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MTF-ETA-10's protype symbol for blocking SCP-4600

Item #: SCP-4600

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4600 is only containable through widespread social engineering. As such an interdisciplinary task force involving multiple branches of deniable and non-deniable Foundation Assets is required. This task force, referred to as The Human Capital Exchange Division (HCED) is to be based in Site-642 with broad discretionary powers in developing and executing special containment procedures.

The HCED is to be composed of elements of MTF Eta-10 “See No Evil”, The Ethics Committee, the Foundation Sociological Research Core (FSRC), The Foundation Center for Folklore (FCF), The Foundation Economic Development Center (FEDC) and occult elements of MTF Sigma-66 “Sixteen Tons”. HCED will be led by a Director of Operations with Level 5 Security Clearance, appointed by and reviewed by the O5 council every five years. Any member of the O5 Council may sponsor candidates to the Director of Operations. All Directors of Operations must be approved by majority vote of the O5 Council

Overviews of the HCED’s containment procedures are available with modifications appropriate to your clearance level.

Description: SCP-4600 is a phenomenon that occurs when any person fixes their gaze on another person or their possessions, displays of talent/skill or family members while experiencing envy. In rare cases SCP-4600 can be triggered by receiving praise, especially in public places. SCP-4600 is triggered without the knowledge or consent of the source of the anomaly.

When triggered, SCP-4600 will undermine the personal, emotional or material success of the target of the gaze. The impact of SCP-4600 is varied and unpredictable. The most common effects of SCP-4600 are incurable fatiguing illness, infertility, food spoilage, and monetary loss. Controlled experiments with SCP-4600 have produced effects as varied as inexplicable errors in the execution of recipes, the infestation and destruction of prized gardens/aquaculture ponds, and the development of illness in children, pets and livestock. Experiments with human test subjects have revealed that prolonged, repeated exposure to SCP-4600 in controlled settings causes fatigue, infertility, flu-like-symptoms, starvation, dehydration and seizures. In rare cases miscarriage has occurred. In light of the uncontrollable effects and [redacted] of SCP-4600, further experimentation is suspended indefinitely.

Collaboration between the Foundation Center for Folklore and MTF Sigma-66 “Sixteen Tons” has revealed that there are a number of folk practices, substances, gestures and vocalizations that are effective in temporarily warding off the effects of SCP-4600. Traditional warding against SCP-4600 includes cultural practices like denying gifts before receiving them, downplaying praise or compliments in public conversation, naming infants false names or ritualistically making children/objects/animals “imperfect” with soot, markings or other paraphernalia. Many of these rituals are tied up in pre-modern notions of ritualistic purity, cleanliness, fertility and moisture.2 Most are of limited utility in warding SCP-4600.

Other common means of warding SCP-4600 include eye symbols, eye beads, eye talismans or phallic hand signs. Symbols or talismans are typically black, blue or green, representing rare eye colors within the communities that produce them. In tests, amulets with black/blue eye-motifs, hand gestures and “downplay” phrasing mollify exposure to SCP-4600 in the short term. Protracted exposure, however, leads to typical SCP-4600 effects, suggesting that protection against SCP-4600 is either ablative or that SCP-4600 is able to bypass the influence of warding behaviors/objects.

The most reliable means of cancelling SCP-4600 is a brief, informal exchange of drinks.The most effective are water, wine, milk or beer. Such drink must be presented freely, with no expectation of reward. It is strongly advised that field agents and senior administrative staff develop “habits of generosity” to offset potential SCP-4600 manifestations in their working groups, sources or departments.

Due to the widespread problem of human inequality, it is impossible to predict where SCP-4600 will emerge. It is well-understood that SCP-4600 emerges preferentially within cultural settings that accept and adjust for SCP-4600’s existence. Without the underlying cultural context of belief in SCP-4600, the manifestation of SCP-4600 is far less likely to occur.3 This means that in cultures where belief in SCP-4600 is not prevalent, SCP-4600 is less likely to manifest. As such, it is recommended that the Foundation support efforts to promote cultures that do not believe in SCP-4600 over those that do.

Given the norms of Southeast Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Central/South American and Southern/Eastern European cultures, SCP-4600 has ample means to propagate. People originating from such cultures have a greater chance of becoming jettatore. It is recommended that the Foundation engage in a program of cultural and linguistic reformation to eradicate the belief in SCP-4600 and prevent SCP-4600 emergence.

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