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Item #: SCP-4615

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant as of 24/06/2016.

Description: SCP-4615 is a circular spatial extrusion approx. 2 meters in diameter that emerges on solid, relatively flat, horizontal surfaces. Attempts to destroy, cover, or modify SCP-4615 lead to its closure and re-emergence upon another surface (up to 105 kilometers away). Subjects often report the scent of familiar sweets, such as tarts and pastries, coming from the inside.

SCP-4615 was discovered on 13/06/2006 in New Jersey, USA, during the search for ten civilians who had disappeared from the area in the days prior. The missing persons have not yet been recovered.

Addendum 4615.1: Exploration Log

On 15/06/2006, two members of MTF Rho-001 ("Silent Runners")1 undertook initial reconnaissance of SCP-4615's interior. The following is a transcript of the exploration log.


Tunnel at the base of the shaft.

<Begin Log, 16:02:24>

COMMAND: Audio and video checked?

RIO: All systems go.

COLE: Bring it on, Big Hole.

COMMAND: Proceeding with insertion.

[MTF R-001 descends into SCP-4615 via a suspended platform for approximately fifteen minutes.2]

COLE: Mercy. Looks like Big Hole is even bigger than we thought.

RIO: Don't you think "Deep Hole" would be a better name?

COLE: No. No, I don't.

COMMAND: Notice anything unusual so far?

COLE: The air's just hot as hell. And, strangely enough, it smells like my grandmother’s house.

RIO: There's plenty of pressure down here, too. As if something's squeezing you from all sides. Feels like I'm at the bottom of the ocean right now.

COMMAND: You may be experiencing hyperbaric pressure. Be sure to stay hydrated.

[After ten more minutes of descent, MTF R-001 deboards the platform in an underground tunnel. Both members are equipped with a shoulder-mounted flashlight which illuminates the cavern beyond.]

COLE: Landed safely. There's a tunnel down here. Looks almost as perfectly round as the opening was. Man-made, most likely. About the same size as the opening, too. Not a lot of headroom.

RIO: Speak for yourself. I agree that it doesn't look natural, though.

[RIO runs her hand along the surface of the tunnel, creating a slight depression in the rock.]

RIO: Huh. Wasn't expecting that. It's soft.

COLE: Yeah, looks like we're leaving footprints, too.

[COLE shines his flashlight at the ground beneath them and follows the trail of footprints back the way they came. The depressions at the front of the tunnel have begun to fill with a white substance.]

RIO: Looks like Big Hole has a leak.

[COLE briefly backtracks to collect a fluid sample.]

COLE: It's viscous. Kind of chunky. Strangely clean, too—no visible bits of mineral or dirt or anything in it. Also, thank you for calling it Big Hole.

RIO: Yeah, no problem. The tunnel takes a sharp bend to the left up ahead. Hold on, I think…

[RIO shuts off her flashlight. A faint glow emanates from around the tunnel's bend.]

RIO: I'm seeing some light. Move forward, boss?

COMMAND: Proceed with caution.

RIO: Okay. Rounding the corner. The tunnel's getting bigger, opening up a bit.

COLE: Stop, stop. Uh…

RIO: Shit. It always has to get weirder.

COMMAND: Describe what you see.

COLE: We're in a mansion. Tunnel just opens up into this big room. Cavern one second, carpet the next. Old architecture. Looks like a royal palace, but poorly taken care of. Metric tons of dust.

RIO: Looks like a sitting room. Architecture is Baroque, I think. Very ornate. Possibly French. Judging by the shag carpet, though, the place was probably remodeled sometime in the 70s. Maybe even a few times before then, too, if the furniture's any indication.

COLE: Hey, I'm impressed by your culture and all, but you should mention the wallpaper.

RIO: Getting to that. There's damask wallpaper above the wainscoting on most of the walls. The patterned part of the design has a faint blue glow coming from it, almost as though it's lit from behind, and the brightness pulses at regular intervals.

COLE: Jiminy cripes, this carpet, though. It'd probably be neon if it wasn't so damn ancient, and it goops up when you step on it, just like the tunnel. There's trails of older, crustier gunk here, too. Probably left by the missing people. If we follow the tracks, they should lead us right to 'em.

RIO: How could they have left footprints? We had a big-ass winch and it still took us ages to get down here. If they fell down that hole, they wouldn't be alive, much less walking.

[COLE's light illuminates a collection of dilapidated decorations in the corner of the room, including a broken piano and a painting of a rose on a black background.]

COLE: This would be a nice place to visit some hundred years ago. Oh, now this is interesting.

[COLE retrieves a purse next to the piano. It contains modern bills and cosmetics, along with credit cards and ID.]

COLE: Anyone we know?

COMMAND: Yes. One of the missing civilians.

COLE: You mean from the past few days? Huh. This purse is as dusty as anything else in here.

[RIO runs her finger along the surface of a table.]

RIO: I'm not even sure this is dust. It's too white. Almost chalky. I think there's something written here, actually.

[RIO approaches a black chest atop the table and brushes off the dust-like substance. "SUPPER MEMORIES" is written on the front in white text.]

COLE: Jesus. Try to open it.

[RIO struggles with the latch.]

RIO: Can't… thing's under lock and key. It's heavy.

RIO: Took a picture, it's enough. Let's move on.

COLE: Looks like there's only one way forward. Ladies first.

[RIO opens a door into a long hallway. An unidentified light source bobs erratically at the far end, and switches on and off at irregular intervals.]

RIO: The hell?

COLE: There's a big glowing thing at the end of the hallway. Round and brighter than the wallpaper; might be a light bulb. Lots of little lines running over the surface like veins. It's attached to the ceiling with a rubbery tube, but it keeps dancing around as if there was a tornado in here.

RIO: There's a door right behind it. I'll give you two guesses where the footprints lead. Want us to check it out?

COMMAND: Go inspect one of the rooms along the hall first.

[MTF R-001 comes to a large wooden door halfway down the hall. White-gray residue is encrusted along the frame and doorknob.]

RIO: Looks promising. You go first this time.

COLE: (Sighs) Thanks, love you too.

[COLE opens the door, revealing a large communal bedroom. Twelve bedsteads with torn sheets and canopies are visible, and bookshelves line the walls between. The bed frames and bookcases are decorated with wood inlays depicting various fruits. The entire floor is covered in decomposing leaves, food scraps, and sullied napkins.]

COLE: God! This smells. Fuck. Room's two feet deep in actual garbage.

RIO: (Muffled) Beds look dusty. Doubt anyone's slept here in a while. I can't say I'm surprised—who would want to use a duvet here? This place is hotter than blazes.

COLE: Walls are covered in that white gunk from earlier. Books too. Can't even make out what's written on the spines.

[RIO tries to pull a leather-bound volume from the shelves, but finds it stuck.]

RIO: It's like the thing is glued. I can't take it out.

[Pressing her foot against the bookcase as leverage, RIO pries the book from the shelf and falls backward into the detritus.]

RIO: Christ, it's moist. Just take me, lord. Take me now.

[COLE picks up the book while RIO pats the debris from her uniform. The sides of the leather cover are crusted with the same pale substance from earlier.]

RIO: What's it say?

COLE: Dunno. Every page has been torn out about an inch away from the spine. Wait, hold on. It gets weirder. The edges where the tears are? They're wrinkled and discolored, the way paper gets after it's been wet.

RIO: Think it's water damage?

COLE: Judging by the teeth-shaped marks on the edges, I'm thinking more along the lines of saliva. As in, someone ate the pages out of this book. And the rest of them too, from the looks of it.

RIO: I guess that's no more insane than anything else here. But why put them back on the shelves after eating all the pages?

COLE: (Whispering) "Supper memories"…

[MTF R-001 returns to the corridor. A soft, whimpering noise is heard, presumably unnoticed by both agents. COMMAND instructs MTF R-001 to progress to the door at the end of the hallway. After some hesitation, COLE opens it, revealing another hallway. Unlike the previous one, it is unlit and has no doors.]

COLE: Look at that. More hallway.

RIO: That's fine by me. Maybe you should start calling this Big Hall.

COLE: Good ol' Big Hall.

[MTF R-001 progress through the corridor for several minutes. The route takes numerous turns, but adheres to a single, linear path. Pieces of art are hung along the walls every few meters, alternating between austere portraits and anatomical diagrams of earthworm species. Piles of earth and rocks of various sizes are scattered over the floor area, creating minor obstructions. At one point, the wallpaper starts to subtly undulate.]

RIO: The air is dense here. It's hard to get a full breath. I'm… hey, wait, you see that?

[RIO places her hand against the wall.]

RIO: My nausea isn't just from the smell. Is this place moving?

COLE: The wallpaper's flowing, almost. An illusion?

RIO: Hard to tell—though I could have sworn there was more of a bend in the hallway behind us. (Points the way they came.)

COLE: God, this room makes me feel like we're being squeezed through a tube.

[Travel continues in silence for one minute.]

RIO: Here we go, thank god.

[MTF R-001 approach the end of the passage and open a door into a large, two-story chamber. To the left is a spiral staircase which leads out of view, and to the right is a gilded archway with a bright red curtain behind it. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, but no illumination is present besides the agents' flashlights. There is a deep path worn into the thick purple carpet, creating a distinct trail between the upper floor and the archway. Indistinct voices can be heard in the distance. COLE takes his firearm off his shoulder.]

COLE: Okay Command, do we go up or plow forward?

COMMAND: Follow the voices.

RIO: Sounds like they're in the next room, right behind that curtain.

COLE: Best if we stay together. We can always check upstairs later on.

[COLE and RIO turn off their flashlights and carefully approach the archway. No video is recorded in the darkness, but the voices grow louder and more distinct.]

COLE: (Whispering) Uh, you guys had better see this.

[MTF R-001 switch their cameras to night vision. A long dining hall with a high vaulted ceiling can be seen beyond the threshold. Red curtains cover the length of the walls on all sides. Six men and four women, all matching the descriptions of the missing civilians, are engaged in conversation around a dark lacquered dining table. Each place at the table is set with a large plate of rice, and each person wears a paper tag displaying their name. The space at the head of the table is unoccupied, as are the two beside it.]

WOMAN 1: —ancing yesterday. George even stepped on my foot.

MAN 1: (Laughs) Come on, I wasn't that bad.

COMMAND: Are you still in total darkness?

RIO: (Whispering) Pitch fucking black.

MAN 2: You wish. (Turns to WOMAN 2) You were the lucky one, you got to pair with him!

WOMAN 2: (Smiles) He has some good moves, although a little bit rough on the e—

MAN 2: Hey! (Points to the right corner of room) <inaudible>.

WOMAN 2: Oh, sorry, sorry. (Bows head)

COMMAND: Proceed with rescue protocol. Stay alert.

[The agents lower their weapons and approach the table.]

RIO: Police, we've come to help. I know this must be terrifying, but—

MAN 3: Fucking finally!

MAN 2: Thank god. Feels like we've been waiting for days.

WOMAN 3: We thought you'd never get here.

MAN 4: Happy to see you, though!

MAN 1: Overjoyed! Still, it is a bit rude of you to arrive like this.

WOMAN 1: No matter. It's all fine now. Come on, sit down, you two.

RIO: What? We're here to take you all home. We're friends. You can trust us.

MAN 2: The sooner you take your seat, the sooner we can all start.

COLE: Boss, we're going to need a full rescue team here immediately. Might have to use force.

MAN 1: The two of you finally arrive and now you want to leave? We haven't even eaten yet!

MAN 4: You are the ones we've been waiting for, right? Paula and Abner?

[COLE raises firearm]

COLE: Where the fuck—

RIO: Easy! Easy!

COLE: —did you get those names?

MAN 4: The guest list! You were invited, after all. You've even got name tags.

[The curtains in the corner of the room billow slightly. COLE aims his gun at the source of the movement.]

COLE: Who's there?

WOMAN 2: Oh, for heaven's sake. If you're going to have supper and nobody's there to watch, then what in god's name is the point?

COLE: The flying hell you on about, lady? Don't you want to get home to your family?

WOMAN 2: Goddamn it you animal! I’m not going to eat them!

MAN 1: Quit waving that gun around and sit down! We're starving!

[MAN 6 breaks down into sobs, screaming hysterically.]

MAN 6: Why won't you sit?

RIO: Command, folks are getting restless and the air is getting hotter. Not sure if we can stay down here much longer.

MAN 5: Courtesy be damned! If these two keep dragging their feet for one more minute, I'm not going to wait on them.


[RIO turns around. The antechamber is clouded with a thick vapor assumed to be steam. COLE's flashlight falls on an unclear figure at the top of the spiral staircase. A bell is sounded from an unknown source. Dust is kicked up from the table, and plates crack and vibrate. RIO is seen falling to the ground covering her ears and head, while COLE is seen vocalizing in distress, unable to be heard due to the noise. The chandelier swings violently as the dust clears.]


[The video feed abruptly ends.]

<End Log, 20:05:30>

Closing Statement: Recovery attempts failed due to the demanifestation of SCP-4615. No new manifestations could be found elsewhere.

Addendum 4615.1: Video Log

On 24/06/2006, nine days after the exploration by Rho-001, the video feed from Agent Cole's camera suddenly resumed. The recording was heavily distorted and had no audio.

The video starts with a white paper card being held in front of the camera for five seconds, reading ''SUPPER MEMORIES '06''. It cuts to agents Rio and Cole eating and conversing at the table with the group of missing civilians. The camera is then positioned at the head of the table. Rice can be seen dropping from the ceiling to their plates, and there is intermittent movement from behind the room's curtains. Steam fills the room and drops of sweat occasionally fall across the camera lens. The feed continues in this way for fourteen hours, gradually degrading over the course of its final minutes before terminating completely.

No further manifestations or transmissions have been reported. Due to the lack of any known anomalous activity for a period of ten years, SCP-4615 has been reclassified as Neutralized.

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