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Item #: SCP-4618

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4618 is to be contained within the legally defined boundaries of Brighton High School. Witnesses of SCP-4618 manifestations are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

In the event that instances of SCP-4618-A manifest, they are to be permitted mobility within Brighton High School to perform their occupations, remotely monitored with closed circuit television cameras. Under no circumstances are personnel to prevent SCP-4618-A instances from accessing SCP-4618.

Any substances extracted from SCP-4618-A instances are to be stored in low-level bio-hazard containers for study.

Description: SCP-4618 is a 1994 Ford Ranger, located within Brighton High School in Positano, California, USA. The vehicle has been property of the school since the original date of manufacture. SCP-4618 operates non-anomalously; its performance is identical to that of baseline Ford Rangers.

SCP-4618 will exhibit its anomalous properties on any day where classes are scheduled at Brighton High School. At 7:03 AM, SCP-4618 will vanish from its current location, and reappear at a set location within Brighton High School at 7:09 AM. Following this routine, three individuals, collectively designated SCP-4618-A, will appear within SCP-4618.


SCP-4618 in its manifestation location.

Instances of SCP-4618-A claim to be instructors employed by Brighton High School. These claims have been verified by school documentation, although no payroll documentation exists. SCP-4618-A instances will instruct their scheduled classes in a non-anomalous manner. Students taught by SCP-4618-A instances will not exhibit any anomalous properties.

After the conclusion of the school day, the SCP-4618-A instances will return to SCP-4618. The vehicle will vanish with the instances at 4:55 PM, and reappear at 5:03 PM empty. SCP-4618 will perform its routines on schedule regardless of the presence of SCP-4618-A instances.

The following table documents all known SCP-4618-A instances. Apart from Brighton High School employment documents, no other legal documents exist under the given names.

Designation Given Name Description
SCP-4618-A-1 Javier Plexicon Latino male in its early thirties. Level 2 Mathematics instructor. Will be seated in the driver's seat at manifestation.
SCP-4618-A-2 Tiffany Langburger Caucasian female in its mid-twenties. Level 1 Language Arts instructor. Will be seated in the middle seat at manifestation.
SCP-4618-A-3 Clark Willowman Caucasian male in its fifties. Physical Education instructor. Will be seated in the right passenger seat at manifestation.

Interview Logs: The following is a list of interview logs with instances of SCP-4618-A.

Addendum 01: Testing of SCP-4618 was approved on 3/10/2013. All tests were devised and approved by Lead Researcher Donahue.

Testing regarding SCP-4618-A was suspended on 4/17/2013. Due to SCP-4618 performing its routine on schedule regardless, its classification has been maintained as Euclid.

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