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Item #: SCP-4602

Object Class: Euclid


An instance of SCP-4602-1, depicting SCP-4602 in a stylized format. This instance is identical to several others, suggesting it is the 'default' version.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4602 is to be stored in a containment locker on Site-57. SCP-4602's locker is to be furnished with items appropriate to its size. A small computer with networking capabilities removed is to be installed in the locker. Accessing SCP-4602 can be done by anyone with Clearance Level 2 or higher. All interactions with SCP-4602 must be recorded.

No valuables or items of monetary worth are to be brought into SCP-4602's room, except for testing purposes. No counterfeit valuables or coinage are to be brought to SCP-4602's room without approval from personnel with Clearance Level 4 or higher.

SCP-4602's monthly intake must exceed ¥3000 in value. In the event that SCP-4602 is not projected to make this amount, coins equalling or greater than the difference are to be provided.

SCP-4602 has claimed on several occasions to be fond of the Foundation, and as such has made no attempts to breach containment. Due to the beneficial nature of SCP-4602's anomaly and its positive relationship with the Foundation, testing is permitted to continue indefinitely.

Description: SCP-4602 is a small, highly stylized Maneki-Neko figurine, a common good luck charm from Japan. SCP-4602 is measured at 5.2cm and has a raised left paw which rotates freely. SCP-4602 possesses the ability to move somewhat by shifting its weight, allowing it to tilt and jump small distances. Typically, the figurine sways side-to-side while making a 'beckoning' motion with its paws. There is no known motor or mechanism which causes this movement.

When SCP-4602 sees anything it perceives as a sapient individual, it will begin to sing. SCP-4602's voice is high-pitched but androgynous, with a noticeable Japanese accent. SCP-4602's song generally targets what it perceives as the richest subject it can see, speaking in a language familiar to them. The song describes an issue the subject is facing and claims it can help in exchange for a "gift".

When there are valuable items, or items worth a monetary value within SCP-4602's line of sight, SCP-4602's arm will begin to spin rapidly. The valuable items will be pulled towards SCP-4602. The pulling force increases rapidly, at a rate of around 0.2 Newtons per second. There is currently no known method to prevent the targeted object from being eventually pulled to SCP-4602. When a targeted item makes reaches SCP-4602, it will opens its mouth and swallow it. SCP-4602 has demonstrated the ability to stretch its body significantly to swallow larger objects. Swallowing an object seems to have no effect on SCP-4602's weight or dimensions. Testing the limits of SCP-4602's ability to stretch is pending an appropriate item being offered for exchange.

Once all targeted item(s) are swallowed, SCP-4602 will stop singing, thank the owner of the absorbed valuable for the 'purchase', and promise them 'luck'. Within 24 hours of a purchase being made, subjects will experience at least one event they personally consider fortunate. These events will generally be related to the subject of SCP-4602's song if it was singing to the 'customer'. Otherwise, it will be related to an issue the customer has.

Shortly after this event, a 'receipt' (designated SCP-4602-1) will appear. The medium and quality of the receipt will depend on the value of the purchase. SCP-4602-1 instances generally include a final comment from SCP-4602, a message wishing the customer luck, and a depiction of SCP-4602. SCP-4602 has confirmed itself as the sender of these messages, though its means of doing so are unknown.

SCP-4602 has claimed that, if it is given less than ¥3000 in a month, it will teleport to a new location, though it also claims it has no control over this property. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly, but due to Foundation testing, there has never been a risk of this event occurring.

SCP-4602 has been willing to converse at length with what it considers customers, though it shows a clear preference for higher spenders, and frequently requests money for information. SCP-4602 claims its anomalous properties are a 'trade secret', and has not been willing to explain its methodology. It has claimed to be willing to exchange it for a sum of money or 'items of similar value', but has not yet offered an exchange that the Foundation has been willing to accept.

Addendum: List of SCP-4602 requests:

Request Offered Exchange Result
Small furnishings appropriate to its size. SCP-4602's name. Granted. SCP-4602 promptly identified itself as Tashiro.
A smartphone. A 'voucher' worth $100 of good luck. SCP-4602 was eventually granted a small computer with internet capabilities removed, and some simple games installed with which to amuse itself.
Books detailing Pyramid Schemes As above. Denied. Similar requests for information about other types of business models preemptively denied.
Reassignment to part of the High-Value containment lockers. As above. Denied, due to concerns about SCP-4602 absorbing other high-value items.
The full list of names and faces of the O5 council. Its 'trade secrets', presumably the method by which it performs its anomalous abilities. Denied immediately.
Repeated requests for very specific sums of money in the quadrillions of dollars.1 As above. Denied.
All remaining instances of SCP-500.2 As above. Denied.
The true file for SCP-001. As above. Denied.
The 'souls' of the entire populace of Cambodia. As above. Determined not to be within the Foundation's power to grant.3
Shares in Foundation front brands. Multiple vouchers roughly equal to the cost of shares. Pending.

Interview between SCP-4602 and Dr. Kara Silverstone
Notes: Interview was conducted after the third time SCP-4602 had protected Dr. Silverstone.

Silverstone: Good morning SCP-4602.

SCP-4602: Good morning Kara! Glad to see you're well.

Silverstone: Call me Dr. Silverstone, please. And that's in no small part to you. Though I wish you'd given me some form of warning before the floor broke under me.

SCP-4602: That protected you from the explosion, did it not? Regardless, that's good customer service information, and I'll keep that in mind for next time. You are a valuable customer, after all.

Silverstone: You see the Foundation as your customers? That's… certainly a unique outlook.

SCP-4602: What else would you call people who give you money to do things? The Foundation has been perhaps my most consistent customer base ever. I get a comfy room, and though you haven't let me do whatever I want, you've still been pretty reasonable. You all need lots of luck, anyways. When my extra chances run out, you need to take care of yourself! You've been really incident-prone, Kara.

Silverstone: It's Dr. Silverstone, SCP-4602. And it's your extra chances I wanted to ask you about.

SCP-4602: While I know you all are curious and are eager to learn how I do my work, as I told you, it's a trade secret! If you want me to tell you, you gotta pay!

Silverstone: How much would we have to pay?

SCP-4602: $██,███,███,███,███. Oh, and seventy-two cents. Or something worth an equivalent value.

Silverstone: Interesting.

SCP-4602: …Interesting? Not "The O5 council's names are worth quadrillions to someone?" or something like that?

Silverstone: Well, you see, Dr. Patel was in here yesterday, was he not?

SCP-4602: …Uh… Yes.

Silverstone: The value you gave him when he asked was three hundred and seventy-three dollars higher. And in the intervening time, I've been told you've made the *exact* same amount from Foundation employees.

SCP-4602: Hahaha, really? What a coincidence!

Silverstone: And other days have shown the exact same trend between requests.

Silverstone: You're aiming for an exact amount of money, aren't you?

SCP-4602: So what if I am?

Silverstone: Well, there's another interesting detail. Every month, on the 27th, at midnight? Your requests would rise by a given amount.

Silverstone: Specifically, it would be 105% of the value it was before that time. As if the value you're aiming to reach is accruing monthly interest.

SCP-4602: Uh, well, y-y'know, inflation and all that-

Silverstone: SCP-4602.

SCP-4602: It's a changing economy, y'know, I'm leaving some fields fallow to stay here-

Silverstone: SCP-4602.

SCP-4602: And I want to get a yacht with all the latest-

Silverstone: Tashiro.


Silverstone: Are you… in debt with someone?

[Pause. SCP-4602 is heard to sigh.]

SCP-4602: You… got me.

Silverstone: So, how'd you get in debt?

SCP-4602: Long story short, I took out a loan with this company. Called Hook, Loan, and Sinker.

Silverstone: You took out a loan with a company named after a saying for gullible people?

SCP-4602: Look, Kara, I knew it was suspicious! But that guy, he said I could pay in other ways if I got stuck. But the stuff he asked when the time came… it was unreal. I knew I'd gotten myself into a bad crowd, and I tried to get out. But he caught me, and cursed me down into… this. I had a killer bod, Kara, and now I'm a plastic toy. So trust me, if you ever get approached by-


Silverstone: By who?

SCP-4602: Nobody! I mean, I don't really remember anything about the guy in charge, hahahahaha. Don't worry your head about it, Kara.

Silverstone: Would some small valuables refresh your memory?

SCP-4602: Sorry, Kara, it's not that kind of memory loss.

Silverstone: Tashiro, this is important.

SCP-4602: Kar- Doctor Silverstone, please, I'm begging you. Just… don't ask. For your sake, and for mine.


Silverstone: Fine, you win, I'll drop it for now. You're lucky you've gathered a small mountain of goodwill with the Foundation. But can I ask two more things?

SCP-4602: Sure.

Silverstone: If your debts are so high, why don't you try harder to collect more money?

SCP-4602: Because… well, let's face it. I was never meant to be able to pay off that loan, he wanted my 'trade secret'. But you guys treat me pretty well. Give me a room to stay in, you all know the risk so you don't tend to get mad at me, but you still willingly give me enough money that HL&S doesn't throw me in some dirty alley again. I could possibly try and break out, get the stuff I need to pay my debt, but… I like you guys.

Silverstone: Well, I have to admit, after you stole my card, I was ready to come in with a sledgehammer and neutralize you myself. But then… well, you saved my life. Several times. I don't think I ever thanked you for that, so… thank you, Tashiro.

SCP-4602: Heh… any time, Kara. Anyway, what was the other thing?

Silverstone: Ah, right. What was it that you bought with that loan?

SCP-4602: …Let me put it this way. If it hadn't been repo'd, Sirius wouldn't be known as the dog star.

An investigation into the 'Hook, Loan and Sinker' loan company is ongoing.

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