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2/4596 LEVEL 2/4596
Item #: SCP-4596

The residence present at SCP-4596.

Special Containment Procedures: An electric fence has been erected around the perimeter of SCP-4596 and a CCTV system has been installed. Foundation staff posing as dairy farmers are to infrequently patrol SCP-4596 to deter trespassers.

All newly-manifested instances of SCP-4596-A are to be apprehended and transported to Site-165. Relatively healthy instances will be contained in standard Type-C group containment chambers by species, while instances that are undergoing more advanced stages of decay or which have sustained serious physical injuries are to be incinerated at 980°C for three hours.

Description: SCP-4596 is a homestead in Jefferson County, New York consisting of a large house, 2 barns, and 4 paddocks totaling 5 acres of land. At inconsistent intervals, domesticated animals in various states of physical condition will manifest on the property.1 These animals, designated SCP-4596-A, are biologically immortal; instances will continue to survive beyond their expected lifespan for a seemingly indefinite period of time. To this end, instances do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or perform any biological processes, though all of these behaviors are still possible. SCP-4596-A instances are capable of sustaining damage and are as vulnerable as their non-anomalous counterparts, but they will not succumb to injury.

Addendum 4596-1: Discovery Log

SCP-4596 was discovered when multiple complaints of emaciated stray dogs and cats in the nearby town of Chaumont led to an investigation by local authorities. The reports centered around SCP-4596, which was subsequently investigated by Jonathan Fleischer and Olivia Pierson, police officers for Jefferson Township. The Foundation intercepted the official police report on the incident and MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") was dispatched to establish initial containment of the anomaly.

Confiscated Body Camera Footage from Jefferson County Police Officer Jonathan Fleischer


Fleischer: Alright, looks like this is the place. Cap said to keep any eye out for any of them strays. Reports said they were pretty nasty lookin'.

Pierson: Yeah, I really don't feel like getting bit today.

Fleischer: Me neither. Let's just check it out real quick and get it over with.

[Fleischer and Pierson exit the squadcar and proceed to the front door of the house. The house is in a state of severe disrepair and appears to have been unoccupied for an extended period of time. The paint on the siding is flaking off and some of the windows on the first floor are broken. Fleischer knocks on the front door.]

Fleischer: [Yelling] Jefferson PD, is anyone home? [Pause] Jefferson PD, open up!

[The officers wait 6 seconds before Fleischer opens the front door and enters the residence.]

Pierson: Man, this place is a dump.

Fleischer: [sniffs] You smell that?

Pierson: What, shit? Cause I smell shit.

Fleischer: No, not that. [Fleischer draws his weapon] Smells like something died here.

[The officers search the residence for 7 minutes and 41 seconds, but are unable to find the source of the smell. They decide to exit the house via the back door to check the barns and paddocks. Scattered around the backyard are two dozen stray dogs and cats, each in various states of severe physical decomposition. Four of the animals are in late stage putrefaction.]

Pierson: [quietly] Oh my God.

Fleischer: Jesus, what happened to them? [Walks up to a dog laying on the ground whose stomach has burst] How is this one even alive? You can see him breathing. We should go check the barns, there might be more of them. I'm gonna put this one out of his misery.

Pierson: I don't understand? How are they all still alive?

Fleischer: I have no idea. [Fleischer shoots the dog in the head. The dog recoils from the shot and then lifts its head up. Fleischer fires again, but the dog again raises its head, this time a large portion of skull and brain matter falling out onto the ground. The dog whimpers in pain.]

Pierson: No, Jonathan stop it! It isn't working, you're just making it worse!

Fleischer: What the fuck is going on here? [Fleischer wanders around the paddock before noticing one of the barns is open.] Hey Liv, this one is open, there could be more.

Pierson: No, I'm gonna call it in first. I don't like this.

Fleischer: Alright, tell them to send in animal control.

[Pierson radios the situation in to command, who dispatches an animal control officer. The two officers then enter the barn. Inside, there is a large pile of various domesticated animal corpses, most of which are in late stages of decay. On the top of the mound is a Maine Coon cat that appears to have been hit by a car; it has multiple open fractures and a flattened torso. Despite this, the cat is mewling softly.]

Fleischer: What the fuck is this? Who just piled them up like that? [Fleischer investigates further while Pierson audibly gags and takes a step backwards.] Holy shit, I think some of these guys are still alive too. I… I've never seen anything like this.

Pierson: Let's just go out front and wait for animal control. I can't look at this anymore.


Addendum 4596-2: Letter Recovered from the Mailbox of SCP-4596

Dear Farmer Joe,

Mommy and Daddy told me that Peaches had to go and live with you for a little while. I'm really sad and I miss him, but Mommy says there are lots of doggies on your farm for Peaches to play with now, so he won't be lonely like he is when I go to school. Tell Peaches I miss him and give him a big hug for me. Tell him I'll write him a letter every week and I'll send him his favorite treats too. That would make him happy.


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