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Item #: SCP-4609

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4609 is to be contained in Site-99, along with its current researcher Dr. Ogden. Neither SCP-4609 or Dr. Ogden are ever to leave Site-99. SCP-4609 itself is stored within a sealed testing chamber. All testing on SCP-4609 is to be performed remotely by Dr. Ogden and logged in the provided records.

No objects or entities other than SCP-4609 and Dr. Ogden are to reside within Site-99, nor are they to enter the surrounding area. The only observation of Site-99 permitted is a monitor designed to keep track of Dr. Ogden's heartbeat. In order to prevent Dr. Ogden from leaving Site-99, it has been designed in such a way that exiting from the inside is impossible. Entrance to Site-99 from the outside is only possible via an access code that will only be provided upon the appointment of Dr. Ogden's successor.

In order to discourage Dr. Ogden from committing suicide, the majority of objects that could be used for self-termination are to be removed from Site-99. In addition, no communications out of Site-99 are to be permitted due to the risk of accidentally providing information that could lead to accurate speculation regarding SCP-4609. Site-99 has also been stocked with food and water supplies sufficient to last approximately one-hundred years.

Video messages from Dr. Ogden's wife and children child are to be streamed to Site-99 periodically in order to maintain his morale.

No personnel other than Dr. Ogden are to have access to this complete file. Following the death of Dr. Ogden, access to this file is to be passed onto his immediate successor.

Description: SCP-4609 is an antique wooden wardrobe which possesses anomalous properties that prevent knowledge regarding it from spreading. Only one individual may possess specific knowledge regarding SCP-4609 at a time. Should a second individual gain specific knowledge about SCP-4609, the previous holder of the knowledge will instantly expire. Should a group of individuals learn specific details about SCP-4609 at once, the final individual to consciously register that information will be the only survivor.

These anomalous properties come into effect only when information concerning SCP-4609's specific physical attributes or properties. For example, learning that SCP-4609 is a physical object would not activate it, but learning that it is a wardrobe would. In the same manner, knowing that only one individual should know about SCP-4609 would not activate its anomalous properties, but knowing the specific consequences of more than one individual knowing about SCP-4609 would. The method by which an individual learns these details regarding SCP-4609 is not a factor; it activates both with concrete knowledge and accurate speculation.

SCP-4609 is highly resistant to damage, with all efforts to breach it so far being unsuccessful. As such, the contents of SCP-4609 are currently unknown.

SCP-4609 was first brought into Foundation custody following numerous deaths in Birmingham, England due to knowledge of it spreading within a local area. The deployed operative and only survivor of the incident, Agent Markson, was able to securely store SCP-4609 and conceal it from sight, allowing it to be transported to Site-34. However, upon arrival, mishandling of the container caused numerous members of personnel to view SCP-4609 simultaneously, killing all of them except Doctor Alan Ogden, who concocted and volunteered for current containment procedures in order to keep SCP-4609 secure while preserving his own life.

Test Log 4609-1:

Current testing is to focus on breaching SCP-4609's exterior in order to gain a full inventory of its contents.

Test Date: 22/12/1983
Method: Physical attack w/ provided sledgehammer.
Duration: 60 seconds.

Initial Result: Failure.
Further Details: No noticeable effect on SCP-4609's surface, despite significant markings being left on the sledgehammer from the strength of the attack.

Test Date: 24/12/1983
Method: Incineration.
Duration: 60 seconds.

Initial Result: Failure.
Further Details: Despite the surface of SCP-4609 heating up considerably following the test, no actual damage could be found.

Test Date: 26/12/1983
Method: Electrocution (10,000 volts).
Duration: 60 seconds.

Initial Result: Failure.
Further Details: No noticeable effect.

Test Date: 31/12/1983
Method: Crushing.
Duration: 180 seconds.

Initial Result: Failure.
Further Details: No matter how much force was applied, SCP-4609 could not be crushed. Test had to be halted early to prevent damage to equipment.

Test Date: 23/02/1984
Method: Crushing.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Initial Result: Failure.
Further Details: No effect. Crushing equipment damaged beyond repair.


Test Date: 21/11/2032
Method: Incineration.
Duration: Six months, with one-hour intervals to allow for maintenance of required equipment.

Initial Result: Success?
Further Details: Suspected burn on the underside of SCP-4609! Cannot yet be confirmed.

Test Date: 22/11/2033
Method: Electrocution (100,000 volts)
Duration: Twelve months, with one-hour intervals to allow for maintenance of required equipment.

Initial Result: Success!
Further Details: Doors on SCP-4609 shake heavily following twelve-month mark. Opening of SCP-4609 is feasible, confirmed feasible!

Test Date: 23/11/2035
Method: Electrocution (100,000 volts)
Duration: Twenty-four months, with three-hour intervals to allow for maintenance of required equipment due to difficulties caused by age.

Initial Result: Success!!!
Further Details: SCP-4609 shakes violently following twenty-four month mark, with doors very nearly opening!

Test Date: 24/11/2040
Method: Electrocution (100,000 volts)
Duration: Sixty months, with three-hour intervals to allow for maintenance of required equipment.

Initial Result: success
Further Details empty

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