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SCP-4601 before the events of Operation B

Item #: SCP-4601

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment efforts are focused on limiting knowledge of SCP-4601's existence from the general public.

Current objectives of containment are to guide SCP-4601 away from densely populated areas with controlled fires in designated locations secluded from public view.

Any witnesses to SCP-4601's anomalous behavior are to be administered amnestics appropriate to degree of exposure.

Note: These Procedures are scheduled to be updated, pending full assessment of the results of Operation B (See Addendum 4601-3).

Description: SCP-4601 is an American-manufactured quint fire engine. Barring minor cosmetic damage (deep gouges in paint, minor dents and scrapes on front and rear bumpers, a pronounced scratch on the surface of the left windshield, etc.), SCP-4601 is in good operating condition and bears no significant physical differences from similar firefighting vehicles.

SCP-4601 displays sapient behavior. It is capable of complete autonomous operation, both vehicular and of attached firefighting apparatus. It is also able to speak, which it does in a gruff masculine tone. Primary behavior consists of driving circuitously around the streets of New York until it locates an actively burning fire. Upon locating any instance of an open flame,1 SCP-4601 will aggressively douse the source of the fire with water from an inbuilt deluge gun.

Addendum 4601-1: Initial Discovery

SCP-4601 came to the Foundation's attention on the evening of October 24, 2009; following an incident which took place on the set of "█████ ████████", a competitive cooking-based television program. During the taping of an episode, SCP-4601 appeared and caused a public disturbance along with major property damage. Camera footage recovered from the set recorded the entire incident.

Agents from Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") responded to the incident; however, SCP-4601 had already left the scene and could not be located in the area. All witnesses were amnesticised and a cover story involving a drunk driver was fabricated to account for structural damages.

Addendum 2: Follow-up Investigations

A number of 911 Emergency Dispatch calls over the following hours were resolved under irregular circumstances. Firefighting crews attending active fire calls reported that, upon arriving on-scene, the fires were already extinguished. No other firehouses were found to have dispatched any response to the calls in question.

Analysing the locations of these incidents, MTF Pi-1 was able to establish an approximate boundary for the ongoing SCP-4601 activity. A plan was enacted to draw SCP-4601 into contact.

Subsequent investigation of this information led a Field Agent to the quarters of FDNY Squad ██. It was revealed that an accidental grease fire had previously occurred in the kitchen of the firehouse, but it was extinguished without any serious injuries. While the firefighters were distracted by that situation, however, one of their firetrucks had apparently been stolen from the garage and was still missing.

Notably, these events would have taken place in the hours just prior to the first documented appearance of SCP-4601.

Addendum 3: Establishing Comprehensive Containment

The relevant Foundation authorities concluded that immediately achieving complete physical containment of SCP-4601 was the most appropriate course of action.


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