2/4608 LEVEL 2/4608
Item #: SCP-4608

SCP-4608 prior to final containment protocols.

Archived Preliminary Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-4608 is to be quarantined using the cover story of a toxic chemical spill. Following neutralization, the plot of land should be rendered incapable of supporting flora via the application of specialized herbicide PQ4608.

Due to the circumstance of SCP-4608's recovery, no further containment procedures were developed.

Artistic depiction of John Chapman, created in 1860.

Description: SCP-4608 was a 60-acre apple orchard containing over 22,000 trees, located on the outskirts of Milan, Indiana. Engraved on approximately 75% of trees within SCP-4608 were thaumaturgic sigils and symbols relating to occult Norse religions.

Records indicate SCP-4608 was sown in 1826 by John Chapman,1 who maintained it until his death in 1845. John Chapman's obituary indicated he was the sole priest of the Allen County Church of Iðunn,2 though no records of a chapel or congregation exist.

Photograph of a SCP-4608-1 instance, circa 1947

Due to the circumstance of their discovery, little is known about SCP-4608-1 and SCP-4608-2. All information has been gathered from the first-hand accounts of MSF Agents and the response transcripts.

SCP-4608-1 were organisms consisting of unidentified plant-like muscular structures and a periderm resembling those found on common hardwoods. Instances ranged in height from 5 cm to 3 m and were capable of locomotion. Instances of SCP-4608-1 were highly aggressive, displaying territorial and predatory behavior.

SCP-4608-2 was a large apple tree with 13 human faces imbedded in its periderm. These faces were capable of speech, though the language used is currently unidentified. SCP-4608-2 was found at the center of SCP-4608 and was hostile, using its roots as a means of manipulation.

Discovery: A local logging company had purchased the land on which SCP-4608 was located. During the first logging expedition within SCP-4608, a member of the crew died as a result of a safety equipment malfunction. Shortly after, all remaining crew members were declared dead or missing; the search party was also presumed missing. On October 14, 1947, the Foundation was alerted to the occurrences surrounding SCP-4608 by police reports accompanied by a photograph of an SCP-4608-1 instance. A week later Site-81 sent a three-man investigation team. All three agents were presumed dead after four days without contact.

Following the loss of communication with the investigation team, Site-81 dispatched a high-risk response team, Mobile Strike Force Bravo-7 ("Hometown Heroes"), to handle the situation.

Response Log Transcripts

Date: 10/15/1947

Response Team: MSF Bravo-7

Subject: 3 Squads of MSF Bravo-7 responding to SCP-4608 - Milan, Indiana.

ALPHA Squad:

Squad Lead: ALPHA-1 "Cap"
Squad Members: ALPHA-4 "Square", ALPHA-5 "Fives", ALPHA-7 "Sev"


[Camera pans to a small clearing of recently cut trees.]

ALPHA-1: Alright. BETA Squad, you're heading east. GAMMA Squad, you're going west. Radio me in 30 minutes if you haven't found anything.

BETA-1: Got it, Cap. Switching channels.

GAMMA-1: Roger that. Move out boys, you heard the man. Switching-

ALPHA-1: ALPHA Squad on me. We're scoping out the incident site— then we're movin' south.

ALPHA-4: The equipment is set up just over there. Probably a good place to start, Cap.

ALPHA-1: Well, no point in wasting time. Let's get this shit over with.

ALPHA-7: Let's. This place gives me the creeps.

[ALPHA Squad begins approaching the logging equipment; several bodies can be seen.]

ALPHA-5: Christ, they didn't even clean this shit up.

ALPHA-4: Cap, come take a look at this.

[ALPHA-1 approaches ALPHA-4, who is crouched in front of mutilated human remains. The chest cavity has been ripped open and filled with apples.]

ALPHA-4: What the fuck would do—

[A loud shriek can be heard over all radios. The camera pans to the tree line.]

ALPHA-1: Roll call, squad leads.

BETA-1: Wasn't near us, Cap, but we heard it too.

GAMMA-1: Came from the south-west. En route now. We are definitely not alone out here.

BETA-1: Agreed. It's shy, whatever it is. Caught a glimpse, though; it's…fast.

ALPHA-1: Check back in 15.

[ALPHA-1 begins walking away from the logging equipment towards the tree line.]

ALPHA-1: We're not doing shit just standing around these stiffs. Let's move.

ALPHA-7: I don't know, guys. I got a bad feeling about this one.

ALPHA-4: That's what you said in Ontario too, Sev.

[ALPHA-4 and ALPHA-5 both laugh.]

ALPHA-5: Cut him some slack— that was a big fuckin' turtle.

ALPHA-7: Listen, that was-

ALPHA-1: Cut the chatter.

[ALPHA Squad enters the tree line.]

ALPHA-5: Look at this tree.

[Camera pans to an apple tree. A sigil is etched into the periderm.]

ALPHA-1: Shit if I know what that means.

ALPHA-7: Got some over here too, Cap.

ALPHA-4: Looks like it's all over the place.

[Another loud shriek is heard. Several seconds later, multiple shrieks are heard in the opposite direction.]

BETA-1: Cap, that second one came from this direction.

ALPHA-1: Regis, be prepared for anything. The bodies we found… let's just say you don't want to be on the wrong end of this one.

BETA-1: Got it, Cap. We found some sort of path, going to follow it. Stay safe.

ALPHA-1: Heads on swivel, boys.

[ALPHA Squad walks south for 10.5 minutes. Extraneous dialogue removed.]

ALPHA-4: Movement, 2 o-clock— 3— 5. Fuck, it's fast.

[Camera pans to ALPHA-4. A blur of motion can be seen behind him.]

ALPHA-1: Form up!

[Several gunshots can be heard over the radio; the loud shriek can be heard before several lower shrieks from all directions.]

BETA-1: We've got a man down, Cap. These fuckers don't die right.

ALPHA-1: Confirmed kill?

BETA-1: Negative. Bullets didn't do a god damn thing. Keep a close eye [Gunshots can be heard over the radio.] Keep your [Gunshots] fucking trees. They look like fucking plants.

ALPHA-7: Fuck. Where's Fives?

ALPHA-1: Fives! Fives! Square, you got eyes on Fives? Square? Jesu-

ALPHA-7: Shit. Cap, I got Fives over here.

ALPHA-1: Fives, why the fuck didn-

[Camera faces ALPHA-7. Behind him, ALPHA-5 is seen bisected and hanging by his intestines from the trees.]

ALPHA-1: We need to move now.

[ALPHA Squad begins moving west at a fast pace. A loud shriek is heard followed by another shriek directly behind ALPHA Squad.]

ALPHA-7: Cap, watch out!

[Camera blurs before settling on an SCP-4608-1 instance a meter from ALPHA-1.]


BETA Squad:

Squad Lead: BETA-1 "Regis"
Squad Members: BETA-6 "Sixes", BETA-8 "Eight", BETA-9 "Nino"


[BETA Squad is moving quickly down a dirt path.]

BETA-1: Sixes, make sure you keep pressure on that wound.

BETA-9: What the fuck! Those things came out of nowhere. What's the plan, Regis?

BETA-1: I don't know, Nino. Just stay the fuck away from the apples.

BETA-6: [Strained laughter.] That's a good one, Reg, but I need a br-

[BETA-6 collapses to the ground.]

BETA-1: Nino, get him up, now. I'll cover.

BETA-1: Cap, we aren't doing so good over here. One KIA, one injured. Could use a little help. Cap? Cap?

GAMMA-1: [Gunshots] I think we're on our own, Regis. Switch to high impact [Gunshots] or explosive rounds. These fuckers ain't so tough.

BETA-1: What's your location? We need assistance.

[BETA-9 is now carrying BETA-6 over his shoulder as BETA Squad continues down the path.]

GAMMA-1: [Gunshots] We aren't exactly having a picnic here. [Gunshots] sure you watch out after the first scream. It's like a call-response type thing [Gunshots]

BETA-9: Regis! Over here, look!

[Camera pans to show a small brick chapel. The louder shriek can be heard. The response shrieks can be heard from all directions.]

BETA-1: Get him in there! Go go go!

[The camera view swings behind BETA Squad, showing 3 SCP-4608-1 in close pursuit. BETA Squad enters the chapel and slams the door.]

BETA-1: Put him down and give me a hand with this pew.

[BETA-9 slouches BETA-6 against the wall before helping BETA-1 barricade the door. SCP-4608-1 can be heard slamming on the door.]

BETA-1: That should buy us so-

BETA-9: Oh shit.

[Camera pans around to show BETA-9 standing in front of a wall composed of human skulls.]

BETA-1: Hey! Snap out of it. We don't have time for slack jawin'. Wake Sixes up. Fuckin' stick a finger in his wound if you have to.

BETA-9: Sorry; you got it.

[BETA-1 begins rummaging through various scrolls and books on the shelves before pushing all of them to the floor.]

BETA-1: God damn, there's nothing but chicken-scratch bullshit. I can't read any of this.

[The call and response shrieks are heard again. The slamming on the door grows louder and more frequent.]

BETA-6: What is goin-

BETA-9: He's up, Regis. You better come look at this wound, though.

[BETA-1 walks over and focuses his light on BETA-6's leg wound. The area around the wound is showing advanced necrosis. Several apple seeds can be seen embedded in and around the wound.]

BETA-6: What do you mean— Oh god!

BETA-1: [Hands BETA-9 a small medical kit] Dig those fucking things out and clean it up. We have to move.

BETA-9: Gotcha. Sixes, this shit's gonna hurt.

[BETA-1 walks back to the other side of the chapel. Sixes' muffled grunts can be heard in the background. The call and response shrieks are occurring more frequently.]

BETA-1: [Speaking quietly into his radio] Jones, you copy? I'm fucking trapped. I don't know what to do.

GAMMA-1: I'm getting close, I'm- I'm almost to the source. Going quiet.

[Static can be heard over ALPHA-1's radio channel.]

BETA-1: Cap! Thank God, where the fuc-

ALPHA-7: C-can anyone hear me? Come in, can anyone hear me?

BETA-1: Sev, is that you? What the fuck is going on? Where's Cap?

ALPHA-7: Dead, the-they're all dead. I'm heading west I think. I can't tell at this point, I- I think I'm getting close.

BETA-1: Close to what- [BETA-1 is cut off by the sound of BETA-9 screaming]

[Camera swings around to show BETA-9 flailing on the ground. Twenty-five SCP-4608-1 instances are seen ripping off chunks of his flesh. More instances can be seen emerging from BETA-6's mouth, eyes, and leg wound.]

BETA-1: Fuck, fuck, fuck!

[BETA-1 is seen firing his weapon as the SCP-4608-1 instances begin to rush towards him.]

ALPHA-7: Regis? Regis? … Anybody?


GAMMA Squad:

Squad Lead: GAMMA-1 "Jones"
Squad Members: GAMMA-10 "Tener", GAMMA-11 "Elve", GAMMA-12 "Doz"


[GAMMA-1 is slowly walking toward a clearing in the orchard. Several inhuman voices can be heard speaking in an unidentified language.]

GAMMA-1: I gotta put you down, Tener. I think we got bogies ahead.

[GAMMA-1 slouches as he drops GAMMA-10 off his back.]

GAMMA-1: Tener? Fuck.

[Camera swings around to show GAMMA-10 disemboweled on the ground. GAMMA-1 searches GAMMA-10's pockets before pulling out a grenade.]

GAMMA-1: Dammit, John, you were too good for this shit. [Inaudible whispering]

ALPHA-7: —think this is the channel. GAMMA Squad, do you copy? GAMMA Squad, do-

GAMMA-1: [Speaking quietly] Sev, fuck, what's goi-

ALPHA-7: Everyone is dead. I think BETA Squad is the same. Are you guys alright?

[Camera swings back to GAMMA-10's body.]

GAMMA-1: It's just me.

[The inhuman speech stops, and rhythmic shrieks begin. These shrieks last for 93 seconds.]

ALPHA-7: Oh god— look at the trees.

[Camera pans to see human faces emerging from the trees surrounding GAMMA-1. The faces are sobbing as blood pours from their empty eye sockets.]

GAMMA-1: Fuck this.

[GAMMA-1 stands as he enters the clearing. SCP-4608-2 can be seen in the center. All 13 faces stop shrieking, and begin frantically vocalizing in the unknown language.]

GAMMA-1: Holy fuck.

[GAMMA-1 fires several rounds at SCP-4608-2, which continues to vocalize.]

ALPHA-7: Hold on Jones, I'm almost ther-

GAMMA-1: Get the fuck out of here, get out and get back up, call in- [grunting]

[Camera snaps down to see a large root constricting around GAMMA-1. The sound of several bones breaking can be heard.]

GAMMA-1: Don't wo- worry, I wasn't going an-anywhere. [GAMMA-1 gurgles a laugh as he throws the grenade at SCP-4608-2.]

[A loud snap is heard before GAMMA-1 goes limp. SCP-4608-2 can be seen erupting into flames as it begins to collapse. The camera and GAMMA-1's body fall to the ground; the camera shows the surrounding trees screaming— their branches spontaneously combusting. Several SCP-4608-1 can be seen weaving through the trees, also on fire.]

ALPHA-7 Oh my god, shit, shit, Jones I'm- I'm sorry I can't- I have to [Coughing.] go.


Closing Statement: On October 16, 1947 ALPHA-7 was recovered by the Allen County Fire Department, unconscious and suffering from exhaustion and smoke inhalation. The Site-81 Concealment Team took control of the situation and quarantined the area using the cover story of a toxic chemical hazard.
Following debriefing and a psychological evaluation, ALPHA-7 was administered amnestics and switched to low-risk recovery assignment. The members of MSF Bravo-7 were posthumously awarded the Foundation Star for their efforts during the neutralization of SCP-4608.

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