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SCP-4623 in its enclosure.

Item #: SCP-4623

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4623 is to be kept in a standard avian enclosure. In order to assess the mental health of SCP-4623, interviews are to be conducted weekly behind a reinforced glass pane, during which SCP-4623 is to be provided with a stylus or other writing stationery.

Description: SCP-4623 is a male Strix aluco, otherwise known as a tawny owl. SCP-4623 possesses a sufficient degree of motor skills in its talons to communicate through written poems1 on the bark of trees or in the dirt of its enclosure. Anatomical examination reveals that SCP-4623 possesses vocal cords consistent with that of a human.2

Addendum 4623.1 — Discovery and Acquisition: SCP-4623 was recovered on 08/24/2011, following a report to animal control services describing an owl attempting to converse with tourists near Shakespeare's Globe3. Foundation agents intercepted the call and came to retrieve SCP-4623 because of the possible demonstration of sapience, and all individuals believed to be interacting with SCP-4623 were subsequently administered Class-B amnestics prior to release. A disinformation campaign purporting SCP-4623 as being a marketing stunt for the theatre was initiated soon afterwards.

After acquisition of SCP-4623, Foundation agents obtained the following CCTV surveillance footage monitoring the area surrounding Shakespeare's Globe.

Addendum 4623.2 — Audio Log: On 09/10/2014, a raid on the headquarters of a group of interest situated in Yorkshire, England began. The MTF unit managed to recover an audio log, believed to depict a conversation pertinent to the understanding of SCP-4623.

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