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Item #: SCP-4599

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Living instances of SCP-4599 are to be stored in standard humanoid containment cells for the duration of their life. Instances are to be given food and water regularly, and particularly cooperative instances may receive certain comfort items at their request. Should an instance of SCP-4599 perish while in containment, it is to be dissected and examined, with remains subsequently stored in a refrigerated corpse storage unit.

The Foundation is to monitor any activity regarding body pillows branded by the business "Accelerate the Future", particularly reviews from customers. Otherwise, the Foundation is to use the sales database discovered on 10/06/20██ to locate any further instances of SCP-4599 not contained. If in the possession of a civilian, that individual and any associates that may have been exposed to information are to be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-4599 is the designation for a series of body pillows created by amateur entrepreneurial group "Accelerate the Future". Each body pillow is 1.5 meters in length, and may be customized on the front and back with the image of a customer's choosing.1 Instances of SCP-4599 are sapient and sentient to a degree, and are capable of verbal speech and locomotion.

Instances of SCP-4599 require nutrition and oxygen as standard for a normal human, and consume food by absorbing it through a particular part of the fabric membrane of its body, typically corresponding to the mouth of an instance's image should it have one. Instances of SCP-4599 do not digest food, however, as no living instances of SCP-4599 have ever been observed to defecate.

Instances of SCP-4599 also have some sense of touch, and are particularly sensitive to both pain and pleasure. Instances of SCP-4599 typically have some form of haphephobia2 if recovered alive. Whether this is an integrated feature or something that develops in instances of SCP-4599 is currently unknown.

Instances of SCP-4599, when kept in suitable living environments, have a typical lifespan of approximately 1 year. Should an instance perish for any reason, it will begin to decompose. The decomposition process of SCP-4599 may be likened to that of a human being; within 48 hours, the fabric comprising the instance's casing will take on a flesh-like texture. Blisters will form beneath the fabric and rupture; the instance will then begin to bloat and expand due to the internal release of carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Within 3-5 days of death, organs will dissolve, and the body will begin to liquify; a brown liquid has been noted to seep from the opening of the pillowcase.

Upon total decomposition, all that will remain of the instance of SCP-4599 will be a skeleton with diminished body proportions, save for the head which will be significantly larger than average. The sex and species of the skeleton is dependent on the image on the instance; should the instance be gender neutral or an object, it will default to a human female skeleton. Vivisection and x-rays of instances will not reveal a skeleton, musculature system or organs, but rather an allergen-free variant of cotton.

Addendum 4599-26: On 9/28/20██, reports of what appeared to be a young girl in a "cloth sack" escaping from the window of Boris ██████'s residence, a registered serial sex offender. Foundation agents intervened after the escapee reportedly claimed that it was not inside anything, but rather it was the pillow itself. The Foundation suspected it was an instance of SCP-4599 that they had yet recovered, as it was not reported online by a customer or to the authorities.

Soon after SCP-4599-46's recovery, Boris ██████'s residence was raided. Foundation Agents had more difficulty than expected navigating Mr. ██████'s residence due to the buildup of trash and refuse scattered around various rooms. Once Mr. ██████'s bedroom was located, his corpse was discovered on the bed, the cause of death suspected and later confirmed to be asphyxiation. The Foundation discovered the corpses of the instances in a closet buried beneath several filth-covered non-anomalous body pillows.

Addendum 4599-██: On 10/06/20██, the Foundation was able to successfully locate a warehouse filled with numerous abandoned instances of SCP-4599, several empty and partially empty bottles of water, several opened and upturned boxes of Chex Mix, a television and several DVDs of various Japanese anime. No employees were discovered within the facility, though reports from surviving abandoned instances claim that they left several weeks prior. The Foundation had, however, discovered a computer containing sales logs of SCP-4599 instances along with the following conversation between supposed members of the business four days after reports and reviews of SCP-4599 were posted online.

Should the Record Log about production of instances of SCP-4599 be true, on 10/06/20██, all instances of SCP-4599 will be deceased of natural causes or otherwise. Staff are to be re-assigned and the object class will be changed to Neutralized.

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