: You said that before, but you never said how! How do you know what I feel Commander? How!

Commander Daniels: Because my mistakes caused me to lose people I cared about. Broke the promises I made to them.

SCP-4625 looks stunned.

Commander Daniels: It was four months ago. Some clinic had gotten invaded by this sentient replicating flesh blob that consumes people. We entered the clinic, and it was empty, save for a corpse face down on the floor. We'd gotten a call that there were some survivors holed up in one of the back rooms, and I was so focused on that, I told Jenkins and Daniel to hold the exit while we went to check the situation out. We were there in a matter of minutes, and found the door locked. People were inside safe, but then I heard screams from the front of the clinic.

SCP-4625: Your soldiers?

Commander Daniels: (nods) Turns out the blob was smarter than I expected. It shapeshifted itself as the body in the entrance to the clinic, ambushed them when they weren't looking and well… started devouring them alive. Me and Jacobs rushed back to see them screaming and writing in pain as it just tore through them. Jenkins' bottom half was already just pure viscera, while Daniel had holes all over him as the thing devoured from inside out. I tried to shoot the blob on Jenkins, but it kept on eating him up. Jacobs had his flamethrower, so I…

SCP-4625: You ordered him to burn your friends alive.

Commander Daniels: For weeks, I struggled to do anything. All I could think about was how my mistake caused two of my men to suffer and die horribly. My mind was torturing me, telling me I could have saved them, but I didn't. I was stuck in this loop, constantly feeding my own destruction. I came close to the edge several times. If I didn't get help, I probably would've gone over.

SCP-4625: I guess we've both been through a lot.

Commander Daniels: But I endured through it. And eventually, I realised something: we can't control life. We're only human, and we're bound to make mistakes. And for people like us, mistakes don't come cheap. But life goes on. So we have to move on.

SCP-4625: How far can you move on, without being crippled? The pain is still there, because we still know that we screwed up. Our mistakes cost people their lives. Nothing we do is ever going to make up for that. And how can you forget about such a thing? It just means that you don't care about it anymore.

Commander Daniels: I never said we should forget the past. But we have to stop living in it. The past, is the past. It has no power over us. What happened to both of us was terrible, but we have to learn to get back up.

SCP-4625: But you don't get it. The pain. Doesn't it still wound you every time you get up? Isn't there every time you fall asleep, just waiting to torture you over and over again? What can you do against it?

Commander Daniels: You're right. The pain will never go away. It will still be there, waiting for you. But you have to carry on. Use that pain. And the reason you feel that pain? It's because you still blame yourself for what happened that night. But you need to realise, we can't control everything. We make mistakes, and they have consequences. We have to learn how to accept those consequences. Learn from your mistakes. Be better than who you were last time, so that that mistake doesn't happen again.

SCP-4625 begins to tear up and sob.

Commander Daniels: You're going to feel fucked up inside for a long time. The pain… the pain will always be there. But time will help to smooth over some of those sharp edges. And if you carry on doing trying to help others, like what you did before, it'll get easier. You'll still feel the pain, but it'll hurt less, and you'll sleep a bit more soundly night. And all this can't happen, unless you choose to forgive yourself.

SCP-4625: But what if it happens again? What do you do then?

Commander Daniels: Slow down, and take a break. Forgive yourself for the mistake. Learn from it, so that it doesn't happen again. And be better.

SCP-4625: (Smiles) Thank you, Commander.

<End Log>


Interviewed: SCP-4625

Interviewer: Commander Idani Daniels, MTF Iota-15 (Oizys' Hope)

Commander Daniels: Good morning Jean. How have you been so far?

SCP-4625: I'm… I'm still struggling, Commander. The dreams are still bad

Commander Daniels: Enough with Commander already. I'm Idani to my friends, and that includes you.

SCP-4625: Yes, Com- I mean, yes, Idani.

Commander Daniels: How bad are the dreams? Do they still come often?

SCP-4625: (sighs) It doesn't feel like it's getting any better. I still get those dreams, every one to two days. Sometimes, it's the same thing all over again. Everyone dead. Everyone dead because of me.

Commander Daniels: You said that was sometimes only. What about the other times? Are they just as bad?

SCP-4625: Well… no, I guess. Once or twice, some of us actually make it out. We make it to a village in Spain, and hide there till the war's over.

Commander Daniels: So it's actually getting better. I know it's hard to see, but it is there.

SCP-4625: Doesn't feel like it, that's for sure.

Commander Daniels: That's because you're too focused on all that pain and misery. I know it's tough, but you have to search for those small respites, those silver linings. You used to have these dreams every day right?

SCP-4625: Yes (SCP-4625 is visibly tearing up)

Commander Daniels: And now you're only having it once every two days. Might seem like an insignificant improvement. But it's still an improvement. And over time, it builds up. Slowly but surely, it will be there.

SCP-4625: I just don't want to feel so pathetic anymore. I just want the pain to stop. But it won't stop,

Commander Daniels: And it probably never will. But like I said before, pain can be overcome. You''ll feel it over time, but you'll slowly be able to numb yourself it's effects. Never completely, but enough to keep you going. And as time passes, you'll be able to wear that pain as an armour.

SCP-4625: An armour? What do you mean? It hurts me. How can you use it an armour. It's… It's like wearing a poisonous shirt. (SCP-4625 lets out a mirthless laugh)

Commander Daniels: Not really. This pain, it's caused by your experience, by your trauma over making the wrong call. But pain, pain can be used in many ways. It can be a reminder, not about the failures of the past, but about the hope for the future. And it can be an armour, because even if this happens again in the future, you'll be a bit more ready to face the consequences.

SCP-4625: I… I think I get it now. But… What future do I have?

Commander Daniels: Well, although your mental state is still slightly fragile, the higher-ups have agreed that we could use someone like you in the field. And well… I'm inclined to agree. You have a useful skill set as an infiltration and exfiltration agent, and frankly? We need all the help we can get.

SCP-4625: Using anomalies? That's going to backfire one day.

Commander Daniels: It has, but we've learned from it. The question is, are you up for it?

SCP-4625: Hmm… Not now. I.. I still have some demons left to deal with. And I'm still scared of myself. But in time, perhaps.

Commander Daniels: We're always going to be scared, regardless if it's ourselves or something else. It's about having the courage, to keep moving forward, even when it seems hopeless to do so. That's how you find the light.

<End Log>

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