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Item #: SCP-4592 l2.png Object Class: Keter
Level 2 Clearance Threat Level: Green

An image of the nebula from which SCP-4592 originates, taken by Foundation satellite Pioneer-9

Special Containment Procedures: All recent media is to be scanned for references to SCP-4592. Any media containing a reference to SCP-4592 is to be removed from circulation and archived.

Any individual claiming to have experienced SCP-4592 or something similar is to be taken in for questioning and amnesticized.

Foundation Satellite Pioneer-9 is to be permanently stationed around the SCP-4592 nebula. It is to be constantly emitting signal-jamming radio waves to deter the detection of the nebula, as well as tracking the movement of the nebula.

Description: SCP-4592 is a phenomenon of unknown origin or source that manifests in the vacuum of space. This phenomenon takes the form of music. This music can only be heard when an individual is physically exposed to the vacuum of space, hence, it cannot be heard from within a functional space suit or spacecraft.

All individuals who have experienced SCP-4592 claim to have heard different melodies, often with different instruments. Descriptions range from a single guitar to a full choir, however, this music is always described as "soothing" or "calming". Individuals who have heard SCP-4592 also describe it not coming from any particular direction.

SCP-4592 can be recorded via audio recording devices placed in the vacuum of space, however, even when these audio recordings are played back, all individuals describe hearing different melodies.

Recovery: SCP-4592 was discovered on February 28, 19██, when a manned Foundation spacecraft was sent out of Earth's orbit to investigate an anomaly now designated SCP-████.

During the mission, a piece of space debris damaged the communications array, causing Agent Daniels to have to go on a spacewalk to repair the damage. During her spacewalk, a second piece of space debris struck her helmet, causing it to shatter. It was at this point she heard SCP-4592. She then claims that the music was able to keep her calm enough to safely return to the ship. Upon returning to Earth, she reported her encounter with SCP-4592 to the Foundation, at which point research began into its existence.

Addendum A: Via use of SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-███, as well as several new pieces of technology developed by the Foundation, the origin of SCP-4592 was tracked to a previously unknown nebula just outside of the CR32B planetary system. A Foundation satellite designated Pioneer-9 was dispatched to the nebula and is estimated to arrive in █ years' time.

Addendum B: On June 11, 20██, the Pioneer-9 satellite reached the origin of SCP-4592. The satellite took an image of the nebula (seen above) as well as several scans. After close examination, it was determined via these scans that what appeared to be the remains of a spacecraft were located in the center of the nebula. After this, via wireless transmission, Pioneer-9 was able to retrieve several transcribed audio logs from the damaged spacecraft. These logs may be viewed in document 4592-A.

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