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Several cylinders of SCP-4593 in containment

Item №: SCP-4593

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-4593 are to be stored within hermetically sealed Foundation-certified steel cylinders. The cylinders should be stored within a vacuum-sealed chamber in Site-77. Personnel with security clearance of Level-3 or higher are permitted to carry out tests involving SCP-4593. Permission is required from personnel with Level-4 clearance if planned testing will use more than 5L of SCP-4593.

Description: SCP-4593 is a transparent gaseous mixture. It appears to be composed solely of oxygen, nitrogen and argon in similar amounts to what is found in regular air, however its density is considerably higher than what would be expected from these substances. Testing has concluded that SCP-4593 does not mix with any other substance, including non-anomalous air. Therefore, it cannot be diluted or altered in any way.

SCP-4593 is non-toxic when inhaled. The oxygen in the gas causes it to be successfully breathed by humans, allowing their cells to perform respiration. In addition to the properties expected of regular air, SCP-4593 inhalation also increases several types of intelligence in subjects. Testing has concluded that the gas has a positive effect on logical, mathematical, linguistic, spatial and interpersonal intelligence. Continued exposure to SCP-4593 enhances the effect further, however the increase in intellect displays logarithmic growth. After exhalation, the anomalous properties cease to exist. The gas released is indistinguishable from regular exhaled air.

As there are no negative side effects, SCP-4593 is being investigated for possible applications which could assist the operation of the foundation. Due to the extremely limited supply (as of ██/██/██13 believed to be enough to sustain one human male for approximately twenty-five days) this investigation is unlikely to lead to wide usage of SCP-4593. This investigation has been stopped, see Addendum 4593-B for an updated description.

Addendum 4593-A: Transferred from D-Class Incident Log 23/07/15

Between the hours of 0300 and 2300, ██ D-Class personnel expired. The deaths were caused by a combination of extremely rapid malignant tumor growth and massive cerebral haemorrhaging. Despite the fact that 65% of the personnel received medical treatment, every D-Class affected by the symptoms was declared dead within 20 minutes of initial onset.

Initially, autopsies of the subjects did not assist in determining the cause behind the deaths. However, when samples of brain tissue were further analysed by Foundation researchers, cells from every subject appeared to contain large amounts of a compound which remains unidentified. Its origin remains unclear, however all of the D-Class personnel who were affected had previously been involved in the testing of SCP-4593. A test is to be carried out in an attempt to conclude whether or not SCP-4593 was a factor in this incident.

Addendum 4593-B: Updated Description 06/08/15

Further testing concluded that the initial description of SCP-4593 presented several incorrect pieces of information. This issue has been amended using the updated description below:




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