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Item #: SCP-4618 Level 3/4618
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-56 Dir. Peter Palermo Rs. Dominic Donahue N/A



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4618 is to be contained within the legally defined boundaries of Brighton High School. Witnesses of SCP-4618 manifestations are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

In the event that instances of SCP-4618-A manifest, they are to be permitted mobility within Brighton High School to perform their occupations, remotely monitored with closed circuit television cameras. Under no circumstances are personnel to prevent SCP-4618-A instances from accessing SCP-4618.

Any substances extracted from SCP-4618-A instances are to be stored in low-level bio-hazard containers for study.

Description: SCP-4618 is a 1994 Ford Ranger, located within Brighton High School in Positano, California, USA. The vehicle has been property of the school since the original date of manufacture. SCP-4618 physically operates non-anomalously; its performance is identical to that of baseline Ford Rangers.

SCP-4618 will exhibit its anomalous properties on any day where classes are scheduled at Brighton High School. At 7:03 PST, SCP-4618 will vanish from its current location, and reappear at a set location within Brighton High School at 7:09 PST. Following this routine, three individuals, collectively designated SCP-4618-A, will appear within SCP-4618.


SCP-4618 in its manifestation location.

Instances of SCP-4618-A claim to be instructors employed by Brighton High School. These claims have been verified by school documentation, although no payroll documentation exists. SCP-4618-A instances will instruct their scheduled classes in a non-anomalous manner. Students taught by SCP-4618-A instances will not exhibit any anomalous properties.

After the conclusion of the school day, the SCP-4618-A instances will return to SCP-4618. The vehicle will vanish with the instances at 16:55 PST, and reappear at 17:03 PST empty. SCP-4618 will perform its routines on schedule regardless of the presence of SCP-4618-A instances.

The following table documents all known SCP-4618-A instances. Apart from Brighton High School employment documents, no other legal documents exist under the given names.

Designation Given Name Description
SCP-4618-A-1 Javier Plexicon Latino male in its early thirties. Level 2 Mathematics instructor. Sits in the driver's seat.
SCP-4618-A-2 Tiffany Langburger White female in its mid-twenties. Level 1 Language Arts instructor. Sits in the center seat.
SCP-4618-A-3 Clark Willowman White male in its fifties. Physical Education instructor. Sits in the right passenger seat.

Addendum 01: The following is a list of interview logs with instances of SCP-4618-A.

Transcript 4618-1

Interviewer: Lead Researcher Dominic Donahue

Interviewed: SCP-4618-A-1

Date: March 4, 2013

<Begin Log>

Donahue: Hi, Javier. I'd like to ask a few questions about you.

SCP-4618-A-1: Sure. Go ahead.

Donahue: How long have you worked at Brighton High School?

SCP-4618-A-1: Oh, a long time. I know this school very well.

Donahue: Can you give me a more accurate answer please? As in, how many years?

SCP-4618-A-1: Um… nineteen. Nineteen years.

Donahue: Alright then. How did you first get this job? Do you remember?

SCP-4618-A-1: Well, I applied for it, I guess, and I got the job, because I had my teaching credentials.

Donahue: What do you do after classes are over?

SCP-4618-A-1: Well, I grade papers and homework, and around 4:50 I lock my classroom and go home.

Donahue: How do you get home, Javier?

SCP-4618-A-1: I take my pickup truck. Actually, it's technically not my pickup truck, it's the school's, but I still take it home anyway.

Donahue: Do you commute home alone, or carpool, or what?

SCP-4618-A-1: I carpool with two other teachers. We meet at my truck and we drive home.

Donahue: Tell me who these other teachers are.

SCP-4618-A-1: Well, one of them is Tiffany, an English teacher, and the other is a P.E. teacher by the name of Clark. Did you know that Tiffany's last name is Langburger? Langburger. Who decided that their lineage would be named "Langburger"?

Donahue: What do you do when you get home?

SCP-4618-A-1: Well, I… um… I grade papers.

Donahue: Can you give me a more specific answer?

SCP-4618-A-1: Look, I don't know why it's any of your business what I do outside of school. Would you like it if I decided to probe your private life?

Donahue: Well, I probably wouldn't like that, now would I?

SCP-4618-A-1: Just… don't ask people about their private lives, okay? People at this school, they like to keep to themselves, and they won't tolerate outsiders snooping in places they don't belong in.

<End Log>

Transcript 4618-2

Interviewer: Dr. Sharon Sheffield

Interviewed: SCP-4618-A-2

Date: March 5, 2013

Foreword: The following interview was conducted after school hours, before SCP-4618-A-2 demanifested.

<Begin Log>

Sheffield: How long have you worked at Brighton High School, Ms. Langburger?

SCP-4618-A-2: Nineteen years.

Sheffield: Are you sure it's been nineteen years? You look a bit… too young…

SCP-4618-A-2: <laughs> Oh, I just look young for my age, that's it.

Sheffield: I see. What do you like to do after school, Ms. Langburger?

SCP-4618-A-2: I'm… not really sure.

Sheffield: Could you please clarify?

SCP-4618-A-2: Well… teaching's all I like doing. People think high schoolers are hard to teach, but they still learn a lot, I guess.

Sheffield: How do you get home, Ms. Langburger?

SCP-4618-A-2: I carpool with two other teachers.

Sheffield: So, how does the carpool work? Who gets dropped off first, and where?

SCP-4618-A-2: Well, we live in the same… area. So we get off at the same place.

Sheffield: Are you roommates with these teachers? Do you share a house or apartment?

SCP-4618-A-2: I… um… don't think you need to know that, actually.

Sheffield: My apologies, I'll change the subject. What is your morning routine?

SCP-4618-A-2: Well, I arrive at Brighton High School, go to my classroom, set up the lesson for that day, take out the papers I've graded, then wait for first period.

Sheffield: Oh, I meant when you wake up in the morning. What do you eat for breakfast? When do you get dressed?

SCP-4618-A-2: I… I only like to remember my time here at Brighton. I enjoy teaching. Teaching's all I really do. It defines who I am.

Sheffield: I see. Thank you letting me talk with you.

<End Log>

Transcript 4618-3

Interviewer: Agent Caesar Spago

Interviewed: SCP-4618-A-3

Date: March 5, 2013

<Begin Log>

Spago: Mr. Willowman, how long have you worked at Brighton High School?

SCP-4618-A-3: Since 1994. You can trust what I say, I've seen everything.

Spago: Alright, when do you get to school?

SCP-4618-A-3: Early in the morning, around seven o' clock. I take a carpool.

Spago: I see. When do you leave, after school?

SCP-4618-A-3: Around five. I take the same carpool home as well.

Spago: I got it. So when's payday?

SCP-4618-A-3: Uh… every month? That's how payday works, right?

Spago: Are you married? Do you have any kids?

SCP-4618-A-3: No… I don't. I'm not married… I guess.

Spago: I'll change the subject. How do you find your job?

SCP-4618-A-3: Being a P.E. teacher is one of the best things I've ever decided to do. Seeing the students every day trying to play basketball, it's just… charming, I should say.

Spago: What do you like to do on your days off?

SCP-4618-A-3: Um… I'm sorry, could you ask the question again?

Spago: When there isn't any school, what do you like to do?

SCP-4618-A-3 pauses.

SCP-4618-A-3: I think my lunch break is almost over. I gotta go, it was nice talking to you, Mr. Spago.

<End Log>

Addendum 02: Testing of SCP-4618 was approved on March 7, 2013. All tests were devised and approved by Lead Researcher Donahue.

Test 4618-01

Subject: D-4991
Date: March 8, 2013

Procedure: SCP-4618 was delivered to Site-56 before 7:03. D-4991 was instructed to sit inside its cabin until demanifestation.

Result: SCP-4618 demanifested at 7:03 with D-4991. At 7:09, SCP-4618 remanifested at Brighton High School with SCP-4618-A instances. Notably, D-4991 was not present. When interviewed, the instances claimed not to have met D-4991.

At 17:03, after the completion of SCP-4618's afternoon routine, D-4991 reappeared. During debriefing, D-4991 expressed that he viewed SCP-4618 as "teleporting through a flash of yellow". D-4991 did not suffer any anomalous effects.

Test 4618-02

Subject: D-6744
Date: March 9, 2013

Procedure: Subject was instructed to sit within SCP-4618 with the SCP-4618-A instances before their departure at 16:55.

Result: The SCP-4618-A instances expressed surprise and confusion at D-6744's presence. However, the instances still entered the cabin with D-6744. SCP-4618 performed its routine successfully. When the vehicle returned at 17:03, D-6744 was absent.

On March 10, 2013, SCP-4618 reappeared at 7:09 without D-6744. When asked about his disappearance, the SCP-4618-A instances mentioned "dropping off [D-6744] at Lundee Street".

D-6744 was recovered at Lundee Street in Fallen Leaf, California, USA, 442 kilometers from Brighton High School. It is of note that D-6744 was discovered in front of his former residence prior to Foundation employment.

Test 4618-03

Subject: N/A
Date: March 11, 2013

Procedure: A GPS tracker and dashboard camera were installed in SCP-4618 during school hours, to track the journey of SCP-4618-A.

Result: When SCP-4618 vanished with the instances, its GPS signal disappeared from Foundation trackers. When SCP-4618 remanifested, the signal returned. The dashboard camera was recovered successfully.

Footage recorded by the camera consisted of a fully yellow screen for ninety-two hours before its memory was depleted.


Test 4618-06

Subject: N/A
Date: March 18, 2013

Procedure: SCP-4618 was transported to Site-56 before 7:03. A vehicle was parked at its remanifestation location.

Result: SCP-4618 vanished at 7:07. At 7:14, the vehicle reappeared at its demanifestation location at Site-56.

The three SCP-4618-A instances were present, having been fused together into a single amorphous mass. The mass fully occupied the cabin and took the rough shape of its interior. Each instance was capable of its own speech, but only emitted exclamations of distress. The mass was successfully extracted from SCP-4618.

An autopsy of the collective SCP-4618-A instance revealed that it was composed of thick organic plasma-like matter with a yellow color, with only the surface possessing a human appearance. No identifiable organs were found. After removal, the yellow substance was stored in low-level bio-hazard containers.

The vehicle at the regular manifestation location was removed following the test. SCP-4618 vanished and reappeared in its regular location on schedule.

On March 19, 2013, three SCP-4618-A instances manifested successfully within SCP-4618. All instances did not appear to remember the events of the previous day. As a precaution, Class-A amnestics were administered. Due to the mass remaining at Site-56, the instances are thought to be duplicates.

Notes: SCP-4618 possesses the ability to produce more of the SCP-4618-A instances, should it lose any. It is also prone to error when a new situation is introduced that interrupts its routine. -Researcher Tassajara

Test 4618-07

Subjects: SCP-4618-A-1, SCP-4618-A-2, and SCP-4618-A-3
Date: March 29, 2013

Procedure: SCP-4618 was transported to Site-56 after the manifestation of the SCP-4618-A instances. Foundation agents would restrain the SCP-4618-A instances from accessing SCP-4618 after school if necessary.

Result: When SCP-4618 exited Brighton High School, the SCP-4618-A instances immediately exited their classrooms without explanation and attempted to follow SCP-4618. Foundation agents successfully detained the SCP-4618-A instances and delivered them to Site-56. The instances were contained in separate humanoid containment chambers.

The SCP-4618-A instances violently expressed disapproval regarding the relocation of SCP-4618, and would face towards the location of the vehicle at all times. It is of note that none of the instances were notified of the transfer or the new location of SCP-4618. All instances responded with verbal threats and refused to cooperate with Foundation personnel.

At 16:55, SCP-4618 demanifested. At the same time, the instances of SCP-4618-A ceased their violent mannerisms, turned towards Brighton High School, and collapsed. Subsequent autopsies revealed their bodies to be composed of a chalky yellow substance, with the visible skin composed of a soft plastic material. The substance was determined to match the substance extracted during Test 4618-06.

SCP-4618 reappeared at Brighton High School at 17:03. On April 2, 2013, three duplicate instances of SCP-4618-A manifested.

Test 4618-08

Subjects: SCP-4618-A-1, SCP-4618-A-2, and SCP-4618-A-3
Date: April 9, 2013

Procedure: The SCP-4618-A instances were removed from their classrooms during their lunch period and transported to Site-56 for vivisection by Foundation surgeons.

Result: The SCP-4618-A instances were successfully restrained and delivered. During delivery, all instances mentioned the events of Test 4618-07 and vocalized distrust and aggression towards the Foundation. All instances continuously faced in the direction of Brighton High School during their containment.

SCP-4618-A-1 was vivisected first, and was restrained on a gurney during the procedure. An incision was first made on its stomach area, and a thick yellow substance was excreted. Subsequent incisions were performed on both arms and legs, with similar results. When its "skin" was removed, SCP-4618-A-1 expired. The yellow substance hardened into a chalk-like consistency.

Vivisection of SCP-4618-A-2 was interrupted by its physical resistance to Foundation doctors. A total of four personnel were injured by its attacks. SCP-4618-A-2 underwent emergency termination by security. The bullet holes in its body excreted the yellow substance, which hardened.

SCP-4618-A-3 was discovered attempting self-termination by repeated head injury. It was restrained for its own safety, and transported to the operating room. An incision was made on its forehead, and the yellow substance was excreted. Similar incisions made resulted in the substance exiting its body. When SCP-4618-A-3 expired, the substance did not harden, remaining in a thick liquid state.

SCP-4618 successfully performed its afternoon routine without the SCP-4618-A instances.

Testing regarding SCP-4618-A was suspended on April 17, 2013. Due to SCP-4618 performing its routine on schedule regardless, its classification has been maintained as Euclid.

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