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Item#: 4619
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The image rendered after an attempt to edit SCP-4619, filename "model.png."

Special Containment Procedures: Three copies of SCP-4619 are contained on two personal computers currently in the Foundation's possession. These computers are to remain disconnected from the internet and the Foundation intranet. No further copies of SCP-4619 are to be made except as part of an authorized test.

Description: SCP-4619 is a 5.48 GB video file. SCP-4619 has the filename "reflect.mp4." Attempting to rename or delete SCP-4619 results in the operating system reporting that the user must be an administrator to perform the action, even if the user is signed in as an administrator. SCP-4619 can be copied freely, however. Attempting to alter SCP-4619 through video editing software results in the editing software crashing and the spontaneous creation of an image file (see attached image).

SCP-4619 appears to be a recording of a mirror. However, instead of reflecting the camera recording the video and the area behind the camera, the mirror reflects the area in front of the monitor displaying SCP-4619. Consequently, the content of SCP-4619 varies from playback to playback. The exact length of playbacks also vary; video playback software report that it has a length of 8:40, however individual playbacks are known to vary from this stated length by up to 22 seconds. Recordings of an SCP-4619 playback are not anomalous.

The mirror is evidently not mounted on a wall, but is instead seemingly free-standing or hanging from a ceiling. As the mirror does not take up the entire space of the recording, parts of the area behind the mirror are visible in the periphery of the frame. The area behind the mirror is a dark space with no identifiable features.

Initially, the mirror reflects events in front of the screen almost perfectly, limited only by the frame rate and video resolution. However, as time passes, the events visible in SCP-4619 become increasingly divergent from reality.

The following transcript is offered here, as it is regarded by the SCP-4619 research team as an example of typical divergences, imagery, and motifs seen in SCP-4619 playbacks.

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