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Item #: SCP-4591

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4591 cannot currently be contained.

Samples of SCP-4591-1 and materials related to SCP-4591 events are kept at Site-42. Further materials related to instances of SCP-4591-1 should be brought immediately to the attention of project director Dr. Nao Kikuchi.

At this time, SCP-4591 represents a XK or ZK class scenario.

Description: SCP-4591 is a series of anomalous events in which a small, isolated community or population is destroyed and erased from human memory. When an SCP-4591 event occurs, a pattern of evidence exists of large upsets of coastal water, potentially from a source entity. During these events, the entire area is destroyed leaving almost no trace that people or location ever existed save for a handful of documents, and the presence of SCP-4591-1 colonies.

Two possible theories persist in accordance with working data analysis:

  1. An SCP-4591 event is able to destroy not just a community of people, but also destroy most ties to that community from the rest of humanity. Documentation vanishes. Census records vanish. People’s memory of the location vanish.
  2. SCP-4591 event locations do not exist and have never existed. Trace evidence of past human population is the result of a cross-dimensional event where anthropological remains from a parallel reality cross over into observable reality.

SCP-4591-1 is a subspecies of red algae1 found in large bodies of water at certain key locations relevant to appearances of SCP-4591. The algae is anomalous in two ways:

  1. It is found in irregular-shaped colonies, each approximately 10m2. Some researchers have observed that the colony shapes are similar to grossly enlarged footprints similar to fossil records representative of the neoceratosaur clade.
  2. SCP-4591-1 colonies (designated SCP-4591-1-1 through SCP-4591-1-7) give off low levels of radiation similar in isotope signature to the initial fallout from the drop of an atomic bomb, but matching the signatures of no recorded weapon tests. Additionally, no nuclear detonations have occurred anywhere near SCP-4591 events.

Discovery Log: SCP-4591 was discovered on January 9th, 2018 at 11:23 when a Foundation agent received a text message on their unlisted cell phone from an unknown number. The field agent reported the incident to his superiors by 14:00.

Foundation inserts in the telecom industry traced the message back to a mobile phone number that had, according to records, never been distributed. Concerns about possible espionage triggered a deeper investigation into the message and its source. After triangulation, investigators tracked the message to a location off of the coast of Japan’s Kuril Islands. While exact GPS coordinates initially indicated a portion of the sea without a landmass, GPS coordinates via cellphone signal are often inaccurate due to a lack of cellular communication towers and other interference.

However, a secondary investigation performed by inserts in the telecom industry produced a peculiarity that revealed 19 other text messages sent from undistributed phone numbers at that GPS coordinate.

The collection of messages were initially classified as evidence of interest. Three months later, agents visited the area, and the text messages were reclassified as materials relevant to instances of SCP-4591-1-1 through SCP-4591-1-7.

Evidence of 6 Additional Events

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