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SCP-4613-1 during an unrelated event.

Item #: SCP-4613

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Omega-17 ("Tears in Rain") are to use social media scraping software to determine the locations of SCP-4613 outbreaks. Any social media posts involved in an SCP-4613 event are to be archived and removed immediately.

Once an SCP-4613 event is detected, cellphone and internet service to the area experiencing the event is to be suspended. After approximately 4 hours, this suspension may be lifted at the discretion of the SCP-4613 project head.

The SCP-4613 project head must approve the entry of any individuals attempting to enter a location undergoing a SCP-4613 event. Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel allowed to directly interact with any SCP-4613 sufferers.

Update: Tests involving SCP-4613 are to be suspended under all circumstances pending an update to these containment procedures1.

Description: SCP-4613 is a shared delusion predicated on the belief that Edward James Olmos2 (hereafter referred to as SCP-4613-1) will imminently arrive at the location occupied by the sufferer. SCP-4613 sufferers are capable of sharing this delusion among others at the same location through the usage of the phrase "Edward James Olmos is on his way".

SCP-4613 lasts for approximately 3 hours, after which the originator of the delusion will convince other affected individuals that the event was a hoax. Secondary sufferers will, if separated from the originator of the effect, lose memory of SCP-4613 after the event ends.

SCP-4613 events generally originate from an individual that fulfills certain criteria. This includes knowledge of SCP-4613-1's name (plus familiarity with at least one work SCP-4613-1 directed or appeared in) and the ability to communicate vocally.

The SCP-4613 originator will often attempt to inform others of works featuring SCP-4613-1. The vast majority of secondary sufferers will become excited at the prospect of meeting SCP-4613-1, even if they previously knew little or nothing about SCP-4613-1. This will not preclude an individual leaving SCP-4613 affected locations, however.

SCP-4613's self-resolving nature makes it difficult to determine how long SCP-4613 has existed. SCP-4613 was first detected by automated social media scraping software utilized in other projects. Social media posts promoting SCP-4613 can attract others to the event, and will persist after the event concludes.

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