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Item #: SCP-4620

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any company that has purchased SCP-4620 instances will be visited and seized by agents embedded in the public health organizations of the world's major powers. The seized instances are to be stored in a Secure-class containment locker at Site-34.

Description: SCP-4620 is the joint designation of all sandwiches made by the "With Your Full Belly" bakery. SCP-4620 instances are similar to a non-anomalous sandwich, save for a thaumatological engraving identical to the buyer's local currency symbol made on the bread.

Upon ingestion of an SCP-4620 instance, the subject will not experience hunger for a fixed period of time. The length of time depends on the amount paid and the inflation of the country. However, the subject will remain thirsty, will suffer harm normally and will need to sleep.

After the effect ends, subjects will experience normal hunger directly proportional to the length of time under SCP-4620 effect.

Interview Log:

Foreword: Dr. Ortega interviews Esteban Manrique, former worker of "With Your Full Belly" about SCP-4620

<Begin Log>

Ortega: Greetings, Manrique. Could you explain what SCP-4620 is?

Manrique: Oh, right. The bread. Our boss liked to talk a lot about how there were the best things, that they were the definitive payment in kind and that it would be the solution of the Third World to the problem of hunger.

Ortega: If I'm not mistaken, your previous company has 39 hired workers and no points of sale.

Manrique: I can't tell you much because I was only in charge of supervising how the bread was prepared. But sometimes I thought I was involved in a money laundering operation. To be honest, we looked more like dealers with all the trucks.

Ortega: Noted. Now, could you tell me how your subordinates prepared SCP-4620?

Manrique: Well, like normal bread till the end. That's when the boss orders us to use "the lucky coin" and embed it a little until forming the symbol of the coin. He said that it was for the "elemental energies of trade and nourishment" or something.

Ortega: Excellent. Thank you for helping, Mr. Manrique.

Manrique: Wait, I didn't tell you how I got fired and how I survived a month without eating and-

Ortega: Mr. Manrique, I must inform you that the interview has concluded, to your regret. We will call you another day if we think you have something else to contribute. Have a nice day.

<End Log>

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